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  1. Fumiyu added a post in a topic The cash shop "issue" and the truth most dont want to hear   

    While I do agree with the OP, the horrible grammar made this wall of text harder to read.
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  2. Fumiyu added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    The time of my post was when jouska's post was still in version 1 of the image. Don't really know what to tell you.
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  3. Fumiyu added a post in a topic No Blader On Release?   

    I dont see box full of black stones or upgrade materials. Thinker, did you just lie?
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  4. Fumiyu added a post in a topic Is blade and soul and black desert controls the same?   

    Tactics, mind games, chess moves, these things in bdo are attained when the player achieves mechanical mastery of the class.
    Let's just say that BNS is NOT an arcade fighter because pressing 1234 zxcv does not require mechanical skill. The moment you start playing the game would be the time you would need to start thinking about how to combo properly because all you need to press is 1234 zxcv tab or whatever. However, this does not say its a bad game, after all it has an esport following.
    BDO on the other than require mechanical skill which is key  to arcade fighters. There are lots of button combination which would be more like what actual fighters are. So the depth of the pvp actually only starts when you master the class.
    But you never know, bdo is new and theres no esports to balance around. Classes are probably going to be way off balance at the highest (plus gear enchants).
    I'm kinda mindblown at how bad Punch's post was. I dont know if he was being serious saying "BDO is a lot slower paced"
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  5. Fumiyu added a post in a topic so, what makes a good leader?   

    Yes, objectively he was a very good leader.
    Edit: Akurei changed his post. But yes, if they were able to, they were doing something right as a leader, objectively speaking.
    e.g Being a good tyrant.
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  6. Fumiyu added a post in a topic Change in-game font   

    I dont see whats wrong with bdos font. Making it any other font would just make it look like a gimmick. Its like asking the hundreds of companys from switching their font from helvetica to something that fits their "image". They use it because its the most neutral. It works.
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  7. Fumiyu added a post in a topic Ents costume and PvP   

    Agreed. I have name plates off by default (also causes less clutter). Its called situational and map awareness, or you know, actually looking at the screen rather than the text.
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  8. Fumiyu added a post in a topic Secure Trade System   

    Can you also make it so that accounts must be connected to a phone number of the serviced territories. I think this will rule out a lot of bots, but if bots still manage to enter, it would be phone providers dealing with the problem which is not exactly good? (Just an idea, I dont know...)
    I really do want to see a working trade system that has lots of restrictions so it can't be abused by gold sellers.
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  9. Fumiyu added a post in a topic Poll: how much should grinding/no life make a difference in black desert?   

    Well, apparently you don't have enough hours on the KR server since you can't even judge what is happening in the video. Everything Catherine said is correct.
    @bolded letters. Welcome to MMORPG. All mmorpgs are like this; except, when its very easy to reach max enchant. If you want want, you could ask PA to spoon feed you achievements. I mean, that's just a suggestion and all but thats what I think you're whining about.

    EDIT: Instead of trying to cite your own experience from KR, you could also try to bring some evidence as to why Catherine would be wrong with her observation of that video you linked. You know, maybe present some logical statements rather than just blowing hot air trying to defend your stance.
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  10. Fumiyu added a post in a topic Black Desert World Championship   

    BnS pvp feels like you're clicking preset combos made by the game. As long as you know your timings, you'll do really well in BnS. Its not even real action combat with that soft lock system.
    I'd like to see how players would make a bdo tournament.
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  11. Fumiyu added a post in a topic MY BEST SOLUTION TO CURRENT PVE DIFFICULTY   

    Trash mobs are trash mobs. Don't need changing.
    What needs changing are the world bosses and maybe the summon scrolls.
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  12. Fumiyu added a post in a topic Security ALERT.... 0xE019100b   

    This error code isn't even native to Windows 10. Blaming the OS is completely irrelevant.
    Google is your friend.
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  13. Fumiyu added a post in a topic P2P trading...This is why   

    I dont know what you're on, but I never said I wanted player trade either. They had bots in skyforge. I want bots in BDO too so they could fund $30 every account they make to PA/DAum, only to get banned once they start spamming chat. Really easy money right there.
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  14. Fumiyu added a post in a topic ILLEGAL TRADING   

    I agree.
    But you gotta admit, it'd be real interesting when RMT'ers are backstabbing each other left and right because theres no penalty for killing the person your trading with. It could cause a whole load of drama.
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  15. Fumiyu added a post in a topic ILLEGAL TRADING   

    This illegal trading is totally different from that thread.
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