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  1. Chambalaya added a post in a topic Late release of already available awakening weapons.   

    Lets be honest, release awakenings so this game is not pure unbalanced bullshit anymore. 
    Every awakened class is fought  really nice in KR with awakening, except witch/wizz and the ninja/kunos which were still able to fight back with similar power. Tamer was shit without awakening anyway after nerf but thats not an issue because they have it now!
    Why do we need to discuss a topic where there is no losers.
    All the Gandalfs were Designed to catch up due to being released last and there was no nerf. 
    P.S. I played awakened Sorc for months.
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  2. Chambalaya added a post in a topic Let's Talk: Game Stat Balance   

    The intital game Design which is observable in korea has shorter cd on potions.
    Musa and Maehwa Are meant to have lower hidden dp, same as your weight Limit is different on the different classtypes.
    The problem seems to be more at the localozation because since they Started Messing with cd and making mobs stronger as you might remember from post alpha times. 
    This was the unavoidable aftermath. The game is very well balanced in its original form and because People like "us" had the opinion to know how to make it better whilst they Never played the korean version which in all honesty has one Problem. Selling Casshop stuff on the marketplace but that is not to be fixed anymore.
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  3. Chambalaya added a post in a topic [Jordine] <HOJO> Bandit/Small scale PvP guild   

    10/10 read , thanks for making this anatomy class less boring! 
    Special thanks to the special guests from all the other guilds.
     keep it going, i was bored without sieges anyway.
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  4. Chambalaya added a post in a topic Niflheim where did your zerg attitude go?   

    LOL thank god you stick with the "special" People.
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  5. Chambalaya added a post in a topic Worst CC system in any MMO I ever played   

    +1 for aedix.
    I ve experienced the korean version for quite some time as well and that is the main problem EU has which is class balances meant for later stages of the game.
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  6. Chambalaya added a post in a topic How could this happen? [Berserker vs Ranger]   

    Hey boys i am that guy called NoName and no i am sorceress my friend.
    And if you are interested in me check me out at : www.twitch.tv/chambadude, appreciate it :).
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  7. Chambalaya added a post in a topic Node Wars and Sieges need to come out next week!   

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  8. Chambalaya added a post in a topic Node Wars and Sieges need to come out next week!   

    Yes that is nice and i am happy for you. 
    But Do you fail to see what the hopfully bigger portion of the community wants? As for me I am playing on Jordine servers EU and try to stay off the forums but this is bugging me and many others who have paused the game because of this very reason.
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  9. Chambalaya added a post in a topic Node Wars and Sieges need to come out next week!   

    good question.
    What do you do with all the shit tons of money that you get and do not have anything to upgrade in your fishing anymore except trying to find the prefect spot by a meter or two?
    That is how i Feel about the PvP now .
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  10. Chambalaya added a post in a topic Node Wars and Sieges need to come out next week!   

    Telling me they Need to fix their hardware does not provide proper Information! I do not see any reason for them taking that much time to fix it and by now money should be the least of the problems. 
    So as it was promised a few weeks back and we are still waiting.
    This games progression resolves around PvP and PvP only. Every aspect of PvE is their to grow your character stronger EXCEPT horses maybe...
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  11. Chambalaya added a topic in General   

    Node Wars and Sieges need to come out next week!
    Hey Daum and fellow Community,
    In the last weeks everyone who takes this game seriously and by that i mean gearing up and grinding to the lvl 55-57 is only preparing for the only competitive side of the game which is Node Wars and Sieges. Every hour that i spend in the game is getting less and less meaningful in regards of having an edge. I can understand that catching up is needed since a lot of people that are new to this game since release got overwhelmed with content but as for the "no-lifers" spending there time upgrading Witch Earrings and MoS to +2 or even +3 , saving up to buy this and that. For what? Joining 15 minutes of mostly unbalanced Spawn Camping Battlefields? I do it for the energy.
    So we came here for the competitive PvP. It is not fun declaring guild wars everyday just for clearing out your grinding spots at sausan and whatsoever. You can arrange guild wars with other guilds but there is nothing to gain out of it except a few millions if they are willing for a final battle.
    That is all the content there is for a PvP oriented player. I am not saying there is none but that we are looking for the real deal by now.
    As for the PvE, don't tell me I should go start cooking or whatever. We do it. Life skills are important to understand and profit from other stuff than mindless grinding.
    At the same time, I am aware of your schedule for content release but i assume this wasn't supposed to be delayed that far.
    Please give us Sieges and Node Wars. Preferably next week because holy shit those two months passed by really fast and i still don't own a -----in' castle !
    AND fix the server desync. Pls...this is unacceptable.
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  12. Chambalaya added a post in a topic Banana Squad [EU][Jordine][PvP]   

    Hit me up for some pvp Chamba is Family name. I am in Harmony now and 56 :P
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  13. Chambalaya added a post in a topic Banana Squad [EU][Jordine][PvP]   

    Foggy is here. Hence 10/10 guild!
    Greetings Chamba.
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  14. Chambalaya added a post in a topic BDO Community Podcast #002   

    Wir freuen uns auf eure Fragen und hoffen mit unserer monatelangen Korea bzw. Russlandserver, sowie Alpha,Cbt1 und Cbt2 Erfahrung euch einen besseren Einblick in die Welt von Black Desert Online zu ermöglichen!
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  15. Chambalaya added a post in a topic |Jordine| || <Niflheim> EU Guild   

    Hardcore Rush to 52 in 4 days.
    I am sooooooooooooo ready! 
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