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  1. Zinovia added a post in a topic Harassed by guild, put ticket in, I get suspended   

    How did the screen shots get you suspended?  Please clarify your circumstance.
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  2. Zinovia added a post in a topic Poll to enable full player to player trading - post Aug. 10th cash shop change.   

    Full player to player trading enables the gold farmers to thrive.  NO thank you.
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  3. Zinovia added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 3rd   

    Interesting fact:  The cash shop chandlers of identical type STACK points.  Wow, this is a blatant grab for cash shop sales.
    I worked long and hard to earn the in-game money to buy the paintings in Calpheon.  To have them negate the points because I bought more than one of the same type is a cash shop money grab in my opinion. 
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  4. Zinovia added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 3rd   

    My housing points dropped from 62,000 (yes, 62K), to 19,500.  I heard some items do not give extra points any longer, but this has to be a bug.
    I have the large, two fireplace home in Velia on Orwen.  Has this happened to anyone else after this patch?
    I have a good mix of items from inside the game, and items purchased from the cash shop.  I have about 50 paintings bought in Calpheon that made up the majority of my points.
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  5. Zinovia added a post in a topic Authentication Server DDOS - NA   

    Sounds like the team's efforts to stop botting and RMT is working, and the cheaters are getting angry, so this is revenge.  We will WIN in the end, go team!!!
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  6. Zinovia added a post in a topic Cauldron on a Holder   

    Adrian Loggia, the little boy in Velia has a good drop rate, (or I just got lucky).  I used two alts and out of six try's, got two Cauldrons.  Hoot!  Good luck.  There are other NPC's that drop them too.  Here is the list:  http://bddatabase.net/us/item/24610/   Tip:  It looks really really cool to put a circle of small candles under the cauldron after you hang it on a wall.  That makes it look more realistic, like the candles are keeping the meal warm.  :-) 
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  7. Zinovia added a post in a topic Is there a way to stop leveling before forced PvP level ?   

    @‌CM_Jouska, Any chance DAUM will implement a "gain no  more life XP" toggle button option in our settings, for those of us that are currently rolling back their life xp to keep from getting involuntarily ganked?  I make 3 mil a day fishing, sometimes live, sometimes AFK.  I am not geared up and I do not belong to a guild.  I love to explore, craft and do housing.  I am willing to jump off Elders Bridge forever to keep at lvl 43, but it would be nice to have to option.
    I respect the player who wants to be able to compete for end-game gear, but that is very off-topic from the OP on this post. 
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  8. Zinovia added a post in a topic Is there a way to stop leveling before forced PvP level ?   

    I just discovered the map's best and fastest place to roll back xp!  I'm very excited about it.  I have been keeping my level at 43 because I can make 3 mil a day fishing at hot spots in the ocean and gankers rove the oceans to kill fishers.  Just last night, I was the ONLY survivor out of a dozen people fishing off the Epheria hot spot.  The place I discovered is north of the port of Epheria called Elders Bridge.  You jump, you die instantly, the 'respawn at the nearest node" is,...... (drum roll please)... the center of the bridge!  I call roll back 90% of my level in 20 minutes.  Hope this tip helps others.  
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  9. Zinovia added a post in a topic Is there a way to stop leveling before forced PvP level ?   

    I keep at level 43 by hitting the node just outside Cron Castle, up the hill from the coastal village of Velia.
    The elite NPC's at the castle entrance do the job in about 3 seconds, and the respawn node is just outside the castle.
    I LOVE the fact that I am immune to any who would PK me in the game, AFK fishing, on a low alt, or just out exploring. I do not engage in guild wars, or other fights.  I am a peace-loving player and have fun fishing out on hot-spots, crafting and exploring, and of course housing quests.
    The repetition to roll back the XP is boring, but totally worth it to me.
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  10. Zinovia added a post in a topic Auction house fees and taxes   

    I believe in the Korean version there is a cash shop item "market buff item', or for 'premium accounts' you will only pay 20%.  That could be part of why it is set high to begin with as well as the guild/node thing.   They can make money from you so you can make more in-game money.
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  11. Zinovia added a post in a topic This game needs to make cash shop items sellable for silver on marketplace   

    Was hoping all the other ways they coax money out of us was enough... like bag size increase, weight increase, pet food, outfits, mount outfits.  and on and on. 
    Took the bait *sigh*...
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  12. Zinovia added a post in a topic This game needs to make cash shop items sellable for silver on marketplace   

    Source was one of the original DAUM communications.  It did not say "It's coming ______"  It only said that it was not here "during the launch phase of the game".  logically, that means that anytime past the 'launch phase', they could switch. 
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  13. Zinovia added a post in a topic This game needs to make cash shop items sellable for silver on marketplace   

    We 'freak out' because DAUM only said cash shop items would not be sellable on the Marketplace in the "launch phase" of the game.  It is coming eventually, oh poop!
    This.  Bingo. 
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  14. Zinovia added a post in a topic This game needs to make cash shop items sellable for silver on marketplace   

    Edit:  You must be the guy in town that wants the highest house rank by buying P2W cash shop stuff so his place looks like a fuc*ing furniture warehouse, with no room to even walk around. 
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  15. Zinovia added a post in a topic New classes, new character slot, new parking spot!   

    The $4 people spent on buying a slot when the announcement came out is PENNIES compared to all the cash Daum is counting they spend on the new character. They will have to spend lots to give their new char decent personal storage slots, pet food to have handy, costumes, weight increase charges, etc. etc., etc....
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