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Posts posted by GM_Caramel

  1. I too seem to be stuck there, a GM removed the Castle Fort from my inventory if maybe that helped the situation but Im stuck unable to load in with this Ivero Cliff node bug

    Ticket # (221191)

    GM Dresden has replied to your ticket :) 

  2. Mine is a bit different,i was sailing whit my boat in that little sea near ivero cliff to the west,was trying to go to Hakoven island. Gane started to act weird where the tight channel though the mountain start,a bit north from ancado inner harbor,and game crashed,and character got stuck just in sea,the zone near ivero cliff,i think that whole area is bugged,not just ivero cliff node manager. Might be related to some ocean patch issue. my ticket Request #221003

    Got it, will be replying shortly

  3. As GM_Caramel's shift is ending, I'll be happy to take over. =)

    aaaaaaaaand I'm back. B| Need fresh coffee though. 

  4. Yup let us know the ticket number and we will be able to move your boat from Kuit Islands wharf to Kuit Strait wharf. This will resolve the issue instantly and you will be able to sail the seas again! :) 

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  5. I just encountered this problem. ticket #220691


    Edit: ticket was responded too thank you gm caramel!

    Anytime! ;) 

  6. Hi my character experienced the same thing, please help; ticket # 220645

    Took care of it! :) 

  7. My character has also been caught in the hellish maelstrom known as Ivero Cliff.  The game crashed and any attempt to relog my character simply crashes it again.

    Please rescue her, @GM_Caramel. Ticket #220604.

    Got it! 

  8. Thank you so much, @GM_Caramel !

    You're very welcome! :) 

    Hello GM_CARMEL, 

    I am having the exact same issue and already submitted ticket but if this is an issue you can fix for me that would be great. 

    @GM_Dew @GM_Caramel

    Ticket number please! :) 

  9. Babe <3

    Thanks for the help :)

    Maybe put out a quick PSA just to warn people?

    Thanks again :)

    My team will be handling that as soon as possible

    @GM_Caramel I am a victim of this bug as well. I submitted a ticket an hour ago # 220544

    Replied and fixed! :) 

    @GM_Caramel  Experiencing the same problem.  Posting ticket number just in case:  220576

    I'll be replying shortly. 

  10. Thx i m loging in i m gonna telll you if it worked


    @GM_Caramel It worked thanks again

    No problem! :) 

    Just made mine ticket 220515 if you get chance :)

    Got it!

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  11. Sent mine 17hours ago

    Ah, I see PanpanTheGreat right here! I'll be replying shortly! Gotta save em' all! 

    Hey @GM_Caramel me too i send a ticket about 14 hours ago

    Ticket number please? (If I have not replied already)

  12. I was connecting nodes around Ivero Cliff, jumped off the side of the mountain and my game crashed. Now every time i try to log onto that character my game takes 5 minutes to load then crashes. All other toons are fine and i can log in as normal but trying my main crashes the game.

    I've repaired the game files etc incase the game just wasnt loading that area properly with no avail.

    Any tips?

    @GM_Dew @GM_Caramel

    If you have not already I recommend submitting a ticket to our support team:

    Try to submit it under Character- Stuck and I'll get to it as soon as possible. :) 


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    These responses are something I'd expect from Apple, not a company shown again and again to be on the verge of incompetent money grabbers.  My patch stopped at 48% for a while and then continued, but man the apparent indifference shown to other customers is downright insulting.

    Well, this has worked for many players, obviously not all. As for the corrupted file loop we are currently looking into it as previously stated. 

  14. The client has updated for some players just fine as for the corrupted file loop as previously stated we are looking into it. My personal laptop/ game account was stuck at 56% but pushed through. 



  15. @GM_Caramel can you plese fix this or am i going to dowanlaod the game for the 10th time today?

    I mean, everyone would've assumed that you guys figured out a fix by now, taking into account that it happens with EVERY patch to some ppl.

    The fix is to literally just wait. Let it sit and it will keep going eventually. (Worked for me) 

  16. @CM_Aethon I don't see a 1 Loyalty 7 Day Value Pack in the Pearl Shop.  Is it missing?

    It should definitely not be missing! It is available under "Loyalties". Can you PM me and send me a screenshot of your Pearl Shop where this should be please?

  17. Oh what tangled webs we weave when first we begin to deceive.... but after a bit of practice the improvement is very noticeable.


    My cooking skills are just like my sims. I burn everything. 

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  18. Reading your comments! Playing the first Sims, watching my stove catch on fire and waving my arms frantically like a wacky inflatable tube man. 

    Me too!

    Lies, he is messaging me on skype just to say "shut up" (Love/hate relationship) :x

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  19. Luckily no, just that one "night" lol 

    A one night stand!

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