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  1. I would recommend you double check the warehouse of the town where you sold it.

    That amount of silver will go straight to storage.

    If its not there, I would suggest opening a ticket.

    Liaranne is correct. =) If you are still unable to find your silver, go ahead and submit a ticket to us. Provide us with the approximate date and time you sold the item as well as the character name it was on. We will investigate for you. ^_^

    Link: https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/


  2. @GM_Caramel Hey, could you PM me your Skype or WhatsApp username?

    If you're the one with the glasses then it would be great to get to know you.

    I'm level 60 in the game and make a nice irl salary, if that impresses you.



    Yes, I am the one with the glasses. heh. *adjustsglasses*

  3. Hi Ushuo! =) Thank you for reporting this to us. I have noted this typo and will forward it to our team to fix. Have a good day! 

  4. GM_ButterToffee english-butter-toffee_med.jpg is the doppelganger posing as GM_Caramel 0093_caramel.jpg.



    Ermahgerd! Well I look 10 times more delicious than that ButterToffee. (I can't believe it's not Caramel!)

  5. Sure you are. A staff with members permissions only, instead of having a Administrator or BDO Team tag. Suuureee, welcome to the team, game master.

    Joined 13 hours ago, very fishy. The original GM_Caramel has been around for much longer than 13 hours.

    heh. Good point, however due to technical difficulties my original account literally lost its forums history. If you were to submit a ticket to our support site right now I would be able to answer you. We are working on my BDO Team tag. Also watch me edit your initial post. Oh. oops. ;)


  6. Yassss! Another troll about to get banned! ;)


    Impersonating staff is not the smartest thing to do around here. See you soon on your next account, homeboy.

    I am staff actually. *awkward*

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  7. I heard a rumor that GM_Caramel was secretly replaced by GM_ButterToffee.

    I don't even know who that is! :o

  8. hi, i'm a new player. Looking to start out on the NA server. My family name is princevegeta. Haven't picked a character name yet. Any suggestions? Also, which guilds would be descent for a semi-hardcore or mediocre mmo player? One more thing, which server in NA is most populated? Btw, my name isn't leo n silv on. Its actually leonsilverburg from ffviii. And yes, the usual just looking to have fun in what seems to be a very visually pleasing game.

    So, I made a char on Uno, Serendia U1. Name is PricelessVase, couldn't think of any good ones that weren't already taken. Loving the game play and simplicity of it, reminds me of BnS.

    Welcome to Black Desert Online! ^_^ I am glad you're loving the game so far, hope you have many awesome adventures with us! <3 

  9. Hey everyone my name is Sola and I'm brand spanking new to BDO wanting to meet other players that I can play and hang out with. looking to have some fun and kick some ass as well as role play. currently I'm on orwen and celephon 2. At least I think that I am on there @.@ either way. the family name is acovial and the user name is Thealin. well I hope to find others that can show me some of the ropes, currently i am playing a Valkyrie that is level 16-18. 

    besides that I am really enjoying this game just wanting to learn what the actual hell that I am going to do.

    Hey Sola! =) Welcome to Black Desert Online! My name is GM Caramel...if it isn't obvious enough already...I am a Customer Support GM for BDO. If you have any questions or concerns you can always PM me! I hope you continue enjoying the game and make many new friends throughout your adventure with us. ^_^

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  10. Hello, i bought family name change, changed it and as it say it will be applied after the maintenance while waiting for the maintenance can i join a guild or i have to wait with it, anyone knows? 

    Hi Adventurer! =) To answer your question, YES. You can change your family name and join a guild.


  11. That photo of me is terrible. Look at that sleepy face. We just had to choose this one, I demand a new one. 

  12. They were at Gamescon. Caramel is alive!

    Hi OP, yes I was there. Were you one of the peeps I had a conversation with? :P

    Is she hot? 

    Yes, I am very hot. *usesBDOfanfromGamescom*

    Did you hit it and quit it, OP?

    Come on bro.

    Pics or it didn't happen.

    Black Desert Online Twitch channel if you want to watch us get rekt.


    Here is one photo. So it did happen.



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