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  1. Not really music as such, but as we were talking about Synth / Retrowave, something worth watching.

    Mall 84, a short animation film by Gervais Merryweather, with Mitch Murder on sound


    I...LOVE...THIS!!! Thank you for sharing this with me! This makes me feel like I should be cruising in a 1984 Corvette somewhere in California.... looking out my window passing by the beach as the sun sets. I'll get out of my car with sunglasses on and lean against it. I'll turn around to see this handsome man walking up to me in slow motion. We kiss and he gets in the passenger seat. I'll get back in the car...turn the radio up and we'll keep cruisin together with this song on repeat.....haha :')

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  2. That's Synthwave essentially.

    Kavinsky had the hype from the movie  Drive (and the fact he's friend with Daft Punk quite helped) but other artists do some quite good works in the genre (lots of French musician by the way, Kavinsky isn't the only one), each with their own sound and influences

    Such as Carpenter Brut

    A teaser for his 2nd EP


    Extract from his 3rd EP, Run Sally, Run

    Some of his works were used in Hotline Maimi
    Still in France, you can also mention Perturbator (also in hotline Miami OST) or Niky Nine.

    And if you cross the borders, then there is Dance with the Dead, Mitch Murder (Kung Fury OST), Lazerhawk, Powerglove or Makeup and Vanity Set,(maybe the closest thing from Kavinsky's sound that I posted here)  and numerous others, each with their own style, tempo and color.


    This is amazing! :) Thank you so much, yes I love synthwave/retrowave. I am a huge fan of Daft Punk. 

  3. @GM_Gemu @GM_Caramel

    Our journey began with the touch of a boob. (Or rather, the pose I made making it seem like I was fondling @Talshani's boob.)


    We all became quick friends. Was I developing feelings for GM_Gemuu?


    It was for naught, as GM_Caramel swooped in for the embrace.


    But wait! What is this? GM_Gemuu mounted my horse! He wanted me to show him the world! Of course I obliged! 


    Our ride took us across the map (Probably 1000 meters before I turned back to return GM_Gemuu where I found him). We bonded over this joyride.


    Alas, others were watching, so we had to part ways 'less people started pointing and whispering


    I will never forget you GM_Gemuu


    @GM_Gemu This is amazing :D 

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  4. I found out GM_Death is a she...  but if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, it's obviously a cat!  Because its 2017!  Don't impose your binary gender norms on meh!!!  Hue hue hue xD 

    There are more girls on here than you think! 

    It depends, what do you have to offer me?! 

    that was done last night in Velia's Arena. not sure if it was petting but i did see a few dead GMs. (more dead players)

    I was getting dragged all over the place by those Zerkers! 

  5. you're welcome! yaaaass! i had a blast ^w^this right here is probably one of my fav things that came from our faithful encounter 


    That is so beautiful it is Tumblr/Reddit worthy. ^_^ Love the Lantern light with the color of your character! 

  6. just wanted to say happy birthday to @GM_Caramel
    here ya go... please excuse the text,,,
    my handwriting is the thing of nightmares
    so i used an online generator >.>
    hope you have a great birthday 


    Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!!!! My birthday was awesome because of you guys! ^_^ This photo is so cute I'm going to keep it forever. 

    ok :D

    Happy Birthday @GM_Caramel


    Thank you Kotaro!!!!! ^_^ <3 

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  7. lol some GMs CMs and other awesome ppl appeared tonight got any ss shoudl drop them here
    gonna start with something that amuzed me  @GM_Caramel hurts so good
    and some other pics

    anyone there got some ss they want to add join in
    one of these is included only for the fact a gm is dead



    Aw! So YOU'RE Limnear! I had so much fun meeting you in game. Love these photos of us! I hope you had as much fun as I did. :) Thank you soooo much for the birthday wishes too <3 You're the best! 

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  8. So how i can go somewhere? my boat was destroyed and i cant do anything about that im floating at middle of sea "escape" option dont work.

    Send a support ticket to our team and we will teleport you out of there! ;) Link- https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/ 

    Off in the distance I see something...the sky crackles and erupts with melting caramel-filled clouds, a vanilla-creme laced rainbow draws itself before us...someone is approaching. I strain for a better look...is that?! No, it can't be! And now I see them, approaching from the clouds - plain as day now, caramel coated wings...its @GM_Caramel to the rescue!


    *StrutsinbecauseIamaGoddess* What's up? B|

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  9. Ah ! I remember this song from Drive movie, there's something inside you and it's hard to explain ... Ryan Gosling deco_d_expression_14.gif

    @GM_Caramel watched it ?

    BTW there is singer Lovefoxxx in the song she's Japanese-Brazilian and amazing !

    I like this song of her, it's funny deco_d_expression_19.gif

    Ryan Gosling! *melts* :x Yes, I have seen that movie but I fell asleep though halfway through (I always fall asleep watching movies...ALWAYS). I actually heard the song "Nightcall" from YouTube when I was in my "I'm going to stay up all night and discover more music on YouTube" moods and not from the movie. ^_^ 

    OoOoh I like this song. :) 

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  10. Thats pretty cool :o So if i see a shiny GM ill know its you :P never seen a GM in the wild though lol.

    Yup! :) Think of me as a shiny legendary pokemon. ;) 

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  11. Hello,

    I've purchased Black Desert at the 4.1.2017 and I wanted to buy the Game for my friend today. But as I see it only works for people who purchased it before the 1.1.2017. Is there a possibility to make an exception ? Would be unfortunate to not get a reward because of these 4 days :/

    Hello Adventurer and welcome to Black Desert Online! :) Unfortunately, it isn't possible to make an exception as our system is programmed to send out rewards only if you purchased the account prior to or on that specific date. However, you can still have your friend try out the game first with a Guest Pass from your "Account" page and then if he/she purchases the game you can claim some pretty awesome rewards from that same page.

    The Bad News- This referral system does not include the gifts from the Gift Package

    The Good News- You still get rewards

    Please refer to the link I have provided you with for further understanding. :) 

    Link- http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/120393-refer-your-friends-get-rewards/