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  1. Knisheffy added a post in a topic 1v1 vs warriors   

    There are 2 cc holes one after failed  grab and second just after  they finish  the jump slash thingy  but it can be anicanceled. That's warrior for you  ^^. You can take gamble  with shield chase into grab but if you fail you are dead even if you succeed he wont die in that cc which means in owpvp he have huge advantage. 
    When I fight warriors  I usually  try to w+f when they are mid air or are dashing  towards with sword ad shield *never w+f directly  in their face or you will get grabbed try to go a bit to the side  w+f have broken range and will sometimes bug out and stagger or kd  them from the side. Grab is only combo extender  or way to putout some dmg after his grab.
    If you get grave digged  run and w8 for the debuffs  to come off. This skill is what makes warriors  really hard to fight against  if you get the dig debuffs  he have 5sec  to be super  aggresive and put out  tons of damage  while u are too slow to counter play to it.
    There are also ----- warriors. The ones that will dash into block until their  grab is of cd  then flare into grab. If they fail they repeat  the process  of running  around and kiting  till their cds are up.  I find it annoying  af you really can't  kill them as a valk especially  if they are using  pots. Consistent mobility  won't let you  grab them  and if you  try going  for breaking the block they will take advantage  of it and counter. I usually  just leave those fights as it takes like 30min to 1st kill.
    Well that's  all I know still struggling  to fight the ones at 230ap+ but I did some  good progress  using those strats.
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  2. Knisheffy added a post in a topic The least played class in the game   

    Actually  there is tons of valks.(lol most likely  the votes for valk  are from valks  that are feeling  special^^) Kuno is the class I see the least. All guilds I was in had tops 2-3kuno. And 4-7+other classes. 
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  3. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Many top guilds prefer not to recruit shortsword classes   

    Good iframes?  No. Cc invulnerability  Yes.
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  4. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Many top guilds prefer not to recruit shortsword classes   

    I don't think  wizard  can do it  without  ulti and warriors burst isn't that great.  I'm actually  gonna get all classes  just from curiosity.
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  5. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Many top guilds prefer not to recruit shortsword classes   

    I can record  a video  of tamer  Killing  299dp  valk with tet muskans  and evasion gems in under 4 sec. But you will write me a formal  apology  ok?
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  6. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Many top guilds prefer not to recruit shortsword classes   

    You eliminate  key targets  from enemy back line as one of the 'agile ' iframes. Totally  useless  in siege  right.  Maybe you are a warrior /wiz in heart  if you want aoe smash  stuff. Did you consider  re roll? It could make u more happy with your  class <3
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  7. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Many top guilds prefer not to recruit shortsword classes   

    2 magical  words. ..
    GIT GUD 
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  8. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Margoria an ocean of wastefulness   

    Bruh please  increased  fishing  speed  is great for afk fishing  that alone was worth  releasing whole  map size area filled  with water. 
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  9. Knisheffy added a post in a topic GM Valentine Poll! (Which GM is YOUR Valentine?)   

    I was  always curious  if you can flag on GM. Possible? 
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  10. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Pvp and this game is a joke   

    Git gud at valk nyn  you just  need to keep your eyes  on 6 sorcs  at a time and dodge their black  holes  in 1.7sec cast window.  I mean who can't  do that right?  Filthy  casuals disguist  me.
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  11. Knisheffy added a post in a topic GM Valentine Poll! (Which GM is YOUR Valentine?)   

    Where is the option burn them all on stake!?
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  12. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Many top guilds prefer not to recruit shortsword classes   

    Most likely  they have too much of them show them u are exceptionally  good and they will take you in. It also could be a fault of the class difficulty as tamer/ninja/kuno  have high skill cap and it's not worth for them to recruit  shit player that can't master his class.  
    Just loled  too hard at this. Tamer  have  probably best burst DPS in the game. Would argue  that even better than rangers.
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  13. Knisheffy added a topic in General   

    FPS on siege channel.
    10-32 fps in heidel arena during 1v1 or being idle.  Steady 60 in rbf.... explain.
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  14. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Will we ever get another dev Q&A again?   

    I wonder if they do Q&A's  for Kr community. I saw some panels  about future  content  in Jp and Kr.  But seriously  imagine questions  from our community: 1. Why is game p2w? 2. Why no balance  3. Why desync in 3 years old game. 4. Fps issues. 
    They can't answer  those questions as it would completly  ruin their already non existent  image of caring  game devs.
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  15. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Do you guys think we can get a PVE channel?   

    Wouldn't  mind, all the care bears  and griefers  would go ----- each other and leave normal  players alone on regular  channels <3 
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  16. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Best 1v1/Small Scale PvP Class? (Name Top 3)   

    Counter  classes make it impossible  to give accurate top list. From valk perspective : 
    1: witch/wiz if you don't  kill them  in 1 combo they will heal back to full  which makes the fight just a gear  check. ( Seems like it's only  a valk problem, not enough mobility  to chase down double teleport )+fighting  them without  potions  allowed  requires you to play perfectly  and get the kill in 1st cc of the match. 
    2: warrior simply because their swap  for grab  is faster and their grab  have longer range. Also more of their skills  is immune  to cc.
    3.tamer  easy  to kill if you land a cc  but good tamer won't let you do it while killing you in not even  3sec. 
    4:giant 1 grab (cc that penetrates  all kind  of immunity) and you are most likely  dead. It's 4th  on the list  because  it's quite easy  to dodge the grabs.
    Other than the classes above as a valk you will be in advantage  against  rest of  the classes.
    Small scale  pvp 2v2-5v5 (based on team value)
    1:Giant can  front line and aoe stUn enemies  while healing  him self  makes him very good  at anything  from team fights  to mass pvp. 
    2 warrior can also  front line but he puts  more dmg  than zerker  with less useful  ccs. 
    3.wizard because  he can wipe entire  team with 1 button and do it while being immune to  dmg himself. 
    4. Sorc no idea why but they are the ones who always score  the most kills. Big damage  I guess... 
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  17. Knisheffy added a post in a topic ranger crappy back attack mechanics.   

    Because  this mechanic  increase  dmg? See the  connection?  Because  this mechanic  is not needed  for this class  ? Maybe you get off  to back attack dmg pop out I have no idea  but if that's not the reason  you want it  there is no other  logical reason. 
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  18. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Unused content?   

    I'm not going in... I'm gonna duel  with my giant  friend  and he will "accidently"  throw me 500 times into the hole  direction and maybe use some knock  backs.  Like seriously  people  make arena tournaments  in altinova  arena. (Never participated  obviously.  Who do you take me for some invisible  wall jumper?  ) not a single one got banned  to my knowledge. What about times  when you get thrown under the map by grabs. You  can'tdo anything about it I call those events  happy accidents  <3 If gm asks  why didn't I escape  I say I was on cd ez.
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  19. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Unused content?   

    People can bug through  siege  gates this shouldn't  be a problem few zerkers  grabs and throws  and you will end up inside.  Gonna give it a go  this weekend.  
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  20. Knisheffy added a post in a topic How does AP work after awakening   

    Tri awk>tri mainhand  main hand effects dmg but for starters  you should focus  on awk as that's where the most dmg comes from. About the price and ap difference  of kzarka/Liverto and common items ^^ at high  end  gear people  pay billions  to get 2-3 ap more  from that perspective 90 mill  for kzarka  is nothing.
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  21. Knisheffy added a post in a topic How P2W / OP / WTF / [fav acronym] are Artisans Memories   

    We know. We already accepted that game is p2w. Well excuse me but I have to go enjoy it anyways.
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  22. Knisheffy added a post in a topic How do ppl get 50-100+ Failstacks?   

    Well my method is to 12 stacks with rebalth 3-4x pri or duo fails thats around 25 then I smash 3x tris that i made in the process of geting up to 25-30 and bang 40-45 stacks then I procced to fail to  tet boss gear 10-20 times and bang 100 fs :> Ik my fs methods are the best 
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  23. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Ridiculously low FPS   

    Funny coz this game is 3 years old  so I would expect it was designed to run at 60fps on 2014  gpu/cpu's. Same problem here  more than enough in hardware  specs   game still runs like shit tho. 
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  24. Knisheffy added a post in a topic A wild GM appears!   

    1st thing I would do is flag on one lol. Then beat their 1000000 hp regen and write gg ez.
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