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  1. Kasumi ~ added a post in a topic Non Stripper outfits?   

    I'm afraid all female classes models ( but tamer ) are meant to have heels.
    Again, if you mod them and remove their shoes, you'll see them walking on their tiptoes....nothing you can do about that.
    Either the devs rework the models or we'll always keep getting heels.
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  2. Kasumi ~ added a post in a topic Non Stripper outfits?   

    Order of the Apricot outfit ; you don't look like a stripper and the boots heels are pretty short ( like for normal boots ) .
    Aside from that....you have to understand that some classes models have been created to make them have high heels shoes , if you remove said shoes ( by modding ) your character will look like she's walking on the tips of her feet.
    Would it cost a ton of time to rework the base model ? Not really...but it's still extra work and I think that's what lots of devs would like to avoid.

    Treant camouflage outfit, still no heels, you surely won't look like a stripper unless you walk near treants by wearing this outfit.

    Cherry blossom Yukata. This one does have sandals which, sadly fo you , are the equivalent of heels ; I don't think however that it makes you look like a stripper. It's a pretty festive traditional japanese  outfit and as a female I feel like it highlights my femininity, I think it's just cute.

    Red moon outfit ; it does have sandals with heels again but it's another pretty cute outfit and it's not lewd at all. It doesn't shout "I'm ready for battle" like the first two costumes I posted but I think it's just a really nice dress to wear while hanging around.

    That said, I don't really think there's anything wrong with "not so covering" armors in the game right now. Yes, I'd like some more outfits that don't have high heels but aside from that...I see lots of gorgeous dresses and outfits , be it simply cute ones or even sexy ones ( why not ? What's wrong with it ? Plus we get many outfits like this for the other gender as well , look at that Warrior kibelius, I like to stare at some handsome guy's abdominals too sometimes. I would understand if BDO only spinned around this kind of outfits but actually...it doesn't ) .

    In any case...

    Least but not last....and probably it's what you'll appreciate the most...Delphe knights costume ( it can be crafted in game but "aye" , you need a cash shop coupon to turn it into a costume and not make it be a normal armor set ). You surely won't look like a slut and there's nothing that makes you look like you are ready for a fight like an armor.
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  3. Kasumi ~ added a post in a topic Enchantment evening out mechanic: Selling FS in Trade Market for Silvers   

    Pearl shop valk's cry would make the game be a little too "p2w" .
    I agree on the fact that it wouldn't help you much talking about TET / PEN....but it would still be a nice help and a HUGE boost talking about enchanting gear up to TRI...and the large majority of the players stops at TRI....many don't even bother about getting boss gear.
    No, I wouldn't like to see them in the pearl shop ( it's just my free opinion....as yours is the opposite) .
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  4. Kasumi ~ added a post in a topic Enchantment evening out mechanic: Selling FS in Trade Market for Silvers   

    We need Valk's Cry.....as a Loyalty shop only item. 10 days worth of loyalty , 10 fs...seems p fair to me.
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  5. Kasumi ~ added a post in a topic Awakened Dark Knights Are Ruining The Game   

    Okay, again...
    Yes, in BDO....it is....
    But it shouldn't be. There's no point in this game being a mmo if you don't actually party up with people to do content , be it pvp / pve / grinding / whatever you want.
    People shouldn't be penalized for grinding with friends however nor to party up with others , even considering the lack of grinding spots.
    I am not talking about how the things actually are in game, I'm expressing my idea about how they should be.
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  6. Kasumi ~ added a post in a topic Cannot Get Golden Egg Quest   

    Can not get the quest either.
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  7. Kasumi ~ added a post in a topic Awakened Dark Knights Are Ruining The Game   

    go play skyrim pls.

    The game is broken. No one ever said grinding has to be done alone. This is a mmo, soloing shouldn't be encouraged nor a must. If you want to solo go playing offline games and stop complaining.

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  8. Kasumi ~ added a topic in Suggestions   

    A few ( obviously subjective ) suggestions
    Hi everyone,
    As much as I doubt these things will actually be kept in consideration given my past experiences with mmos , I'm going to express myself about what I'd like to see improved in this game and I'll potentially express my suggestions about how to improve these aspects.

    1) Allow players to see a few basic stats.
     This is a pretty important one, in order to know how to play their class, players need to be able to see their statistics so they can know how to play it at an optimal level.
    As of now, no one knows how much stats such as accuracy , AP , DP , evasion actually matter , nor how they scale....and the same goes for all the others, including the character specific stats assigned to each character and class.
    Damage dealt is not known, damage received isn't either....this ends up resulting in some incredible obscurantism that keeps the player perpetually indecided about what is actually better to do....and it's not good.

    2) Allow players to know when a world boss is about to spawn before it actually spawns.
    World and field bosses are an important part of BDO , getting to know that they spawned only when you are miles and miles away in the desert simply doesn't feel fun, not even knowing when they are going to spawn isn't fun either, official timers would be a huge help so that players can plan what to do before actually doing it...but I won't ask for it as of now, I'd simply be happy about having the boss notice appear 30 minutes before the boss does actually spawn, such as for nouver....but applied to all bosses.

    3) Reduce the grind, rework the enchanting system and life skills / crafting ,  implement some end-game instead.
    While I leave the last part entirely up to your team's wildest fantasies , I simply believe that this game, as it is now, feels way too grindy and thus stressing on the players....who should be...playing ? Isn't playing meant to be fun more than a chore ? 

    Leveling up to 55 / 56 is a walk in the park, it feels pretty nice , even....but once players have to start going for 57,58,59 and then 60....it just gets obnoxious.
    It is too slow, takes way too much compared to the previous levels and implies too much grind . Level 60 is an important part of the game as all your class' skills will finally be unlocked and you are going to have access to all your skills addons , being cut out of it cause you don't feel like grinding mobs in an overcrowded spot, competing with pvpers  for hours and hours a day every day feels frustrating and it's extremely time consuming, the leveling system should be reworked and level 60 made more accessible to everyone in order to make them enjoy the end-game .

    But again...does BDO have an endgame ? Cause the impression is that the leveling system being so boring...and the enchanting system being so frustrating....are only working like that due to the fact that after the grind....there is nothing else left to do. 
    In any case, let's not focus on this aspect for now, even though it's the core one ( and it really is the one that would allow all these other issues to be solved in the blink of an eye if well developed...but again, your game, your endgame....take inspiration from other mmos if necessary ) but on the next one : enchanting.

    Enchanting suffers from the same problem as leveling, in a different way ; once +17 is reached, getting to +18 / 19 / 20 becomes insanely time consuming and tedious , making the player go through 6/7 hours worth of silver grinding every day only just to fail, see their item downgrade and have to repeat the same process until the blindfolded goddess decides it's time to bless them ( at lower rates the more this goes on...) or until they quit, like I often see happening ( Just want to remind that inside a NA / EU community made by over 1.5 millions people x continent only 5 players resulted having +20 boss gear from the "one year anniversary" comparison ).
    This generates incredible advantages or disadvantages in both pve and pvp due to how the gear actually scales....but it wouldn't even be an issue if more people had access to that same level of enhancment....which, they do not.

    It's time to talk about life skills , fishing , horse leveling , crafting...and so on....and again...the issue stays the same : too time consuming , too boring .
    How to improve it this time ? Reduce the grind again so that players are not forced to keep their pc running even at night in order to keep up with the game's pace ( cause this is ridiculous ) and make some things keep "working" even when the player is offline , it makes no sense for crops to stop growing , workers stop working , crafting industries stop crafting.

    4) Encourage party play , increase the amount of grinding spots.
    It's ridiculous that despite the fact Black Desert is a mmorpg it discourages playing as a party ( experience is reduced , skill points are reduced , earnings are reduced....) causing everyone to just keep soloing ( which can be positive , players shouldn't be "forced" to party up....but this is a massive multiplayer online  game, cooperation is expected , even just in order to succeed in some content such as battlegrounds or dungeons...even though bdo doesn't have instances so I'll limit it to the red battlefield).
    There's no real need to party up , not even to fight bosses . No need to have a guild aside from guild perks .

    Now, aside from another core aspect that is "not everyone likes to pvp" , there is another issue related to the incredibly low amount of spots where it's actually worth grinding ; these 3 or 4 spots are contested 24/7 by literally the largest part of the community , and lots of these players , since they prefer soloing due to obvious reasons imposed by the system , do actually prefer to attack and kill on sight the others in order to gain control over the spot.
    Contesting isn't a trouble per se, every open world pvp game has to deal with it....but the point is that the lack of alternative spots ( as in spots that do actually provide a similar amount of xp and silver ) doesn't allow new players to catch up with veterans....and this, again, is frustrating and not fun....and when something causes the players to feel that way, it isn't a good thing for the game.

    5) Implement some "fast travelling" system between major cities. 
    Horse travelling is amazing , it allows the players to reach any point of the map ( unless it's the ocean ) and horses have lots of useful skills , not to talk about their utility in guild / siege wars or their speed . Sometimes however, it just doesn't feel like it's enough ; horses shouldn't be useless , hence why I'm suggesting to apply this system to cities such as Calpheon , Altinova and so on....the issue here is that horse travelling or boat travelling that is , sometimes just takes too much for the players standards....40 minutes spent auto pathing on a boat from Velia to Margoria feel pretty painful, this should be improved, surely some wizards around BDO's world discovered the magic of teleporting circles and are willing to put it to the service of the community "for a fee" , even though the service isn't really diffused yet cause of whatever reason.

    6) Aside from obvious suggestions such as "balance out the various classes" or "make pvp and pve content more interesting" ( endgame, again..) , point 6 doesn't really have a purpouse, I expressed my feedback about pretty much everything I haven't been enjoying or that I feel could use some improvement in BDO after one year I've been playing.
    The game does really have an amazing potential , combat is amazing , graphics are amazing , classes , costumes / outfits , enviroments , races....exploring this world does feel incredible and there's lots of things to try and to do .
    I'm glad I see the developers working hard on this project of theirs by seeing the  new regions and classes that keep coming out and the constant improvements make me feel quite positive about the game's future. 
    Even though BDO is still far from being one of the most shining gems of its kind it does have all the possibilities to become one of the greatest games ever and such a chance shouldn't be wasted. 
    I'd like to see the players and the developers / publishers interacting more the one with the other, more events , more streams...but...even in a "not so formal" kind of way...I'd like to see GMs playing with normal players , experiencing how the game works in first person , making friends with some people of the community in order to know what's going on in their minds and what's their thoughts about the game ( in a casual way, not as a chore, just for fun....who feels like doing it can do it, who doesn't can keep dealing with it as usual ). 
    I wish this game all the best and the I do the same talking about its developers , publishers and community of players....and with this , I conclude my post.
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  9. Kasumi ~ added a post in a topic Cash Shop Item Suggestion   

    As much as I'd love to have that....
    10.000% ?
    Wouldn't that be a little bit too much ( and p2w since hardcore players could buy said item too ) ? And for 880 pearls ? That's less than 10 usd.
    They could ( and honestly should ) just improve the leveling system .
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  10. Kasumi ~ added a post in a topic Game Desperately Needs to Allow Offline   

    BDO simply took grinding to a new extreme...and it's not positive.
    Once you get offline the time freezes : workers stop working , crafters stop crafting , plants stop growing and so on...
    Leveling horses , stamina , fishing should just be done online in my opinion , by lowering the immense quantity of grind that lays behind them.....no more dozens of hours to level a horse for example, just a few ones.

    The same goes about leveling , earning silver and enchanting....level 57-58 roughly takes 20 hours of grind during the weekend , 58-59 will take double that amount and the system seems to keep scaling like this, it simply is too tedious.
    Earning enough silver to attempt enchanting something takes 6-7 hours of grind a day as well x a couple of attempts , keeping count of eventual repairing mats / downgrades / ecc...and when even after stacking the recommended amount of fails the success rate keeps being so low...making you fail countless amounts of times...it just isn't fun anymore ( Hell, over 1.5 millions of players and only 5 of them have PEN boss gear according to the "one year anniversary" EU vs NA comparison....5 players !! ).

    BDO needs an endgame and said endgame has to be accessible to the highest possible amount of people in order to allow everyone to experience the game fully and have fun, otherwise we will keep having balancement issues and problems related to people quitting after getting stressed too much by this system, this game's reputation isn't positive at all.

    Encouraging the players to keep their PCs switched on day and night all week long in order to keep the pace with the game is ridiculous, it needs to stop, KR is one world, NA and EU are another .
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  11. Kasumi ~ added a post in a topic Awakened Dark Knights Are Ruining The Game   

    The point is not soloing per se.....as much as the fact that a mmorpg such as BDO seems to encourage soloing a lot more than party play.

    I've been playing many mmos and I don't mind leveling on my own as well as with friends and so on...and the same goes for quests....
    but talking about PVE, while soloing should be just as viable as it is right now....it shouldn't be "the best option".
    BDO does actually nerf your skill points , experience points and silver earnt if you party up with people or even friends....and this is a massive turn down for players who are actually playing a game that should be a multiplayer game...I mean...what's the logic ? 

    As for leveling....you didn't hit the soft cap yet but let me tell you that after 56 it gets quite tedious to grind xp and silver with it.....and not being able to grind cause lone wolves will keep one spot locked, won't party up with you cause it would be a bad on their end ( less xp , money ,ecc...again ) , and will prefer attacking and killing you on sight instead....eeeh....it's not so fun. "Yes, but you can pvp them off with some skill" , no....not in this game....you need to have a similar gear level to theirs in order to do so and even then your level has to be similar to theirs cause otherwise they are always going to have access to more skills , better multipliers and addons.
    "There are alternative grinding spots though" , true but not so true....the only grinding spots that do actually count towards progressing relatively quickly will essentially be two or three ( pirates , sausans , fogans...maybe a couple more...) and if you can not grind at those you won't be able to catch up with the other players...but again...they are always full of people, people who generally don't want to party up , people who'd rather fight for the spot....and the most overgeared player wins.

    Valencia is really nice but there's not much there to be honest....Mediah still provides better xp + money and so does the pirates island. In any case, enjoy the exploration and the story. Guild content is nice too but quite limited since there aren't any dungeons or battlegrounds that will ever make you think "I need a guild for this" ; you can solo from the beginning up to the very end and BDO is centered around soloing .

    It simply shouldn't work this way, not in an online game ( unless it's a fps or something....but even games such as Overwatch reward team play and competitive rotates around groups of static people who know eachother and play togheter ).

    BDO does actually have many flaws , this is one of the most evident ones ; the game is online and yet it could simply not be, it wouldn't make a difference as it always feels like you are playing alone. There are many players around you hardly ever see them interacting, they only do during guild / siege wars and to fight eachother in order to gain control over a spot.

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  12. Kasumi ~ added a post in a topic Awakened Dark Knights Are Ruining The Game   

    "I really wonder"...what's the point of playing a mmo if you always have to be soloing ? Why don't you just play Skyrim ?
    What's even the point in BDO being a mmo if it doesn't encourage group play ? The game is broken, it doesn't work, realize it, it doesn't take much.

    Regarding classes not being unbeatable if you are good.....no....wait, are you serious ? Are you assuming that this game goes as far as allowing you to beat other people "if you are good" ? Your level and your gear are the only things that matter in this game...and the more your class is broken the easier it becomes to win ( Awakened wizards and witches being a prime example of it ).

    Yes, soloing in BDO makes you earn more skill points , exp , silver....but it should not be like this ;  this game offers plenty of examples of things that shouldn't work as they actually do but since players keep not caring about working towards improving the game every single negative aspect of BDO stays the same.

    A massive multiplayer online game should be meant to make people play in....guess what ? Multiplayer ! And multiplayer involves grouping up , chatting , doing activities togheter and cooperating ( even talking about competitive aspects of the game such as pvp....you win in a team battle thanks to how much your team can cooperate with you ). 

    That said, if complaining about things that do not work means being weak and posting loser stuff....it really means I shouldn't waste any more words.

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  13. Kasumi ~ added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    How about asking for buffs to the other classes instead ?
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  14. Kasumi ~ added a post in a topic Is BDO a PvP game or a PvE game?   

    I don't think the game can be classified as a PVE or as a PVP game.

    Talking about pve...there's just no dungeons at all or content that forces you to party up with people, roles aren't well defined ( no aggro system for tanks , no real healers...) which can still be fine anyway , world bosses are the only thing that might get close to what we think about when we talk about pve and yet their mechanics are really simple and their strenght only comes from their raw power and from the net / graphic lag they cause when there's about 100 people around spamming flashy skills and body blocking eachother, not even allowing you to see when you actually have to dodge crap.
    Grinding mobs would be okay if there were more viable spots other than sausans / pirates / fogans...but from 54-55 you'll always be there contesting with other people who can also be at 60 and using tet gear for what you know....and that will result in your automatic loss cause of how the pvp & gearing systems work.

    Talking about pvp...
    You have to grind in pve before you can even think about pvp, classes are unbalanced, levels make it be even more unbalanced, gear is unbalanced....( I don't know if you get what Daum / PA has problems with...~  ) , red battlefield is a joke ; the game would need more and different battlegrounds( maybe equalized ones too ) , guild wars and node wars are okay but not every class excels at large scale pvp, not to talk about the fact that many players would like to be able to pvp even though they are part of a small or not so active guild .
    So...as far as it goes...gear > level > class > skill , which means there's no challenge in pvping lots of people...and the open world pvp system doesn't work well either.

    In conclusion ( and I didn't even finish to list all problems related to both systems but there's just plenty of examples like this )
    I don't think the game is leaning towards pvp or pve , it's more like if the devs didn't really want to take a decision...or if the decision was to mix both systems, they did poorly develop their solution and should try to improve both instead of focusing on making new costumes and pets come out every 2 weeks...cause this is making them lose lots of players....there's no real endgame in BDO after you get geared.
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  15. Kasumi ~ added a post in a topic The bidding system needs a failstack mechanic   

    How about....."The bidding system should not be a thing AT ALL" ?

    They disabled player trading , they implemented this crap against bots , what's their next step going to be like ?

    There are many games out there that managed to deal with bots without having to implement this crap ;
    there's no gold sellers in Tera and now BnS finally got rid of theirs too...just to pick two random examples.
    BDO's developers simply need to think about a better system, hire better coders or anything...
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