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  1. I send out a ticket regarding a refund on a pearl item and a question about the online shop purchase and neither have been responded for 4 days now.

    This is strange to me especially because I had previous tickets being responded in less than 2 days.

    Yes, the Holidays got the best of us! So now we're catching up! Can you tell me your ticket number please?

  2. Tell me why the one on the very left reminds me of L from Death Note and the one on the far right looks like Light. Even has similar clothes to Light lol!

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  3. Hello GM_Caramel

    Can you please help me out with my email change, I'm not sure if there was a problem with my picture but I'm not getting a response. i would really appreciate it.


    ticket ID :219853


    @GM_Caramel can you check my ticket too please #227533 



    Hi Caramel.

    Can you please check my ticket ? Request #226899

    Dont know how my ticket is marked with "Solved", but i didnt received any message or email from you guys.

    Thanks alot.

    We sent you a message asking to provide us with an ID and additional information, however when you don't reply for more than 2 days the ticket will automatically be marked as solved. 



    Any help possible? I'm waiting for so long... I gave everything needed, just need someone to look that up. Ticket #231024


    Your ticket is currently open, we will be responding within the week. 




    My computer graphics are terrible but here you go :D I rate yours** a 9/10 only because of that hair clippage >.< 15697247_1362679287096383_49840130369871 

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  5. I will just give it a few hours before coming into any conclusion. Its obvious that many are downloading the patch and this might cause some stress on the server bandwidth. I really hope that is the issue and not a fail patch.

    ^ This. I am sure it is better by now. :) I'm having no problems on my side! 

  6. do you want more photos of the photos i all ready posted?

    Hey! Sorry I meant to ask for photos BelleFleur for photos when I said that! >.< If you feel that it could help me out though then yes! :) 


    Did this once.

    Will never do again.

    Pretty sure that's a quick route to channel 5 news.


    hahahaha. I don't understand why some girls think it's okay to delete a character or even worse... destroy your console or PC, but when you do the same back.... well that's just unleashing chaos. #doublestandard #allconsolelivesmatter 

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  8. the most recent ticket about this to support was #225810

    I have also just added you to the conversation titled "Destroyer of Dreams -- I was in party and finished before one on the list" where I talk to a CM and explain how I am on the list for kuno.


    Thank you for any help!

    Looks like our CM finally decided to reply to you! ;) 

    I've had tickets in since last Wednesday. Would be sweet to get them resolved, especially since they were time sensitive...

    What are your ticket numbers?

  9. yeah, so... still nothing. No further contact from the CM that said my issue would be resolved, no title in my account, nada.

    Hi! Can you tell me your ticket numbers please? Once you do so, I will do my best to contact a CM right away okay? ^_^ 

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  10. Hi! :) Yes, we do exist. Unlike dragons sadly, nonetheless we replied to your** ticket and asked that you send an email to PaymentWall, I can see that you replied back as well but it would help us out more if you could provide us screenshots of your account page as well as what PaymentWall had said to you about the package. ^_^ 

  11. It appears your ticket has been escalated to our CS Review team. A lead will be able to assist you as soon as possible but I will note this topic/thread and see what we can do to make sure information about this is available and visible for all players to avoid any more incidents.  :x Very sorry for the inconvenience! 

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  12. Hi! :) You may want to try running your game on Optimization Mode, also you should submit a ticket to our technical team so they can walk you through steps to help alleviate you from the disconnects as it may just be a connection or packet loss issue. 

    Link to Support Team- https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/