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  1. boondocksaint7 added a post in a topic Looking for legitimate advice on my system specs   

    I have the same cpu, but with a gtx 970 ftw. OC'd to 4.5 with an aftermarket cooler, and it runs 56-60 open areas/most quests, 45-55 heavy grinding 5 man with effects, and 34-44 in Heidel. Like other guy said, OC and you'll see a big difference. Obviously a better card would be good all around (other games, etc) but it really doesn't matter if you're cpu isn't up to speed. PM me if you need any help OC'ing it, good luck. 
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  2. boondocksaint7 added a post in a topic How long did it take you to make your first billion silver?   

    I'd say about two months. I buy all my pieces, and that's how long it took to buy tri liv and ult scythe and offhand. Duo ult grunil and some decent accessories. Currently have 200mil plus some t7s I'm leveling to sell. I play for four hours or so each night with the wife. 
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  3. boondocksaint7 added a post in a topic How playable is this on 4k settings?   

    Finally, someone explained why the bdo YouTube videos look so damn smooth. I'm able to run it 54-60fps most of the time (31-44 in town), but I never understood how the hell the videos looked so good. Thanks for explaining this
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  4. boondocksaint7 added a post in a topic What should i do next?(how to get more ap)   

    I went back and have been playing my sorc for two-three weeks. 165/160/225. Grinding sausans, training horses, workers bringing in about 4 mil a day. My point is I'm not super wealthy, just consistent. I have literally only ever enhanced for the quest, everything I have I've bought with silver. Tri ult main and Scythe, duo ult full grunil. Witches earrings, pri blue corals. I did luck out and get the weapon core and seal from events. Reasons to buy instead of enhance: you know what you're getting, you never downgrade, you end up spending less time-silver-headache. Of course everyone says there will come a point where I have to enhance, but honestly at the rate I'm going it'll be a long way off, and at the end of the day I would prefer to just save up the silver than get caught up in the rng game. Boxes are bad enough for my nerves lol. Hope this helps give a little different perspective. 
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  5. boondocksaint7 added a post in a topic Your top tips for new players?   

    Follow the black spirit quest lines. That's really gonna be your best bet for starters. As you progress, you can branch out into some of the activities you'd like to do. If you're wanting to rush through and get going, there are many great guides for that. There's tons of guides for what gear you need when and all of that as well. However, if you're looking to take your time and explore/level at your own pace, the black spirit quests are the way to go. Also, if you complete a chain and he doesn't pop up again, level up once or twice where you're at so he'll give you the next objective. You're right, it can be very daunting and overwhelming at first, but don't try to do everything all at once and you'll be fine. 
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  6. boondocksaint7 added a post in a topic Horse breeding experts, plz halp   

    I actually did end up paying the high fee once for a public t8 breed.......t6 female...... Lol
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  7. boondocksaint7 added a post in a topic Horse breeding experts, plz halp   

    He's the brown/blonde one. Not the fastest, and only had 15 skills. I used a premium at lvl 28 and got one more skill, then used coupons on him. He has everything good except s:sideways move. Even tho his speed is only like 148 or so, the double instant makes up for it. He even got two seater (note in case you don't know, purebreds can't get two seater). 
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  8. boondocksaint7 added a post in a topic Returning player, some tips please!   

    Just get back in there. It will all come back in a few hours. I did the same a d it was a bit overwhelming and daunting when I came back in August, but the game has really improved imo and its not that hard to get the hang of again. Some new boss armor has come out, but by the time you're ready for it you'll know what's what just by playing. Workers are kinda raw same, except now you can basically set them to do 50k times and forget about them except to feed em lol. Hope this helps, enjoy! 
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  9. boondocksaint7 added a post in a topic Horse breeding experts, plz halp   

    If you breed two t7 lvl 30s I can just about guarantee you're going to get t6 female. I spent months combing over somethinglovely and trying everything. Was frustrated and impatient one day and went ahead with a lvl 30 male and 26 female (t7s) and lo and behold I got a t8 male. Since then, even with his breeds, not another one. I have consistently gotten t6 fems every time with the two lvl 30s. However, 3 out of 4 times I'll get t7s if I breed either a lvl 30 t7 and t6 or two t7s that aren't lvl 30. Ultimately it comes down to rng. Others experience may vary, but I've been doing it awhile now and this has been my experience. Good luck. 
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  10. boondocksaint7 added a topic in General   

    Servers are back up 11:30 pm EST
    Just a PSA that servers are back up. 
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  11. boondocksaint7 added a post in a topic Login Issues   

    Everyone is down across all channels. 
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  12. boondocksaint7 added a post in a topic Can't log back on?   

    Everyone, all channels 
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  13. boondocksaint7 added a post in a topic That Server Tho...   

    It's everyone. Wife and I were just disconnected after huge lag and now can't reconnect. EST here. 
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  14. boondocksaint7 added a post in a topic Downloader keeps going to 0%?   

    Check to see if the DL is going extremely fast. Every time I've had an issue, it starts over at 0 but it goes through the files very fast until it catches back up to where you were. Then it should finish as usual. Fire it back up and give it a few minutes and see what happens, hope this helps. 
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  15. boondocksaint7 added a post in a topic Why cant we easily report people in game for ToS violations (chat mostly)   

    It's no one's responsibility but my own to create the kind of environment I want to game in(goes for living in the real world in as well). If I don't like a certain type of music, I don't listen. If I don't like what a certain group of ppl partake in, I don't participate. Certain neighborhood, I don't buy a house there, etc etc. It's no one else's responsibility to ensure that I have a nice, enjoyable experience in anything I do. That's left up to me. It doesn't matter how bad or ugly I deem it, my opinion and my feelings have zero bearing on how others react. The sooner OP and some of you on here get this, the better your lives will be. No it's not fair, but neither is anything else. It would be great if everyone was considerate, but they're not, and that doesn't reflect on anyone but themselves, until I start demanding that they change for my sake. Then I end up looking like the idiot. Others here have mentioned the block function, but them saying these things isn't the real issue. The issue is you think everyone should be how you want them to be, and respect you because you simply exist. That will never happen, and I sincerely hope this thread will help you realize that sooner than never so that the human race as a whole can have one more contributing member, as opposed to what you currently are, which is an immature self righteous nobody waiting for a hand out and a "well done" from one of the many individuals in your life that you look up to. 
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