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  1. Knisheffy added a topic in General   

    Overweight at not even 90%?
    Im geting debuff from being 100% + weight at around 85%+ .... fix pls ? 
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  2. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Fishing profits/buff   

    I can sell them to imperial  traders... totally  knew about that probably  wasted like  200 mill worth of fish. ;_;
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  3. Knisheffy added a topic in General   

    Fishing profits/buff
    How much do you make from fishing ? I know its kind of a dead proffesion used only to  get relics while afk tho I wonder if someone is actualy trying to make money with it. Any chance for buffs? If I remember corectly  prices in KR are higher than ours. Would be nice to see yellow fish sell for 80-100k. That would probably be still too low to compare to grind but its always something ^^. 
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  4. Knisheffy added a post in a topic the PS4 & Xbox one version is coming!! (Taipei Game Show, interview with PA)   

    15fps on optimized  mode?  Sounds fun. Grinding  with controller  in bed could be quite chill  tho.
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  5. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Suggested Changes   

    I know we both agree on the shield chase thingy. And I just tested the shield chase out of lancia it uses 2 cds SC and Lancia. If you use space to go back to lancia after chase DUH promptness will go on cd. also dlc doesnt go on cd.
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  6. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Witch/wizard awakening is way too OP. Nerf or tuning needed.   

    You know what the  should really  do? Nerf valks  shit is op at any skill  lvl. Or take away their shield u can't hit them  when it's up. Who thought  it's good game design  to make 1 class be immune to dmg  whenever they want to...
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  7. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Spending $$$   

    Around  100€ just can't say no to mem fragments instead  of 3 weeks  I get them  in 1 and can smash  more tets ez lyfe.
    edit : monthly 
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  8. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Suggested Changes   

    But we can use shield  chase  from lancia... shift+a/d/s Np no need to thank me. 
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  9. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Valk ulti   

    Kek fking  kakao. Read  kr  patch  notes from 29th  Dec  You will see what I mean, it have to come eventually. I bet 2-3 next patches. 
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  10. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Valkyrie Buffs on KR 12/29/2016 :D   

    I know that. But it got removed  in kr so we are next.  20dp  is like nothing  but the idea of taking away  dp from 'tanky' class  seems  weird  to me.
    I used  it yesterday  tho... 20dp  from  non  awk  block  20 from  echo  30 from  rage 20 from   Awk  buff.  With the accuracy  patch we won't be able to stack  echo  and guard  anymore. Unless  I understood  it wrong  or read  some shit  translation.
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  11. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Valkyrie Buffs on KR 12/29/2016 :D   

    Damn EU must be full of potato warriors with 220ap + coz I didnt find a warrior that have 100% win chance with me. 
    DP stacking geting removed is a bad joke ^^ ''Lets make class with a shield more bursty but we will take away some dp from them'' kakao logic
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  12. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Valk ulti   

    We're getting buffed tho like every 2-3 weeks. + Todays update may bring our biggest buff yet we will get 12% more accuracy, Blitz range gets buffed and hopefully fix the desync issue when you hit someone with blitz but the momemnt you do he tp behind you still on the floor. oh yeah also ulti gets higher range  we will be one shot snipers. Dun like it but well im gonna take what they give and listen to other classes telling me valk is op. nerf pls.
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  13. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Suggested Changes   

    Meh. I would like shield chase to be iframe instead of frontal block that's all I can think off that will make the class top tier but not op.
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  14. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Kutum Vs Nouver   

    I look at it this way.
    1. Kutum  allows  me to survive  1 cc  from  under  200 ap player( good players not those pathetic  shits  who can't do it with  235+) That let me go back to full.
    2. Accuracy  is something  you never say no to.
    3. 10 % resi  ignore is much better  than  10% resi. Especially  for grab  classes. 
    4. 12ap isn't that  much  if  you are at 200Ap  + sad news.  You can't one shot  people  because  of ur lack  of skill not gear. 
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  15. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Nouver AP Broken   

    Ap is over rated, if you  can't  one combo  300dp  players at  200-210 ap you are just  bad at your  class. (Not  talking  about you just  saying  in general) ap doesn't give  that much pre  awk  as a valk  I didn't even  see difference  between  169 and 192  ap. 
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  16. Knisheffy added a post in a topic fishing   

    You get money, you get  stronger with  that  money, you are more useful  in node  wars, your guild  have more funds  coz  of the node wars, people  get  more payouts,  everyone  is happy. And all  because  of your personal  progression. Unless  you are in one of those casual  guilds which  are basically  chat rooms  then yes you don't contribute  to guild  well being  at all.
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  17. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Playing Valk post witch/wiz Awk.   

    Kite  shield  + scarla  and blue  accessories   to make up  for lack  of ap  by maxing wp  so your  soj  hits  like a truck(10%scaling)  with dp shield that made you tanky. I could  max 2 combo  any class if cc  didn't get resisted. I have tons  of ppl  who can back that up : ) I was holding  rank1  wealth  and growth on most of the channels  (Alustin) since  headstart  of the game and I still didn't fall of the top 30 I guess  that's  all of my credibility  I play this game quite a lot. 
    Only problem  valk  had pre  awk/16+ was mobility  but it was possible to work  with it. 
    About  warriors ... Visit  rbf and tell  me who holds  the points  most efficently. Pre cc nerf they  could  do even  better but not much  people  played them  since high  skill cap at that  point.
    Also what's so suprising  about  surviving  in 30v30  fight? Every  decent  player  should  be able to do that. If you  see yourself in trouble you run to regenerate  shield and hp.  Front lining  isn't about  siting  still  in front dying  and repeating  the process. 
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  18. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Witch or wizzard?   

    How about  you convince  him  to play  class  that  idk... Isn't  -----ing  aids please  do it  you will make a good  deed  to the  remaining  player  base who didn't  reroll  wiz / witch  after  they  saw how you can aoe  one shot  10 people  through  super armor. 
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  19. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Playing Valk post witch/wiz Awk.   

    Can't agree  with that  before 1st  awk came out  I could  easily  front line in  30v30  nw . Not even  mentioning  1v1  which we used  to basically  own  as our home turf. Only  very good  zerkers  and pre  cc  nerf  warriors  could  do anything  against  us.
    and  2hit  to full  wp  while blocking. 
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  20. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Balance, where is it?   

    Cc chain  to death,? It's  more like  1 kd  and 2 skills to death for  any  class  in the game atm.  200Ap+  broke  the game  
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  21. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Playing Valk post witch/wiz Awk.   

    I play this class for nearly  1,5 year.. After soo much time I consider my valk skills mastered yet still I dont see a way to fight in mass pvp if there is 2+ witches on other side. I dont say its impossible I could play like a ----- and stay in back lines and just KS from classes that can actualy push in for the kills and escape. But its not how it used to be : /  That awk countered our role in pvp perfectly we never had iframes to get out of tough spots but at least we could front line untill our block hits 30% then start to retreat to regen shield. Now its like pew pew shield is gonne and so are you. Even super armor doesnt help ^^ fml
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  22. Knisheffy added a topic in Valkyrie   

    Playing Valk post witch/wiz Awk.
    Hey, So I was basicly only afk fishing for past 1 month due to pc problems. when I came back nothing was the same... Such dramatic much wow.  What happened to mid lining and doing dmg in front lines ? at 300 dp I cant even keep up my shield in 10v10 for more than 4-5 sec due to wizards and witches throwing attacks at random. Anyone else feels like we lost our place in big scale fights? did the way we have to play changed?  New meta? 10k hp 600 dp valks? Our main goal is to use cannons now ? maybe repairing forts? #SALT 
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  23. Knisheffy added a post in a topic PLEASE EXTEND THE ATTENDANCE REWARD EVENT!   

    I get my last pack on 11th just when the event ends which means I probably won't get it. Do I care ? no because I got 4k gs in archeage fresh start server which was much better alternative for Christmas holidays than grinding pirates for 14h per day  .
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  24. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Why do you enjoy Black Desert?   

    Great combat, roller coaster of emotions when enchanting, infinite progression, less carebears than in other mmos, Indeed waifus, guild drama, only mmo that doesn't strike me as another wow rip off or holy trinity,  nerf witch/wiz/ranger, ----- my life stuck with pri dandy for a week coz tet is a ----- and no wonder rngesus was crucified. Snapchat:Knisheffy send nudes... of your character don't ban me, Nice graphics, Overcloaking my GPU 24/7 with afk fishing, P2w so I can spend 3x less silver than those frag buying nerds, Playing with 0 durability on armor just to see those beewbs, Salty kids, salty teenagers, salty adults heh, COZ IT'S A VIDEO GAME FOR ADULTS THAT ONLY KIDS WITH TOO MUCH TIME CAN REALLY PLAY <3 HUEHUE
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  25. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Question for DEVS   

    Welcome to how to go around BDO carebear ow pvp system 101:
    1. go red and avoid dying.
    2. ask for duel for the spot sometimes it works I don't recommend flagging on sight kids get salty about it.
    3. My favourite, flag but don't kill him just keep him permanently cced on 10-20%hp. works only on scrubs.
    4. I know I know party is slowing down personal progress but you can try turning your griefer into your slave go afk in experience range every 10min. I mean how could amoeba like that understand he's being used. also u can toy with loot options.
    5. call your guild to lock down the guy while u grind. Worked for me  he got bored of being thrown around by 2 zerkers for 20min and left and they also had fun!
    6. Black list; if you have enough influence in your guild you can bully the guy out of the game by making him KoS target for your guild/friends/ alliances.
    7. Flag and die few times to make him feel stronger then request a duel for spot and go all out. more succes chance than method two.
    8.Be salty griefer and just sit on his face with aoe most of amoebas are resistant to this tho. 
    9.spam him with duels/trades/party Never tried but sounds annoying.
    10.Last I repeat LAST resort. Change channel and find a guy with guild that you can war to take over his spot.
    You can also party up normally or change channel and find free spot but those options are for losers who ain't even 61 yet.
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