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Posts posted by Knisheffy

  1. Tho the video shows guildless ppl with low gear its still gonna be broken class. Why ? Coz its made by turds who think balancing is about buffing each class to the point it needs only 1 button to be played (refering to the last offical info they gave out) :) 

  2. nice try to sell your Tri Manos Ruby :P 

    ...You could at least support me bruh

    90% of this forum don't know how graphs work so I thought it would go through :( 

    Also everything is true if there is a graph for it

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  3. Fig-11-Character-Frequency-Comparison-Gr

    As you can see on this graph based on 250 attacks with skills that have 100% accuracy and 100% crit, Blue line showing the damage with TRI:Ruby manos neck it clearly outperforms TRI:Ogre ring AKA the red line. 

    Tests were run against every single class in the game with similar results which means the ruby accesories probably have the hidden human dmg similary to Manos rings. 


    There is only 2 tri manos necks on the market currently and I imagine after this new meta is posted they will be gonne in seconds :) Have fun with the new best neck hunting.



    pls buy my red ruby its siting there for over a month :  (

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  4. Theres something holding me back.  Maybe its the fact that its 'suggested' to have for pets for collection whilst grinding, or maybe its the grinding itself.  Maybe its the cash shop.  Or the fact that everyone is light years beyond me in terms of everything.

    I want to get out of WoW and play BDO full time but not sure I have the desire to start completely from the ground up. 

    Dont do it. :) Its trash and pvp is going to die in a year or so 

  5. It's the reroll business  strategy they nerf random classes and don't say shit so you get fed up and reroll aka buy new costume inv slots and weight.  Same shit happened  with sorcs  df they didn't tell if it was a nerf or bug until like month later when people bought enough  reroll pearls.  We will most likely  get working as intended  from them next week. 


    Transfers  to kr when?


  6. Wouldn't give a ----- tbh if not the fact that when it breaks  u get small pushback cc.

  7. When? 

    Statement  that a knowledge that you know it's an issue  


    After 3 weeks of your "looking into it" is it bug or nerf (eu/na only nerf) 


    Can I reroll already? 


    Nice new costumes  u got there tho


    But seriously  valk turned into a blader  hit and run  isn't what I wanted to play ----- you. :) 

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  8. @PM_Jouska @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo @CM_Yukimura @CM_Serenity @GM_Gemu @GM_Rhotaaz @GM_Huego @GM_Dew @GM_Salome @GM_Caramel @GM_Axion @GM_Vheena


    considering you take down the servers after an hour when there is a cash shop issue i feel making us wait two weeks for a fix is unacceptable. Could you please communicate what is being done to resolve this issue???? could you give us an ETA??

    What do you mean ? Their 'Best' people are looking into the issue. :D  Then they will proceed to contact the 'capable' devs  just to conclude that it have no effect on their money income  class balance and will be set in priority under fixing movement of earings for wizard.

  9. So when are you going to master the class dude ?

    How is you practising sniping people in rbf enabling you to make any valid point outside of how to snipe people in rbf ? Such arrogance, stop arguing about surgery and stick to your own domain of health

    1; Done and if you think shield chase is something more or less  than frontal I rest my case.

    2; Usefullness of class is determined by ur ability to get rid of high prio targets and targets overall so sniping high score ppl indeed shows a bit of skill. unless you go for KSing with 1 skill.

  10. Because i could use that score as a proof that you've experienced the game


    and yes, if my rbf score is higher than yours then my argument is more credible than yours? This is just common sense, is it not? 

    if someone is exposed to more experience then he's more credible, simple as that. If you forced yourself to experience the game and it's pvp you'd find out so many new things and mechanics that you didn't know about before and your perspective of things would change 

    Well if you look at some ppl that are at 10k they are pretty trash for what you would expect.  True, score says that you played quite a bit  but what if u just play rbf every day and get average score of 100. It adds up to high numbers after few months, and it doesnt necessarily means you are improving. 

  11. Most of whining comes from players that can't master the class. In case of mobility valk is really fast I can chase bladers for quite a bit if I feel the need to however the problem with mobility is that its not very helpfull while recovering from cc's or in  grp fights when cc's land everywhere around you.  Lets take a sorc for example iframes let him move freely around the grp fight field and dont get cced. Also sorc can recover  from cc with them and be immune to all dmg if he knows how to time his frames, that means sorc have to survive the cc and then he have nearly 100% chance of geting out safely. In valks case the best way of recovering is to shield chase away the ability have frontal block and only 3 charges its no where near as good which require valk to 1st survive the cc and then try to survive running away. Its basicly same story while compared to most of the classes out there everysingle class have some superior recovery skill. Witches/wiz tp out and heal to full. Bladers zoom zoom away while being too fast to hit. Tamers have their jump and semiframed dodges. giant can heal to full while being nearly cc immune or just cannon out similary to tamer. Warriors are quite similar to valks in this case but they can just start spaming their fully blocked/framed combo after they recover.

    Another inferior thing about valk is grab range just test it, its around 3 less range than warrior for example and we dont have 30% ignore resi on it.  while being on longer cooldown. its mostly valk vs warrior problem tho(1v1)

    TDLR:  90% of valks are simply trash. We are inferior in USEFUL mobility and grabs but we get carried by utility and dmg.  So yeah class is fine just fix the damn block already.

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  12. Kakao: fix this now.

    We've been waiting over 3 weeks now for the class changes and PVE buffs to Valkyrie, only to get nerfed instead. See this graph? We're the 4th worst class, and you're nerfing us harder.

    Fix it, or we'll take our money elsewhere.

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) bruh 4th worst pre bugged block now we would be under kuno since our block goes down while we w+f into someone. but hey if they showed life skill rankings I can asure top sheep gatherer is a valk!

  13. Most likely as they soon will increase the effectivness of DR they nerfed block scaling already. (WITH NO PATCH NOTE ABOUT IT) Plum can cc 300dp+ valk with 1 skill through block : ) other valks 2 hit the block to 0% dont even want to know what wizard ulti would do kill it 3 x over the 0 hp limit ? Back to sheeps shout out to cashkao for making the class what it always meant to be.


    Time to learn how to use flametower and hwatcha. :(

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  14. New kr patch 【Character 】 ● PvP defense efficiency of all characters has been increased.

    1v1 can already last 30min+ if 2 good players fight with pots. I guess its gonna be nice in mass pvp  but idk mixed feelings about it, what u guys think?

  15. Intel i9 12900k 15ghz oc up to 20

    gtx 2050x 76gb 

    Razer 2087 Ssd 10tb

    40gb/s internet conection 

    2000w power supply 

    420 gb ram 

    Those are my specs and I run it on max settings with little lag during siege.


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    1. Endgame geared players in farming spots for  new players. Everybody knows it... its weekend u go farm sausans with y frends  but after few minutes come lvl 60 players 200+ap .... a say "spot taken"

    same  happens even on olvia chanels  when returning players  extremly overgeared go  farm gold in low lvl locations. Stupid is  there is so many options how u can  fix this ...but we still suffer cause u do nothing.

    Its a bit true but no one stops less geared players from going to spots like elrics or helms. 

    2. RNG on bosses  is crazzy and make people crazy. Pretty much  everybody knows  is ... every  guild got some "unlucky guys"  who plays  this game nolife   but even after hundreds of bosses and S knowledge ... still didnt drop desired  boss pieces.

    Funny is  then come  new guy  1time ever  on boss in BOD ... no knowledge ,  die 15 x ... 7x hit   boss ..... got drop  Dande.  Everybody just say "lucker"  but in next 2weeks he drop another 2 pieces ... and then  guys  who play long time and didnt see single piece just wanna RAGEQUIT.

    Night vendor, events and marketplace helps a lot. If you tell me you cant get  a boss armor from NV in 1 month of trying on 12 chars with 200+ energy I call that bullshit coz not geting any boss gear from nw in that time doing full bed regen on all chars is like geting a Pen on 0 stacks.

    3. Market place  preorder, notification, bid  system ... pretty much everything u can make  much better. Nobody knows how it works ...and it makes pretty much everybody crazy.

    highest bid wins. Only some items go to preorder (rng) I got tri accesories and tet gear from it without a problem.Items go up 10-15min after notification. Biding is 100% chance divided by all ppl who bid on the item.

    4. solo /party play. Every gaming company  understand  that THE REASON  why are some games  as WOW  etc etc .... so popular and dont die  in years is  community and frends.

    BOD is first mmo i play  where   SOLO is MUUCH BETTER EXP and MOney....  but  u know GUYS what will happend  after  that 3month of no life solo grind ?  people burn out ... and quit. { in my guild  left in last 2months  all  lvl 60players except 1}

    and this model  is rly flawed cause u created system in which  STRONG players  are punished for helping new players ...

    if 2players  would earn 90% exp  and drop is x1.5 would  be still not so attractive for strrongest players  but some poeple will start to play as duo .

    if 3-4-5 players  wuold earn 80% exp  and drop is x 2/ 2.5/ 3 .... most OP players would still solo  BUT   we will see more  guild groops ... and that means  more NEW Players, more PVP  more players.

    Best exp is 5man party Pirates or akmann if you feel like solo is better ur party is trash.  Best money is 5man party 

    5. p2w problem- this is obvious u are just  too greedy.

    cmon guys  there should be some reasonable MONEY   which if i pay i can enjoy game in its beauty without any restriction.

    because i see every day  this discussion  on world/roleplay  channel. and as i see it both sides are right, because  is not 100% pay to win  BUT ...

    biggest facor in this game  is TIME... pretty much if u not stupid, and if u play hard...not just chatting with frends  then only diff  betwen players is TIME...

     and those pearl items  gives u speed  boost, exp  boost,  farming faster,  farming more, more exp, more  slots, more weight, ....BUT i  am okey with this.


    Eyyy something i can agree on They are greedy as ----- on top of the reroll/breeding/pet system being designed to milk thousands of $$$ from just one player.




  17. Dp is the most broken shit you clearly  never fought a real evasion  stacker. Yes damage  reduction is bad but not dp overall