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  1. Just rolled on EU server.


    I keep very odd hours (play heavily in the early AM like 0700 hours GMT-7 on a weekday) so it should be a decent fit. Latency is not an issue, just curious about population on EU server and if the majority of the population is English speaking or not?


    Yeah. Sometimes I play on the EU servers, majority of players do speak English. :) 

  2. Hi! :)

    If you really want a fresh start without paying you would need to create a character on the EU server. Even if you delete your characters from the NA world your pets, mounts, etc will still be there. I don't believe the titles you gained will remain though so if you did some events that gave you exclusive titles to the character you claimed it on those will be gone. You can still enjoy the cutscenes and beginning quests with a new character and it will make you do the tutorial.

    As your other fellow players have said the NA server and EU server have their own "New World" servers now. Each region has a World with 36 Channels.

    If you wish to remain on the NA server but still want a complete "fresh start" I'd say purchase a new account for the $9.99 :) 

    Link- https://www.blackdesertonline.com/shop/GamePass.html 

    (Gifting Package is probably best to benefit both accounts)

  3. Hello,

    Just started play BDO , reached lvl7 or 8 not sure 100% , had a short ISP disconnection, I logged back and when I press play I need to choose a family name and start ALL over.

    Is this normal ?

    Update : I tried to enter the same family name I used to create the 1st character and says is in use, what's going on ?

    Hi there! You need to submit a ticket to our support team. 

    Link- https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/ 

  4. Looks like Cady Heron got to them.


    You're a mean girl! ;) 

    Looks like it could be from low durability but if not then it is best to submit a ticket to our support team. Honestly looks like something that you can just 'clear cache' and it will fix itself. 

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  5. Edit: Strangely the payment actually went through and I have access on my account page to the game, like seriously what a mind F***

    Haha yeah the page doesn't redirect you to your account page. It basically refreshes so you will need to press "Account" in the top right corner. Make sure you didn't charge yourself more than once though! If you did you will need to submit a ticket to our Payment team.

    Link to Payment team- support@paymentwall.com 

  6. Hey I haven't had a response in a few days to my email request change, I responded to one of the emails close to the 48 hr deadline so not sure if my ticket is still being worked on, the request number is (245184), any help is appreciated



    @GM Drazerkai


    Hi there! :)

    It appears that your ticket has already been taken care of. Thank for being patient with us! 

  7. Hello, my sister and I wanted to buy the game for each of us, but when we entered to the "order now" page, it appeared a message that said: "Your country is restricted from accessing our service".  We live in Spain and Spain has no IP BLOCK so we can't understand what is happening. In addition, we could only create our accounts by signing in in the forum. We couldn't create our accounts from the home page because appeared the same message.

    We would appreciate any help to solve this issue.

    Thank you.




    Hi Rebeca! :) Welcome to Black Desert Online! I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. What you can do to fix this is create a support ticket and send it to this link: https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/ 

    Make sure to include a screenshot that shows proof that your IP is located in Spain and we will be able to arrange something for you. ;) 

  8. @GM_Caramel help us :( 

    Hi :) we were aware of the server lag and the issue is now resolved. If your character is still stuck/gone @Kotaro you can submit a ticket and our support team will help you out. <3

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  9. Also, ticket number is #234190.

    I'll personally take care of your ticket. ;) 

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  10. @GM_Caramel Mine the same is from Wednesday last week and it's about pearl items number ticket 229920

    Will look into it!

    @GM_Caramel The issue is... "half resolved". I now have the item in my account, but when I try to use it it stays in "available" mode, instead of "USED". So I click it to claim, I send it to the NA server, it tells me it will take 24 hours, but more than 24 hours later it stll says "available" and no title gets sent.

    Yes, sometimes it can take up to 72 hours. 

  11. Melody for killing time ?

    Thanks for helping all the sailors with their stranded ships ⛵

    @GM_Caramel is a kind person and a great help for our community, thanks for all your efforts and wishes of a happy new year with many happy happy moments RK9aimo.gif

    That is correct! :) 

    It is my absolute pleasure to be of your assistance. You're too cute, d'aww. Please don't make me cry. :x

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  12. Carmie I'm sorry but I've looked through my files.  I don't see where you sent in your Goddess recognition form for 2016.  As now, you are an unclassified mortal.  Please contact me for next steps on how to rectify this to get you recertified before time runs out! o.O9_9:(


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