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  1. Maschinengeist added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    Like you do here? You want to defend "your" game, BDO, and that's cool. But nothing you say about GW2 has any substance at all. At this point, it's not even about opinions anymore, you are simply wrong. GW2 has plenty of its own problems and mechanics that might make it unattractive to some people just like BDO, but sitting here and making up facts and stories while you are surrounded by people who actually play GW2, is not really going anywhere. 
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  2. Maschinengeist added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    I actually play GW2 for everything that is related to PvP and BDO for everything else. Guess I tricked the system here!
    The moment that one of the two games annoy me too much or a third game becomes more interesting, I'll just move on.
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  3. Maschinengeist added a post in a topic Traduccion Español//Spanish Translate   

    The question is: Why do you not want to learn English? Is it a matter of pride?
    I'm not a native speaker of either English or Spanish. I had to learn English at school and I was also offered to learn Spanish, which I did. And I do not regret having learned either of the two languages (along with some more). It makes my life a lot easier, which I knew it would. I cannot only communicate with people from the respective countries but I can also consume their media without running into the problems that you apparently encounter. I mean, it's 2017 and not the colonial era anymore. Spain is a part of Europe and you sit here, need to use Google translate and ask why you "have to" learn English. 
    Also, as someone who has been exposed to most of the Germanic and Romanic languages I would argue that English, despite its flaws, is the most accessible of them. It's not just widely spread among people (1st, 2nd and 3rd language), it can also be found in most occupational areas since the First World tends to favor English over Spanish after all and, last but not least, its Grammar is incredibly uncomplex and thus easy to learn. 
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  4. Maschinengeist added a post in a topic WTB [Ninja] Narusawa Premium outfit max price please   

    I "hate" it for the following reason: There is a high demand for these costumes. No matter which costume you put on the market, it will be sold the second the bidding phase ends ...at max price. Always. Even if a stranger cared enough about you and your needs in particular and sold a stack of costumes you personally want, there is little to no chance that you actually get it. If only one other player bids on that costume, your chances are already down to 50%. And you can expect a lot more players to try. 
    So, it does simply not make any sense to write "WTB [insert costume name]". It's incredibly naive. And you have come to the forums for a reason. You want to increase your chances since no one cares about your WTB offer ingame or you simply failed to successfully bid on the costume you want so far. See, we can easily ignore people like you ingame by adding "WTB" to the chat filter. But if people like you also come to the forums, spam these messages here and encourage other players to follow their example, that is really not cool, as it will push down threads that people are actually interested in. 
    No hard feelings, though. It's nothing personal.
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  5. Maschinengeist added a post in a topic WTB [Ninja] Narusawa Premium outfit max price please   

    Can annoying and unnecessary stuff like this either have its own sub forum or not exist on the forums at all, please?
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  6. Maschinengeist added a post in a topic I want to get into BDO but first I want to know something about its future and how things are doing.   

    Since you have apparently already played all the upcoming MMOs for months and know how bad they are, I can hardly argue with you. Especially, since it is the truth and not just your opinion. 
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  7. Maschinengeist added a post in a topic I want to get into BDO but first I want to know something about its future and how things are doing.   

    I don't think BDO will die that easily. However, BDO did not keep all of the promises it made and some of the upcoming MMOs could win some of the people over who are looking for decent server quality, balanced gameplay and big as well as fun PvP encounters. 
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  8. Maschinengeist added a post in a topic New classes should come with this...   

    The thing is that BDO is an eastern MMO after all. The grind is considered content. If there is a new class, you are supposed to grind all your way up to level 6x again. That's what is supposed to keep you playing for a few more weeks or even months. This game was made for an audience that likes to work hard towards certain goals. I see where you are coming from and normally I would agree with you. And you can, of course, wish for things like a class exchange to happen but it is simply not realistic; just like all the gifts that you are dreaming of.
    Since this is a sandbox game it is really hard to define the endgame so one could argue but, in my opinion, you don't "need" a level 6x character. You can reach level 56 quite quickly these days and then enjoy almost all parts of PvE. As for PvP, you can just keep playing your old main while you slowly level the new class. In the end, the journey is the destination. It's an MMO.
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  9. Maschinengeist added a post in a topic New classes should come with this...   

    This list of things looks more like compensation for "Sorry, guys! We have to completely relaunch the game and all your progress will be lost due to [insert reason]." rather than anything reasonable you would expect them to give away with new classes.
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  10. Maschinengeist added a post in a topic Griefing auto-fishers   

    As I said before, you clearly lack the skills to tell whether someone knows something about psychology or not. At this point, I can't even tell whether you just desperately need to "win the internet" or you simply lack the intellect to grasp the most basic concepts of human interaction. 
    You either ignore everything I posted in this thread so you can push your agenda or you simply don't understand a single word I say. Here you are again with your hyperbole, talking about killers and sociopaths when I made clear that that is not what I was talking about. Do you really live in a world of black and white?
    I never said that people are playing the game wrong. The person who is constantly judging, formulating extremes and putting labels on things is you... without even understanding them, I might add. Also, you are watering things down by bringing PvP into play. We were talking about killing afk fishers. That is PK and those things are not the same.
    If you attack pixels that belong to a player, you know that you are dealing with a real, living, breathing person. You know that the person you kill will be confused, upset or outright angry. Those are negative feelings; feelings you would not want to feel yourself. You also know that they won't fight back. Yet, you decide that person has to go through this. And the game does not even reward you for this action. In fact, you will lose karma for this. So why do you this? As I said in another post, the homo sapiens does nothing without a reason. So, "Because I can!" is not an argument. 
    This is where you jump in with your extremes when I only claim it says something about that person. It can say that you are just not dealing with the nicest in the world, but it can also be something else.
    You do not even need a high IQ to understand that, an average EQ would be sufficient. But for apparent reasons that seems to be completely lost on you. 
    Plot-Twist: I do not afk-fish in combat zones. As a matter of fact, no one ever got the chance to kill me while being afk. Even though it would be necessary for your agenda to work, I am not personally involved here. I do not even judge these people. It's simple psychology and that is really all that is. If that sounds negative to you, then so be it. But that is YOUR judgment. Not everyone who disagrees with you, is crying. Not everything you cannot grasp is crying. If you think I use psychology merely to insult people, as you do right here, then THAT is actually projection. 
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  11. Maschinengeist added a post in a topic Griefing auto-fishers   

    I do not mean to offend you but you do not seem to be someone who can tell who is versed in these kinds of things and who is not. Otherwise, your answer would not have looked the way it does. You use the projection argument on a tumblr level. It is a mighty tool but it needs more substance than "No! I'm not stupid, you are stupid!" Furthermore, no one is talking about serial killers here. That's an unnecessary hyperbole. None of the terms used, equal "serial killer", including "sociopath". Someone who knows only the basics of psychology also knows that. As for the other two, you can't simply rule them out like that. People who do this, even if it's only a game, are clearly different from people who don't. That's a fact. You don't have to weight that or judge those people. After all, it's a spectrum. Some people will be considered "normal", some have minor issues with their ego and/or need to compensate for real-life deficiencies and others have serious problems like personality disorders, which is actually not that rare these days. But you should know that already. 
    And "it's crying over these actions that makes you these things"? This is the internet, we are all anonymous and we will have to discuss at eye level, but did you just really write that and believe that it means anything? That really takes the biscuit. And you tell other people about their "mental age" while smiling at them. 
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  12. Maschinengeist added a post in a topic Griefing auto-fishers   

    BDO is a sandbox MMO (for the most part). "Afk killer" is not a faction that you are assigned to upon creating your character. You have to choose to kill these people, just like you can choose to leave them alone. Is the possibility to kill people for no reason a part of the game? Yes! Should you be allowed to follow that path without having to justify for it? Yes! Does it say something about your personality if you do it? It absolutely does. 
    Also, we are talking about a mini game here that randomly generates fish, trash and Ancient Relic Crystal Shards for the person that is fishing. Scarce resources? That sounds pretty far-fetched. The ones who exhaust the resources are the fishers in the safe zones, not the ones in the combat zones. So if you kill the latter, you are simply none of the good guys (which you don't have to be, just saying).
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  13. Maschinengeist added a post in a topic Griefing auto-fishers   

    Well, "sociopath" and "sociopathic" are big words to just throw at some stranger on the internet, where many people are trying to be as edgy as possible. But the homo sapiens does nothing without a reason. Let's assume you really are what you are currently presenting here; then your attitude and the way how boldly you present it, say a lot about you as a person from a psychological point of view. 
    I'm not here to judge people, but by ICD and DSM standards you probably suffer from at least one personality disorder. But that's also the reason why it doesn't make sense to argue with you. You either know there's something wrong with you but you won't admit it because you believe your way of thinking is superior to others or you ARE actually psychotic and you do not realize it. Then telling you that there's something wrong with you would be like telling an anorexic person that they need to start eating if they don't want to die.
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  14. Maschinengeist added a post in a topic enough its enough.   

    That's also the main reason why I started playing originally. And in the beginning, it did not even look too bad. I quite enjoyed small scale PvP and GvG when most of the competitive players only had +14/+15 gear because that's all there was. But if +20 did not put the final nail into the coffin of balanced PvP, then it was awakening with its ridiculous TTK or it was the new classes. 
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  15. Maschinengeist added a post in a topic enough its enough.   

    I always say "If you like western/balanced PvP, this game is not for you!" ...and it probably never will be. While I really enjoy BDO, I play other games when I want to play competitively. 
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