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  1. ChimiChanga added a post in a topic Wizard Rotation and Combos [Awakening-PVE]   

    Aqua Jail is your 200% ult
    Bolide of Destruction is your 100% ult
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  2. ChimiChanga added a post in a topic Not OP?   

    I never said, that I can't beat DK's. I know about the cooldowns, gaps between the i-frames and the other stuff. You don't have to enlighten me about that.
    Maybe Legacy takes off 70% your frontal guard, but still 30% left. How often can your enemy attack you before you go into the next i-frame or block? Your skills with frontal guard have like 1 or 2 seconds cast time. It is very doubtful that he can break your frontal guard by that.
    It is true, that there are gaps between the i-frames. Everything else would be nonsense. Otherwise you could deal damage and get invincible till your skills are not on cooldown anymore.
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  3. ChimiChanga added a post in a topic Not OP?   

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  4. ChimiChanga added a post in a topic KR April 13th, 2017 Patch & Event Highlights   

    But everyone loves a good old Valencia Warragon guild mission :(((((
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  5. ChimiChanga added a post in a topic Most tanky class?   

    Sorry, that thread must be bugged. I only saw like two posts complain about wizards
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  6. ChimiChanga added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    Okay, next time i'll ping on the map for you where I'm going to teleport, so you can just wait at the spot where I'm going to land.
    There is a reason for the misdirectional teleport.
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  7. ChimiChanga added a post in a topic BIS necklace for PVP?   

    Of course not totally sure how it works, but the cap is 60%, so it doesn't matter if you have 81% resi. So 60% - 30%
    But don't quote me on that
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  8. ChimiChanga added a post in a topic BIS necklace for PVP?   

    Warrior 30% grap success rate
    Zerker 30% grap success rate
    Ranger and Ninja grap hits 2 times which lowers your chance to resist the grap
    It can help to use Manos Ruby Necklace but in most situations it's just not effective
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  9. ChimiChanga added a post in a topic BIS necklace for PVP?   

    In my opinion both not worth it.
    If someone is running 2 precision gems and Kutum he has 30% ignore resistance. So even if you reach 60% restistance it will be 30% again
    I only use gems, buff food and (depending on class) resistance buff from skills
    Next thing is that TRI diamond necklace has only 15 AP and is pretty expensive to upgrade. In the end not worth the money
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  10. ChimiChanga added a post in a topic Zeigt her Eure Charaktere v2   

    Wiz, die 156te
    Mein Wiz hat bald schon mehr Gesichtsmodifikationen als Michael Jackson auf dem Kasten XD.

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  11. ChimiChanga added a post in a topic Wie farmt ihr eure Schwarzkristallsplitter?   

    Splitter bekommt man auch durch das erhitzen bestimmter Accessoires. Das ist allerdings die kostenintensivste Variante und nur im Notfall zu empfehlen
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  12. ChimiChanga added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

    Wiz 2.0

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  13. ChimiChanga added a post in a topic Zeigt her Eure Charaktere v2   

    Mein Dark Knight
    Kein Bock auf den Dark Elf-Emo-Gothic-Shit

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  14. ChimiChanga added a post in a topic You see my problem with the Dark Knight.....   

    If BDO is following the common elven lore, the sword should be made of Mythril. Mythril is harder than steel and lighter than silk. So it would be absolutly possible to hold a big sword the way DK does
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  15. ChimiChanga added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!