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Posts posted by Pruto

  1. lul saving screenshots from before ranger had awakening, good meme


    I AM A RANGER you dumbo, and this was after ranger awakening, jesus christ KEK.

  2. poor pruto, I'm assuming you are some iconicuck since I've never heard of u



    I mean, I don't really mind the salt, I just expected the new world would be saltier than Orwen because back there we only had you. Also, I thought you quit the game? the last time I heard of you was when Slackshot sent you and Cleo to be destroyed 2v1 :^). 




  3. I felt pretty weird when i first started using the awakening combos over all but i guess i just practiced enough for it to become quick reflex.

    What guild are you in now? haven't seen you ingame in a while.

  4. to be fair, usually the first node war of a guild merger is their strongest. However it seems there was a lot of leadership issues happening.

    Redline = Lunar member


    You should know better than to take Slackshot seriously :^).

  5. Yet we constantly had 3 sided coordinated strikes by all of you. Yeah I don't believe you.

    Below is an accurate depiction of that glorious fight.

    Nice meme, it would be accurate had you guys left your base :^).

  6. It's funny how the guilds that decided to do node wars "for fun" just circlejerk on the forums about how node wars are the most fun shit to do in the game and everything else is done only for a payout. You have to realize that some people do find region wars fun, I personally stayed in a region war guild because of the people, people I do node wars with during the week as well, if you guys decided to leave those guilds and play Dynasty Warriors that's cool too but advertising it as THE MOST FUN to be had in pvp is just wrong.

  7. Poaching would imply an effort for me to recruit from other peoples guilds. I know it's hard for some to understand, but I do not start dialogues regarding joining my guild with the former members of manup, barcode, gravity, iconic, and quite a few other siege guilds who for one reason or another find a situation void of most of the problems people have with siege wars to be appealing. If anything, I chat with friends about video games and shit. A lot of players message me, I always talk with people who want to do so. A lot get turned away but most players who pass our reqs do come from some high profile guilds. Blame the shit state of siege pvp tbh. If my guys wanna siege they can pretty much go anywhere, which is fine, we are a very different guild and my members enjoy what we do. Some who lack a decent core of players very much do not enjoy fighting us due to the lack of softies and our small numbers in comparison.

    My initial comment, if you could get out of your bubble, was aimed at saying that my guild is similar to ringer guilds and we like fights that we can lose. We don't bring allies because that would be stupid overkill and we enjoy competitive play. Many ringer guilds opt to pay off siege allies and completely zerg down nodes, that is not competitive, that is business.

    It's unfortunate that there aren't more guilds operating, T3 nodes are a shot in the dark at either getting a siege guild passing the node to an ally or a decent fight that a low tier siege guild might be able to do something with. Many guilds seem to be avoiding conflict on T2s or just try to snipe for the cash and a lot of old T2 guilds have dropped down to T1. I guess most of that is just due to natural attrition. Many guilds we see on T2s we go toe to toe with, very even fights and end up stalemating often. It's hard to encounter such guilds though since many players continue to drop down to more casual statuses, similar to the state of siege guilds. 

    Will a reduction in guild timers help competitive play? probably. Do other T2/T1 guilds want to see ringer guilds every day of the week? Probably not, many guilds fight friday/sunday to avoid some of that. Honestly, people should nut up and fight it out. Hit the hardest targets and the ringers wont always win as they have been. FML and my guild managed to do it, I know there have been 2 other opportunities completely squandered to take down ringer guilds on my nodes due to politics or fear. My vote was in favor, but it will never happen.

    Lul I don't know what bubble you're talking about and about the poaching I don't really care about it, whether it was intentional or not, those people chose to be part of something else and if they are having fun that's alright. As you know we have been doing T1s/T2s on Maximus during the week to get some fights and even though we're only bringing like 1 or 2 people from our core, most of the time non-siege guilds choose not to fight or just don't try to ally with the other people placed in the node to take us down, I thought the new world was going to be different but it's pretty much the same thing.

    I would like the timers to be reduced as well but it's not gonna happen, they won't be increased either most likely so ringer guilds will forever be a thing, the best thing smaller guilds could do is, instead of complaining on the forums, ally together to try and fight them.

  8. I'm referring to holding a high standard and only picking up players that hold their own weight. Larger guilds typically will take in nooblets and try to train em up. That just ain't my cup of tea.

    Are you being serious or is this just a really good shitpost?

  9. I don't think the people hating on siege guilds that do node wars get it, most of those guilds go into node wars with like 20% of their actual member count and MAYBE bring a couple of players from their core, the really hardcore ones however, the ones you should be afraid of stay in the main guild most of the time grinding, life skilling or both to be able to save up for the next TET accesory to get posted on the market.

  10. A little Dank birdie told me that GM of FML Proot is pulling out all the merged FML from Gravity, cutting ties, and going back to their old tag?

    True or false anyone confirm?

    Gravity dead guild?

    False, can confirm, am Pruut. :^)

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  11. I thought this thread was about "What is happening with Iconic" not about Vertex, pls don't steal the thread.