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  1. Anomega added a post in a topic The more I learn and play.   

    No sir. 
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  2. Anomega added a post in a topic The more I learn and play.   

    Keep on keeping on folks. Your criticism means nothing to me. Good Lord ignorance is truly bliss. 
    If you people have only horrible things to say about the game and claiming new players will share your same views, why in the actual fck are you still on the forums? Ah to stir shit up. I feel sorry for you guys. 
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  3. Anomega added a post in a topic The more I learn and play.   

    I can't even. If you're still assuming I'm trying to grab attention, you my friend are as ignorant as they come. Voicing an opinion and trying to counter this madness, doesn't even relate to what you are arguing with. 
    Same here. They should make an app where we can see our gear, life skill exp, ect ect. 
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  4. Anomega added a post in a topic The more I learn and play.   

    That has nothing to do with it... But nice try. I don't "need" acknowledgement from anyone on this world to understand my own worth. Maybe back in the day when self confidence was actually a very serious problem of mine but we're far far past that now. Anyways we're talking about a game here... Stay on topic. 
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  5. Anomega added a post in a topic The more I learn and play.   

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  6. Anomega added a topic in General   

    The more I learn and play.
    The more I play BDO and understand all the systems, the better it gets. I've joined a big guild and receive a ton of great info and insight daily, which leads me to my overall point.
    Whoever wants to cry and QQ over certain aspects of the game, (p2w...f2p...the game is dying), please... just stop...it's getting old and really annoying.
    Everything in the cash shop is obtainable through simply playing the game. I laugh every time folks pull the whole "p2w" BS. Why don't you just go grind your silver and buy the end game gear? To me that seems like a lot of wasted time crying about p2w when one could be grinding out the silver and just buy it from the marketplace. Oh wait a minute.... the general MMO community and even the majority of the gaming universe as a whole for that matter, want their little hands held every step of the way. Why can't these people just work for their in-game rewards? Laziness? Jealousy? Or just being an overall troll and hater? Not to mention it is something to easily ----- about for no reason I guess. If people want to simply buy their fame and fortune through the cash shop, go right ahead but I will grind it out and work for mine. It's ten times more satisfying knowing how hard you worked for something, (even if it means working hard to save up the silver for that Liverto you've been after...) than just paying your way to the top. Scrubs.  
    You know what they say, Slow and steady wins the race. Not only am I taking my time but I'm getting decent gear, l'm having fun grinding sessions with guildies, playing around with PvP, trade networking and all the other awesome stuff that comes in Black Desert making it an awesome experience.
    Quit being so competitive, complaining just because it's something to do, grow up and just have fun with it. And always remember.......IT'S JUST A DAMN VIDEO GAME. 
    Good day.
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  7. Anomega added a post in a topic Well, it seems they're creeping closer to F2P.   

    Ah yes the Value Pack. Totally spaced it.
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  8. Anomega added a post in a topic Well, it seems they're creeping closer to F2P.   

    When it does go f2p, I hope and pray they can at least grant us a subscription option. Similar to SWTOR. Sure you can f2p but heavy restrictions. It will be interesting how they comp us players that bought the game already.......
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  9. Anomega added a post in a topic Alright, I know Valk's Cry isn't coming. .   

    On the forums at work squad. ^<----
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  10. Anomega added a post in a topic Question about F2P Rumors   

    This is the truest statement I've read so far today^^ Bravo sir.
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  11. Anomega added a post in a topic [Poll] Do you play the game?   

    I play 7-8 hours a day, every day, while my wife plays Fallout 4 on the big screen lol. Anyway, I absolutely love BDO. And for me, I see myself playing for a long time. I can grind mobs all day thanks to FF11. Which by the way if things really go south for BDO (I really, really hope not....) I think I'm going to sub FF11 again for nostalgia sake. ^^ 
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  12. Anomega added a post in a topic Is Black Desert Online Dead?   

    Last night when I was in Calpheon, that place was packed with folks. Also I always see people running around, grinding, afk fishing EVERYWHERE, ect. ect. 
    For me personally, everytime I log in, there's players all over the place. I typically play 7-8 hours a day and always see a decent population density. On Uno and always Velia u1. 
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  13. Anomega added a post in a topic Can someone explain the Artisans Memory   

    Never said I knew everything about BDO. I'm humble enough of a person to say that I probably never will. And I don't even like WoW lololol. I apologize if I come off that way to you. I suppose you can argue in a constructive manner. Doesn't mean I'm being malicious in any way.
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  14. Anomega added a post in a topic Can someone explain the Artisans Memory   

    It's what I consider basic knowledge of the game. The core foundation of the game, or any MMO for that matter, is pretty self explanatory for the most part.
    And excuse me? When have I argued? So you think voicing opinion or having a calm debate is arguing? I really lol'd at that comment.
    And fyi, I have taken all of the points everyone has given me as great insight.
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  15. Anomega added a post in a topic Can someone explain the Artisans Memory   

    Thank you! ^^ Catch me on Uno if you are
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