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  1. rafal91 added a post in a topic Underwater breathing   

    Hey! thanks for suggestions, i already did the quest using tips provided by one of other forum viewers but perhaps it helps someone else who stumbles upon similar problem.
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  2. rafal91 added a post in a topic Underwater breathing   

    hey that is exactly the quest i had in mind, it was too deep for me to get so the channel swap or relog trick will definitely help, thanks.
    still kinda sad you have to use something like that to go around breathing limit lol
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  3. rafal91 added a topic in General   

    Underwater breathing
    Anyone else feeling like we're running out of oxygen way too soon?
    I'm doing a quest outside of Port Ratt and with 2x breathing crystals in shoes, +15sec pot and +2 movement speed I still can't dive deep enough (going down in a straight line, shortest distance) to get my quest item.
    Unless I'm missing something and I should have worn that weirdo mask I got from quest? but it doesnt say it grants extra breathing so I'm assuming its only fashion.
    It feels like I'm being forced to buy one of the pearl costumes.
    That being said, there is no such a thing as underwater 'exploration', can't explore if I run out of oxygen to do so too soon.
    Is anyone else feeling the same way ?
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  4. rafal91 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 25th   

    oh great, you bring me hope
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  5. rafal91 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 25th   

    Holy shit I guess I should pay more attention to item descriptions. GG gonna lose all those items frorm extended lavientias event, i've been keeping them sadpanda
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  6. rafal91 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 25th   

    This is a joke right?
    Why would they remove those items, I haven't used mine either, was gonna do that after maint.
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  7. rafal91 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 25th   

    Hey everyone,
    so what will be the name of your permanent endgame ship once you get it?
    have you guys given it a thought already?
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  8. rafal91 added a post in a topic Welcome Two New Members To The CM Team!   

    Welcome to BDO. I hope we can all work together and create something great in here!
    If you guys have any questions about in-game things, feel free to ask. I believe there's a great deal if things to learn when it comes to this game.
    If you'll need someone to show you around, my horse has an extra seat!
    Hope to see you around on a regular basis, cheers
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  9. rafal91 added a post in a topic Birthdays - Do they lose value or just me?   

    Late happy birthday!
    I think it's most important for when we are little but... !
    ..it is also important for you to appreciate yourself from time to time and birthday is a good time to do that.
    I think everyone would be a little sad if no one remembered to give us birthday wishes.
    In a way I kinda think it's personal, everyone values different things and for birthday we probably want to have what we value the most, be it family, partner, money, time off work and other things.
    For me it's very important that I feel good with myself, you cannot pour from an empty cup!
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  10. rafal91 added a post in a topic Why do you enjoy Black Desert?   

    - I like that I can choose what I like to do and still make very good money that way
    - I like the graphics although I'm only playing on medium 'cause budget PC
    - I like there is no teleports, gotta ride that horse everywhere
    - I like no instances, no loading screens
    - I like that theres a big community even though I'm the biggest loner and barely talk to anyone
    - I WISH there was another way to level, while I like grinding to certain extent there is only so much I can handle and I probably won't be seeing level 60 in this game
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  11. rafal91 added a post in a topic to celebrate the new year. we are going to reduce your XP gains this weekend   

    As far as I remember exp boost event was supposed to be over when all awakenings have been released
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  12. rafal91 added a post in a topic What is the point of playing this game if you are even remotely behind?   

    What is the point of living?
    There are so many rich people out there you will never be able to catch up to career wise or money wise.
    They have so much experience and they own so many things.
    There is no point in starting, just give up.
    This is your mindset
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  13. rafal91 added a post in a topic Lavientia's Event Guide   

    yeah, don't count on ancient pearls from drops. only the very lucky people will be able to get a 2nd shiny box.
    i've done around 30h grind time on kamasilve and gm's blessing, no pearl drop
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  14. rafal91 added a post in a topic Kakao, its time to sort out the trolls.   

    lol good one, i shall use that as well. thanks for the idea
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  15. rafal91 added a post in a topic [Updated][Maintenance] Maintenance November 30th   

    Woah guys, some of you get so angry about the downtime. Calm down, theres plenty other things to do outside the game.
    It was to be expected, go take a nap, go for a walk, meet a friend, watch a movie or series, find some new music to accompany you during BDO adventures!
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  16. rafal91 added a post in a topic Are there monthly fees?   

    Idk man, Ive been playing this game for like 5 months now and I still think that to have fun, you dont need any pearl items.
    Sure if youre aiming to be top tier player its a huge advantage no one can deny but everyone has their own idea of fun.
    I started late and tried catching up to friends with OP gear but after a while I got bored and they were all about efficiency.
    Then I decided to do things I think are simply fun to do for me. They quit 'cause they got burnt out  from all the grind and Im still playing, doing the things I enjoy!
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  17. rafal91 added a post in a topic 200+ / 0   

    What do you care if someone makes a fortune, perhaps you should focus on what you are making instead.
    Of course this is business for the people who made the game, and for us it's entertainment. When you got to the cinema, someone makes money from the tickets you are buying, are you going to say people who buy them are suckers, filling someones pocket and should just not go to the cinema?
    Personally, I don't care if someones going to make a living from my 15$ a month as long as I think it was money well spent and I dont regret it which i certainly do not.
    With your mindset Id probably deny myself most of the pleasures in life thinking someones gonna make a living out of me
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  18. rafal91 added a post in a topic 200+ / 0   

    If it was about me and I couldnt afford spending 15$ in one month for one of my hobbies or entertainment then Id probably be trying to figure out what to do about my financial situation instead of playing a game.
    Everyone needs some entertainment from time to time and this is just about the same as if you bought a cinema ticket.
    No one makes you do that, you can keep watching TV, but if you want to see something better, a new movie - you gotta pay for the ticket.
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  19. rafal91 added a post in a topic 200+ / 0   

    Why not, good idea. The demand is so big theyll be bought off the market instantly anyway.
    The thing is, they dont want to make everything easily obtainable in-game. The fact that its not easy to snipe them and some players just choose to spend money, works for them. I dont mind that at all seeing what a good job, in my eyes at least they keep doing to keep this game far from the regular p2w
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  20. rafal91 added a post in a topic 200+ / 0   

    I have an alt parrked at marketplace and whenever an item I really want pops up, i relog. It's always fast enough for me to get in on the bidding and I dont have to stand next to marketplace npc all day.
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  21. rafal91 added a post in a topic My Love/Hate relationship - What's yours?   

    The fact that you can get money by doing basically any activity you choose.
    The 2 friends I've been playing with have quit some time ago and even though I'm not really a team player as it turns out, it feels kinda lonely.
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  22. rafal91 added a post in a topic 200+ / 0   

    imo, the new bidding system is kinda a sword with two edges,
    if you were decent at sniping earlier and put that captcha in to snipe some stuff it was okay for you
    now it doesnt matter if youre fast or slow, everyone gets the same chance so more people actually get in on the bidding phase and with increased amount of bidders your chance to actually get the item decreases.
    so my opinion is, while some people benefit from it, others do not. the system is more fair play which does not necessarily mean you have a better chance to get the item.
    I do notice that it was easier for me to get items before. But I had to try and snipe them when US players are asleep, cause I'm an EU player on NA, so I also have worse latency.
    I did win a couple value packs with the new system but it took significantly more tries
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  23. rafal91 added a post in a topic Anyone concerned about the HUGE population after server merge?   

    Not concerned at all, the population will spread evenly among 36 channels so im guessing it wont be big of a difference, only marketplace will go to hell for a bit unless they've planned for it and got some move up their sleeve, we'll see.
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  24. rafal91 added a post in a topic Are there monthly fees?   

    Hey there!
    As other mentioned there is no monthly fee so you only pay once and the game was just selling for 5$ at black friday price, not sure if its still on.
    It's money well spent and pretty much a steal for this kind of game.
    Later on it's pay for convenience and the items that actually make it pretty convenient are available on the marketplace when people who purchase them with real money, put them there. Quite often along with patches we get various events which allow you to get some of the really valuable items absolutely free. Well, maybe with a small electricity bill 'cause some of them usually require you to stay online for couple hours.
    Pets like penguins were available from events and if you played actively you would be having 3 of them by now (or by tomorrow actually). If you are persistent, you will get value packs off the market. I've never bought it with cash and I'm at 90 days value pack time right now, with 2 value packs unactivated.
    Outfit for 10% exp boost are available on the market and it's quite easy to get those unless you are aiming for the fanciest ones everybody is after.
    You can get character slot expansions/weight limit increase with loyalties that you collect once a day for log in and then from events.
    There are so many activities in the game to make money with, you dont need to focus on grinding which is where pets are most useful. (to pick up mob drops)
    Honestly? Don't listen to anyone, get the game cause it's cheap and try it yourself and you'll see. There's always someone seeing the glass half empty and there's someone seeing the glass half full.
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  25. rafal91 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - November 16th   

    holy crap so many fixes and interesting updates!
    you guys are doing an amazing job, thanks
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