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  1. Knisheffy added a post in a topic How does worldboss loot work? Daum please`?   

    So I was leveling alt on croxus for bonus goodies when servers merge. I see kzarka spawns and I'm currently grinding at cultists lvl 29 and I'm like let's test the loot theory  +0gear I got 1 mill gold bar, seals, 2xlatent, crystal and black stones. There was also that one time when I fist fighted the muster at 33 and got loot (died only 3 times in both encounters which is pretty stupid ^^)I stopped believing in dmg, I know too many ppl that got dandy and kzarka when they start the fight at 20%.
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  2. Knisheffy added a post in a topic why merge rewards on servers   

    Ummm did someone stop you from doing it too? you were just too lazy I didn't do it my self, login in for 2 different servers seems like a pain in the ass with events that require u to stay 5h online. people that put the thought and extra effort should be rewarded for it, simple.
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  3. Knisheffy added a post in a topic [Alustin] Siege and Node Wars   

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) too busy deffending valencia from some scrubs.
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  4. Knisheffy added a topic in Valkyrie   

    Opening for warrior
    How to counter solar flare into grab? Any ideas ? I tried shield chasing back and using space for stifness after they fail grab but most of the time well as it is vs warriors I just die and even if I succed I also die ^^. Share your way of dealing with warriors please ( V and reroll doesnt count <3)
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  5. Knisheffy added a topic in Valkyrie   

    Why would they model nipples....
    I don't want any more censorship on our costumes but there is a way you can see nipples of your valk <3 just why?  what was the point of it? supported nude mode in pearl shop inc? ERP servers ? Ya know I can pm you the link if you want it for 'research' purposes.
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  6. Knisheffy added a topic in PVP   

    3 Territories
    Owned by 1 guild on Alustin atm  did it happen anywhere else? just curious.
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  7. Knisheffy added a topic in General   

    Terms of use after patch :)
    Soo I see this (Terms of use) when im done downloading the patch...

    And Im like...

    But well too deep in this shit already, Feelsbad </3
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  8. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Warrior 100% rage ability damage in pvp   

    Why soo much salt for the ulti? its easy to dodge. What about the combo with 100% block while attack? Only way to deal with it is if you have grab to break it or warrior -----s it up. OK it's not 100% there is 2 sec window but you will be cced during it. so yeah gg we need to git gud at rng resisting knockdowns. 
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  9. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Gear advice...   

    Thanks :P, Well valk don't have the tools to move fast from group to group of mobs so yeah im kinda crippled here. Also I know I should grind more I have time for it and I want to do it but not sure where.
    Don't want to TET liverto its waste of money. Kzarka will get updated ap soon enough and I dont have one so gonna w8 with tets. Going to check out the seal bussiness tho thanks.
    Can't afford to lose 200hp Im planning to put stun resi into hebe so gonna w8 untill I get it... I had 300mill saved up for nv but well... those duo crescents were too tempting. I use blues because of higher ap, they are cheaper and add wp. I dont really need accuracy with lvl 60, kutum and bhegs but yes Im planning to swap them to khalk/fug/whale later on. About the box im working on it that's why I can't really do pirates no boss alt and no money to make one as I said im at 5 mill atm ^^ 
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  10. Knisheffy added a topic in General   

    Gear advice...

    Class: Valk
    Lvl: 60
    Status: Gonna drink bleach soon
    Income: Grind/Afk fishing (150mill/week)
    Help me gear gods, What should I do now. I just failed 2 x duo cres and duo basi belt Im at 5 mill silver. In total I riped 400mill silver and 3 weeks of grind. 
    I would appreciate advice on where to grind for silver now preferably in mediah as Im still hunting for denda box ( damn you karanda ). Also which gear part to focus maybe im missing something. Duo cres would be the biggest upgrade of 4ap but yeah... rng not on my side with this one (stacks capped) 3 of them failed during last 5 weeks.
    Im hearing that people make 10mill/h at pirates which I call bs, I can sit there whole day and come back with 70mill.  (4x t3 pets). 
    Point me in the right direction <3
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  11. Knisheffy added a post in a topic [Urgent] Desync, Lag, Rubber Banding, FPS Drops   

    Failing 70% of grabs as a valk...not fun. At least giants suffer to which is nice.
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  12. Knisheffy added a post in a topic When will the desync end?   

    Game is out for 2 years if they prioritised this problem it would be fixed. Game still makes money why would they care just make sure to put 'Desync reduced' in each patch note so people calm their tits.
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  13. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Evasion   

    Its chance for ghost mode anything can miss. for example if u use grab and evasion proc triggers you will hit the air. no cc or dmg applied
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  14. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Class balance is broken as -----!   

    Sounds like salty valk <3 probably geting rekt by strong counters he don't know how to play against.
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  15. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Manos Necklaces for valks.   

    Well its better to get rekt by bereserks with expensive crystals only rather than by all of them  Even 10% resist can save ur ass from grab fest. You can't go by logic that someone can ignore ur resist and don't get it. If you do that then for sure you will get cced without even a slight chance of recovery.
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  16. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Titles hidden stats   

    Plot twist: what if they lie to us to keep the game secrets hidden ^^ I personaly belive in hidden title stats and also places and times that increase enchant chance  I like to believe there is something more than they say. 
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  17. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Is Black Desert Online Dead?   

    It's all about people you play with if you have fun guild or group of people you play with even worst game can be fun. 
    Apart from devs/publishers decisions being a complete joke game is great the p2w isn't too bad I never meet someone stronger than me who said he pays more than me they just put more time into the game.
    I like the infinite progression no other mmo could keep me for more than 5-6months because I was always getting the bis gear and after that there was 0 growth in the gear which made me kinda bored and it  felt pointless to continue playing and improve skill only.
    Overall great game, bad publishers I'm still gonna play unless they add +20 bis items to the shop.
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  18. Knisheffy added a topic in Valkyrie   

    Accuracy stacking
    With the kutum off hand I've noticed lot of people started running full acc gear for now saw mostly sorcs and tamers. But it seems really strong with 292 dp I can't survive 1 cc chain from 160ap tamer with lots of acc gear. Any idea if this kind of gear would work for valk? 
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  19. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Bheg Gloves + Muskan Shoes - What other 2 pieces   

    Heve for 250hp and double slots <3 
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  20. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Valkyries are now an endangered species   

    1v1? sure but in mass pvp if you try to leave ur shield and do dmg you will get instant cc ed and -----d <3 the chance to pull of at least half of your combo in 10v10 is like 40% unless you w8 2min for god mode for 6 sec. no cc immunity during grab animation or any other damaging skills. but I guess considering our burst dmg it's fair it would be dumb if you were immune to cc and nearly 1 shot people...oh w8 warriors....
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  21. Knisheffy added a post in a topic My review of BDO thus far.   

    I mean game is awesome but what about the devs/publishers ? I don't like being lied to. I don't mind p2w but please don't lie to me that it's not there. Pretty much my only problem with this game. Still playing tho lvs 59 and not planning to stop anytime soon.
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  22. Knisheffy added a post in a topic How do you roleplay?   

    Hah, I never seen rp in this game. What was all the up roar about having rp channels before launch ? <3
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  23. Knisheffy added a post in a topic Awk bosses how to make them?   

    ffs I bought scrolls already... Now I have to 1 shot some bosses
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  24. Knisheffy added a topic in General   

    Awk bosses how to make them?
    How many scrolls do I need and what shape to put them in ? 
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  25. Knisheffy added a topic in General   

    New grind spots in Valencia p2?
    So are we getting anything worth grinding(exp or loot wise w/e) or they failed to provide content again and we stay at pirates till 61 ?  oh yeah... khalk I guess anything else ?
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