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  1. I'm going to actually be formatting to windows 7 and see if that helps, however, BDO isn't the driving factor.  The way Microsoft Office products interact with 10 ends up with it only working for 5 mins before having to restart the programs -.-

    I'll try to remember to make a post letting people know if going back to win 7 makes a difference in BDO crashes and freezing.  I doubt I will but I'll try!

    Let me know what happens. :) 

  2. Yesterday I have send in a ticket and today I got a mail the cacaopowder has been restored and send via in game mail. They also wished me a wonderful day! Gonna enjoy that right away, hehe.

    Sounds like that was me! :D

  3. There are many more GMs and CMs hard at work that are not added to this poll. Let's give them our love too. I love my team! ;) 

    Community Managers                   Game Masters

    CM_Aethon    CM_ Serenity              GM_Gemu          GM_ Llyrad         GM_Altira                GM_Haliaeetus     GM_Amatrazer

    CM_Praballo  CM_Yukimura              GM_Creator        GM_Nevermore        GM_Lithium         GM_Szyslak

                                                         GM_Dranzerkai    GM_Dresden       GM_Unknown          GM_MWallace     GM_Plume

                                                         GM_Huego          GM_Axion           GM_BBrilliant          GM_Neevachu     GM_Zandar






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  4. Brave adventurer,

    Have you not read that ancient tale...The GMhood of the Traveling Black Desert Online Ranger Cosplay Outfit?

    WOW.....one of the best and worst jokes I have ever read.

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  5. wait a second... isn't that the same costume Dew was wearing in the other picture? Do u guys just share the same costume? Cuz i'm pretty sure those are character bound and untradable. 

    +1 Iseewhatyoudidthere

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  6. maybe ya guys should do a stream before every big release and you cosplay for the ocassion. wouldnt that be cool? like for dark knight you cosplay a dark knight and such

    That would be pretty awesome!

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  7. I am coming back to Black dessert after a really long time, back when the cheapest pack was $40. I have long since deleted it and want to redownload it. Only thing is, I cannot find a download button anywhere on the website. I tried to go to the "order now" page to see if it would recognise that I had already bought it but all of the packages were greyed out except for the gift package.

    Well welcome back Adventurer! :) To download the client you will need to visit our website, log in with the email address that registered your game account with and then select "Account". This will redirect you to basically a summary of your account which I have provided you the link for it to make it a little easier for you. 

    Link- https://www.blackdesertonline.com/myinfo/ 

    You will see something similar to this under "Account Information":


     Select "Download" and done! :D 


  8. Seems to be all classes and not just witch:



    Seems quite low considering it's a $22 purchase :(

    And on that note, why is the MAX and MIN price not the same on that set, when it was, quite literally, just patched to always be posted at MAX? :thinking:

    I can have someone look into it. When you mentioned the low price I was thinking around 1,500 silver because this is how it was for the Labreve Premium Set however this is different. 

  9. Again...How do i get a copy of a receipt of a payment i can't make because im asked for a copy of the receipt?

    Why are you getting asked for a receipt if you are unable to make a purchase? Can you PM me please with the information/details you were given? :) 

  10. @CM_Praballo @GM_Caramel

    Is the low price for silver vs. pearl cost intended?  Nobody wants to put an outfit up for me to buy for my witch because of the low silver amount :(

    What is the name of the outfit and the price? There were some pearl items (outfits) previously for the witch that had the wrong silver amount for the marketplace, so it may most likely not be intended.

  11. New user here, in the US, trying to purchase this game using a credit card. The payment method "fails" and I'm redirected to a Paymentwall verification process.  I've submitted a copy of my drivers license, a copy of my online statement and even a copy of my last physical statement and have absolutely NO contact from either the contact address OR this paymentwall company.

    I've tried alternative payment methods, i.e. PayPal and am still redirected to the verification process and a "Payment Failed" screen.

    WHAT is going on with this?  To say it's frustrating would be a gross understatement.......

    Please advise

    Hi there! I'd like to apologize for the extreme inconvenience you have experienced. Can you please PM me and provide me with your ticket number? :)

    internal server error. Anyone have a fix?

    Hello :) To fix this you will need to change your internet browser. 

    Hello everyone, I'd like to apologize for any and all inconveniences that you have experienced with our payment system. To avoid credit card fraud we ask for your ID and other information to ensure that you are the one making purchases and no one else. We simply want to protect your accounts. If you feel that your tickets to our Payment team were handled wrongly then you can create a ticket to our CS review team and we will review them.

    Email CSReview Team- csreview@kakaogames-eu.com 

  12. Hey there! :) When you receive the "Connection with the server has been lost" message you can just click OK and like Marcellio said it will exit. As for the freezing, you definitely need to open task manager to close it. May I ask what your specs are?

  13. Hi there! :) Our Support Team can restore the armor for you if you have not already submitted a ticket. If you did create a ticket please let me know the ticket number and I will look into it as soon as possible. 

  14. Aw, I've been triggered by all these Synthwave / Retrowave! 

    Here is my contribution, hope you'll enjoy ^_^.


    Currently listening to this as I answer your guys' tickets. This is amazing "chill" music. @GM_Axion and I LOVE synthwave/retrowave so we always send each other music xD