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  1. TomJedusor added a topic in Recrutement guildes   

    [Collapse] NA Guilde QC/FR
    est plus qu'une guilde c'est une Famille. Nous comptons présentement plus de 69 Membres actifs. Collapse cherche à offrir à ses membres un environnement de jeu qui favorise la progression et ce avec des joueurs motivés, poli et investis. Nous sommes constamment à la recherche de nouveaux joueurs. Il n'y a pas de stats prérequises pour joindre la guilde.
    Guild stats :
    5 ap / 5 accuracy / 5 réduction dégâts / + 100 max hp / + 2 niveaux en pêche / + 2 niveau en récolte
    Pour les intéressés, whisper dans le jeu : Tom_Jedusor, Rycardo, Shadow_Xastral
    Bon jeu à tous, et au plaisir
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  2. TomJedusor added a post in a topic Je recherche une guilde Qc   

    Salut, notre guilde est dans les top Guild QC et on recrute tous joueurs sans aucune condition  On est des joueurs d'expériences, donc on pourra te conseiller dans le jeu. On a pas un hardcore style, on est plutot familial ^^ si sa s'intéresse Tu peux me whisper ingame : Tom_Jedusor. 
    Bonne journée et au plaisir !
    Guilde Collapse 
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  3. TomJedusor added a post in a topic Auto looping horses loading screen   

    Auto-loop is broken ....when i come back of school everyday my horse is standing still or bugged in a wall.....
    Please fix the auto-loop  !!!!!
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  4. TomJedusor added a post in a topic Dynamic Costumes for Wizard and Witch   

    100 % agree
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  5. TomJedusor added a post in a topic [Dungeons / Raids / Boss Mechanics] Suggestion   

    not forced to loot best gear in dungeons you can just loot  money like gold ingot....its just to make diversity 
    "In the dungeon you can't : use any kinds of potions (heal, mana,buffs), if you die you can't ressurect untill your party mates have cleaned the actual room you died in." = This kind of system would suck in BDO, since 99% healing comes from potions. And if the highest geared player dies, it would mean that the party has wiped.
    doesn't suck that means you need to have a mage in your party to complete it.....
    "Mechanics on bosses" = This is also really hard in BDO world, since there isn't any actual system to see where the boss is facing and who it will attack next. Like in ex. Wildstar and Skyforge had those "dodge this do that" mechanics on bosses works, because in that came there are danger areas marked on ground.
    But like Kzarka in BDO he has one actual mechanic, and that is also pretty random. Red Nose has also 2-3 mechanics but all mechanics on bosses are the same "run away or towards the boss"
    there is not an actual system for this in bdo but they can make a dung and do a system like that only for this dungeon it is not complicated ....
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  6. TomJedusor added a post in a topic [Dungeons / Raids / Boss Mechanics] Suggestion   

    Then we have to show them the necessity of having them:)
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  7. TomJedusor added a topic in Suggestions   

    [Dungeons / Raids / Boss Mechanics] Suggestion
    Hello there, i don't know if this has already been suggested but i would like to suggest a new style of pve content in this game.
    Solo Dungeon : So far there are no dungeons in this game and it would be fun to have some because  depending on the spot it can be very hard sometimes to farm what you want. If you are not top geared you get pked so you end up spending your time trying to find a channel to farm. With dungeons, you could be able to go whenever you want without having to worry about if the spot is free or not. 
    Party dungeon (raids) : It would be nice to have some sort of party based stuff such as raids with high mechanics because world bosses are fun and nice but it doesn't take a lot of skills to do them and i feel like party based stuff are a bit missing in this game. 
    A raid with  4 rooms ;  
     First 3 rooms : big waves of hard monsters (mobs invincible to magical attacks and some that are invincible to physical attack, etc)
    Final room : final boss with a diversity of mechanics (hide behind colums if the boss shoot fire, wizard/ witch have to use protected area on certain boss skill to prevent his party to die, turn levers in the room to do some stuff on boss etc.)
    Requirements to enter : all players must be lvl 57 or higher, must be 6 players in the party with 6 different classes
    In the dungeon you can't : use any kinds of potions (heal, mana,buffs), if you die you can't ressurect untill your party mates have cleaned the actual room you died in.
    So yeah i feel like 2-3 different raids would make more diversity in the pve content (different from just standing still and attacking a boss for the next 20 mins) and would bring a lot of fun to players !
    I would appreciate that a GM confirm that he has read this post.
    Thank you a lot !
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  8. TomJedusor added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Red Nose Field boss Broken
    Since the last maintenance, Red Nose boss did not spawn... Please fix this thanks ! 
    Nvm they moved it and they didnt write it in patch notes....
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  9. TomJedusor added a post in a topic Black Spirit’s Adventure Game returns   

    sadly its 3 times per day  
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  10. TomJedusor added a post in a topic 12-Oct Patch: Known issues *Fixed*   

    I hope so we lost 6h with all theses expanded updates 
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  11. TomJedusor added a post in a topic All life skills were reseted after maintenance   

    Thanks for the info ! 
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  12. TomJedusor added a post in a topic Major bug on update   

    same for me 
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  13. TomJedusor added a post in a topic All life skills were reseted after maintenance   

    where do you see this lethanael ? 
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  14. TomJedusor added a post in a topic All life skills were reseted after maintenance   

    Wow we lost all our life skills we worked hard on for the last 7 months .......wth is that ?????????????????? + Value pack don't work anymore on the inventory / bank space give only 8 
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  15. TomJedusor added a post in a topic [NA] - Liste des Guildes Francophones/Québécoises   

    Allo juste pour dire que Collaspe est rendu a 130 guild points / top 40 server Balenos u1 et Kreep et mikuri ne sont plus la...Contacter Tom_Jedusor / Vinie / Novamage / Rycardo au besoin pour joindre Merci !
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