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  1. 15697247_1362679287096383_49840130369871


    Unfortunately I don't have the best of graphics so my character doesn't show all of her beauty!!! :x However, I wouldn't say I'm an angel ;)

    I tried to create my character's look off of myself. I have snakebite piercings, glasses, and red hair in real life. Obviously my favorite color is red. :D 

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  2. This is Coconut my first T8~ I love him so much since he's my dream horse! >3<



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  3. *comes whizzing through on some Air-Treks*

    Nuuuu you not allowed to be sad! <3 I forbid it! *stomps staff end on the ground* *a pair of Air-Treks appear on Caramel's feet and she goes whizzing off through the map, a funky beat starts to play*

    *snaps finger in time *snap snap snap* Cheer up now!

    loool that made me smirk. 9_9 <3 

  4. Let me send @GM_Caramel a text and she should be able to help with your issues. (✿◡‿◡)

    *receives notification on imaginary phone* :x Ah, yes. We are receiving multiple reports of this recently. Could be that the system is pushed back again from the many orders placed and is sending the boxes in waves at a time. Best thing to do is to wait 72 hours to see if the pearl box will appear in your mail or regular inventory tab. If it hasn't arrived after the 72 hours you will need to submit a ticket so our Payment team can see what happened to it and issue a full refund if needed. 

    Support Team Link- https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/

    I didn't know you could do that, but, many thanks

    Lol you can't do that but I have read the texts on my imaginary phone. ;) 

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  5. Ticket #2251890 

    Your ticket has been replied to. :) 


    After the error, I still have problems, and I'm far from the place


    @GM_Caramel @GM_Dew @GM_Dresden


    What is your ticket number?

    @GM_Caramel @GM_Dew @GM_Dresden 

    Please Help! I have the same problem! I sent a ticket. Request #225311

    @GM_Caramel @GM_Dew @GM_Dresden

    Help with this please. Ticket: #225307

    Replied and fixed.

    This cliff is the most dangerous place in the game D:. Ticket: #225361

    Help woud be appreciated.


    EDIT: Nevermind! Just as i posted this GM_Caramel saved my character already! Excellent response time on the issue thanks! Feel free to disregard this post



    What is your ticket number?

    No there are not, there are barely any online players as its now.

    After the New World Update, yes.....there are many tickets. We are getting to your tickets as soon as possible

    Well ask me how there's a HUGE difference  in my ticket numbers


    216583 4 days ago
    218386 2 days ago
    218402  2 days ago
    218847 1 day ago
    219737  6 hours ago
    219740 same hour
    219747 Same hour

    Majority of your tickets were Player Reports. We handled them accordingly, and we thank you for helping make Black Desert Online a player friendly environment. 

  7. oh great to late toon stuck cant load into game with him at alll submited ticket but dam had noede war there now fed royaly


    tried low graphics no help


    Your request (221756)  plz help


    GM Dresden has replied to your ticket! 

  8. @GM_Caramel 
    Im not teleported Ticket # 221656

    reply back to your ticket and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I am currently away from my PC

  9. Hi.

    @GM_CARMEL, Ticket # 221655

    You will receive a reply shortly

    @GM_Caramel Ticket # 221656 

    Help me please!!

    Please @GM_Caramel Ticket # 221657 :(


    Teleported to the safest location!! 

    Halp me. 221654


    did i say plox? pretty plox?

    safe and sound!

  10. are you guys in faze ?

    tooooo many headshots for me.

    360 spin no scope quickshot. 

  11. @GM_Caramel  @GM_Dew Hi please help i cant log on to my main character everytime i do the game crashes I can log on to every other character but not my ninja. he is currently on the way to arehaza to trade in the coins from pirates and it crashed as i was autopathing there. I submitted a ticket (221554) pls help my awakening is tomorrow p_p

    Fixed! B|

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