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  1. Zoro added a post in a topic Controller support?   

    there is controller support, I have used a ps4 controller and a steam controller without any problem. It is strange that you can use yours with other games but not black desert, you can not get any response from the controller in game? like nothing works? 
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  2. Zoro added a post in a topic Ouch !!   

    Nightcore objectively sucks, and I don't think it should be called music. Yes internet people feel obligated to express their opinion on everything, like you, like me, like this post.
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  3. Zoro added a post in a topic Ouch !!   

    no problem at all, I just had to say that music sucks, whenever I hear nightcore bullshit used for gaming I just want to puke inside my computer case so I don't have to suffer the existence more than I do with myself.
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  4. Zoro added a post in a topic Ouch !!   

    music sucks, a part from that nobody really cares.
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  5. Zoro added a post in a topic What does BDO do better than anyone else (In Your Opinion)?   

    graphics and combat system ( just as a system, theoretically, in practice it sucks due to desync and everybody one shotting each other after one cc), nothing else.
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  6. Zoro added a post in a topic Hidden stats?   

    yes obviously, higher the level higher the evasion and accuracy, there is not much chance you can hit a level 60 when you are level 56 lets say, go up to 2 level difference at max, more than that not really manageable I would say, 
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  7. Zoro added a post in a topic About time and gear   

    to do "something" not much time required, just do some life skills/grinding, collect your dailies if there are, buy tri gear from market, and you are "something", to get competitive they all require the same time, go with the class which can grind faster witch/wizard/musa etc.. 
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  8. Zoro added a post in a topic PvP Arena Channel   

    no, nobody is interested in things like that, it is better to watch a guy enhancing to TET, or failing and going crazy about it, and screaming like a -----, that is the whole entertainment this game has to offer.
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  9. Zoro added a post in a topic So someone who used P2W just passed me??   

    that is the thing sweethearts, this has nothing to do with conversion rates, it is about the shop having different prices for different regions (only god knows why the hell, another genius marketing strategy from dumb games i guess), if you were trying to make a favor for me, you could say "you know what 10000 pearls costs 100$ in usa", not this ;
    "Genuinely curious if you've never thought about converting your euro's into US dollars and then using those US dollars to buy stuff on Black Desert? Cause I mean, only a moron would spend the same amount in euro's that American's spend to buy stuff in this game."
    so I could buy 10000 pearls for 100$ which is 1/3 of the lowest salary in my country(in case if I work full time) then it would make me save 6 mother -----ing euros, I would ----- the shit out of europe with those 6 euros mate, I would go to -----ing France, get a -----ing sandwich, eat the shit out of it, 
    in case if you want to know, that is almost the price of a whore for 30 min. here. so yeah, stupid me, I have no idea what I am talking about, and I should drop the school also, plunge didn't like my sandwich. I guess I ll drop the school and follow 30 min. working intervals after shaving my ass, if I work 10 hours a day lets say from 10€, if I do "everything" ,makes 200€ a day, wow, you see plungey I found a way to make it work, like you said if I try hard and believe in myself, I can do it, there is no excuse, what is your excuse  you p2w excusers, stop excusing around and work hard like plunge and his friends. (((eye of the tiger plays..))),
    I don't know why am i even complaining, even if this whole problem was considered when it comes to p2w, and there was different prices for different countries, plunge and his friends would buy their pearls from Albania with VPN, so it makes sense they are asking for same money from everyone, then hardworking community don't try to save sandwiches, makes sense
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  10. Zoro added a post in a topic So someone who used P2W just passed me??   

    @Plunge @Ryouzanpaku @iKaneki_Ken uhmm,i don't know where to start sweet little kids, to begin with if you are using paypal dear plunge, don't, it applies false exchange rates, and you lose money on the long run, secondly any kind of transaction that is made by a credit card using the bank directly, is automatically converted via true exchange rate, especially in case of €/$ so I don't know why did you guys get so obsessed with exchange rates, it was funny to see that you can think of a "genius plan" about converting euros to dollars so I would pay less (even what you imagined was something functional-somehow- I would make 6 dollars for every 100 € that I spend, and real world is not like the movie "euro trip" so no I am not going to own a night club with 6 $ ) . and I don't think i am going to talk about anything that ends with -ism with your age/social group, and also I don't know what the ----- you are talking about plunge, see the attachment: ( I had much easier times, when I was explaining the evolution to hardcore religious people, so from now on I am not going to join this "intense" conversation about why p2w is p2w good luck with your ultra "wise, veteran,smart, hardworking, inspirational" lives )

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  11. Zoro added a post in a topic So someone who used P2W just passed me??   

    wtfuuuuu...     how old are you people?, like really? which planet are you living? omfg what I have just read omg, my forehead is quite red right now, due to continuous facepalm experience you guys gave me today, ----- it  sweetie, you don't worry about these kind of stuff, euros , dollars conversions, just ask your mom for the card and write the numbers ok? you are either 13 something years old or it is a reality that people in usa are dumb as -----.  Anyway ----- it I am bored.
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  12. Zoro added a post in a topic So someone who used P2W just passed me??   

    not everywhere is usa lol go read something, in europe uni is for free (almost), and no thanks I am not gonna take serious this "I am the wise life coach" bullshit. 
    I am not playing the game for some time now, I have time to teach "oh we know everything better" idiots like you about the reality of rest of the world, and that you have no right to tell people things like "get a job", "college kid" or other crap moving in your minds. Since it is finals, and I have to sit and study all day, doesn't take much time to open the forum and write stuff, it is even good actually it burns my brains to focus on same thing more than 1-2 hours, so thanks for your existence who ever the ----- you are. You don't know my life, it is a fact as solid as math, I am old enough to explain you real stuff which obviously you have no idea about, unless you are like.. I don't know 60 or something? and I am the  medical help but not yet professional, so no need to seek really even in case I need it.
    It is definitely not fair to apply same prices for a country where lowest wage is 2000 € and another one with 300€ a month and not call this p2w, now go ----- yourself if you know better and you have something to say for this, because I am not gonna try to explain you again, when there are 2 numbers, one of them is 6 something times the other one. 
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  13. Zoro added a post in a topic So someone who used P2W just passed me??   

    oh don't give me the veteran crap no thank you, yeah I am talking about this kind of mentality @Plunge, go find a room with this guy you will make the bdo great again The reason why those places are -----ed up is because of your country and still you are using those places as an inspiration porn for your pathetic " why you should never complain about the system that works for us but not for you"  idea.
    it is  "if they can not find bread, let them eat cake" situation. In his mind that money directly appeared as "per day wage".
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  14. Zoro added a post in a topic So someone who used P2W just passed me??   

    and you chose to read only what you want acknowledge, i am living in EU and getting payed 150-200€ if i work 4 hours a day, you don't see that as a problem but the problem is the subject I chose to study? Yeah I am not living in Somalia, oh thanks to lord, to uk, to usa I am more privileged than most of humanity, and when you ask "what on earth can be difficult for you?" it just shows that you are as ignorant and arrogant as the previous idiot that I answered for, what made you jump in to this conversation anyway I don't know, you felt butthurt? In the mentality of people like you, nobody on earth should have any problems because it can always get worse, oh how holly how great way of thinking, lets just accept what we are and what they are and just keep working in the same manner, no need to complain because there is worse. I bet you watch those mainstream inspiration porns on fb everyday, watching disabled people doing physically demanding tasks, watching hungry kids going to school, and with teary eyes thinking "ugghhhoho what is your excuse" ( mouth filled with crap you bought from consumer heaven supermarket in your street )
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  15. Zoro added a post in a topic So someone who used P2W just passed me??   

     yet another fat fuk using the emperialist/colonialist history of his country as an excuse to make false assumptions on other people's life, collage kid? I wonder if you could survive the life I am dealing with more than a month, maybe you should grow up yourself a little before calling me kid, sorry to inform you but not all around the world "collage kids" are well paid as in your country, I have to be in the uni from 08:00 till 16:00 5-6 days a week, so no, I am not studying "economics", after that all I can do is to work in a half day job, but I prefer to study, sorry to not satisfy your expectations from "collage kids", I should have worked in the rest of the day, and get paid 150-200 € a month, then Mr. Thehardworkingfat----- would appreciate my dedication to system that I am living in, which is probably the result of the fact that some countries exist just to create more income and resource for bigger countries in which collage kids can pay for online games.
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