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  1. So the game has lost a great amount of players since release for many different reason but the top reason is definitely the RNG system. That great system where your progress doesn't matter or how many hours you've spend grinding and farming. People are here to have fun not to play lucky slots and yeah i get it, it has to be hard to enchant items, make them better, etc but throwing an RNG system on everything is not a solution... it's lazy development. Most players if not all hate that especially when it comes to enhancing accessories which is too punishing. We all know that the player base is dropping and for those that don't well, open your eyes and speak. Today i lost a bunch of good accessories because i wasn't lucky since that's all you need to make your character stronger. Yeah there are those times that your enchantment succeeded and you loved it but why make something so fun rely on luck?


    Anyway i know this topic wont change a single thing because the developers are on "Don't Care" mode but at least i said what i wanted to say. I will keep playing this game but I'm honestly really bummed by some stuff that ruin the fun of the game and i don't get it why do they have to add those fun ruiners in something that can be just plain fun while being difficult at the same time. I'd hate to see this game go F2P or even shut down but that's ordinary nowadays i guess.

    Your opinion is just stupid..... have you ever player ever quest or ultima lol?


    What you expect in life, everything is easy to get and there is no fail? thats the best thing, its like business you have to bet some times you loose sometimes you win, if there was no RNG, all people would be the same, and being strong would be easy for everyone, whats the fun in that? all games loose players when started, than stabilise a community, your comment is stupid and worthless, you blame the developers, blame yourself for being unsuccessful and unlucky, probably the same in your real life, just a looser

  2. Overall this is very sad to see how many people want to take advantage of this merge. I'm disappointed in the community as a whole and in the company.

    I knew overall about the merge, but the fact is that I shouldn't have to make 203875457 characters on other servers in order to advance in a game. This will ruin the game completely, as well as give a huge advantage to players (PEN Incoming).  This is horrible game design and daum or whoever is running this game now really needs to look into, so sad to see a half way decent game falling apart. What's next? Incoming Valk Cry! (Point at which I quit)

    Just to be clear, I'm not taking part of this nor will i tell others to do this. I feel bad for any new players or any player that doesn't read the forums. 

    Think comments like this are stupid... why?


    First, Before talking about merge, there is players without knowing this that worked their asses on building their characters on other servers, and why? not because of the merge options, just because WHEN YOU BUY BLACK DESERT ACCOUNT, you dont buy a FIXED SERVER ACCOUNT, so players are able to enjoy different communities and servers markets, aswell play with different guilds and enjoy the game aswell.

    The server merge brings bigger activity on servers and game itself, there is a lot of benefits from it, better market, for buyers and sellers, more World Bosses spawn in channels, more competition on guild wars, and so on.

    Then some people come here and say take advantage of that?


    First everyone have the same chance of "taking that advantage" if you dont take it, you miss the chance to be exactly the same as all other players.

    Second Merge the servers, what about the players who played in other servers for months spending time, silver, cash, just because of minority comment like yourself, they have to loose everything because of the merge?




    So much of this is a crock I don't know where to start - so I won't. I've made the point I wanted to make earlier - I don't think it will be listened to by the GM's but if you don't ask you don't get. Not all players are like you bro, and I'm glad I'm not you, lmao.


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  3. Actually ive done all, ive send code to my Friend, he reach lvl 30+ but on My Account management nohing is still empty on : Activated By and Activated Date.

    May need to be updated weekly or something like this? Anyone here got Polar Bear ? Thanks in Advantage.

    nothing i dont know what is happening but they not doing what was agreed

  4. Dear GM

    I did do a ticket, but im bringing a post here to call all developers attention, seems is not just me happening this.

    We did all these steps and until now nothing, i will describe so you dont make any questions if we did it right or wrong.


    1 - Buy the Gift Pass (got my own game middle September) so im valid for to buy gift pack - DONE

    2 - Create a new account for my friend with a email never registed, on my friend account says Game Access is using gift pack. DONE

    3 - My friend already reached LVL 30+ yesterday, and until today THERE IS NO REWARD

    4 - Checked my account page DONE

    Gift Pass List

    Purchased Date
    Activated By
    Activated Date
    Get Coupon
    10/21/16 15:17
    Not Activated
    Not Activated
    5 - Sent a ticket, was made all questions about how we registed the gift pack, all done as the procedure is required. waiting for answer from billing department. DONE
    So you failing with what you promised, and we bringing new players to game, our reward is not been given, or at least most of us.
    What can you tell about this? if you cant reward just give money back, or compensation for our time, we giving money to the company so give our rewards as promised, the delay is already disrespect for who is supporting KAKAO, i love your company, no complains but this i have to complain, for me those pearls or pet would be useful for my gameplay this weekend, and you failed to give me that opportunity.
    Want a good answer from you guys, also if you on same situation or near it tell here and support my request
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  5. very interested in buying this game but really wanted to try it out before hand. Anyone spare a guest pass?

    i can spare you one pm me here

    Hi, would I be able to aquire a trial pass please ?

     I'm very interested in playing this game, but need to try it out 1st to see if I can retro something with my gaming mouse to make the controls work for my play style.

    I've sent an email with my question , but no ones replyed to me. Thanks for any help you can give.


    i can spare you one pm me

  6. Yeah, it's almost like it's called RNG for a reason, and some people will get them quickly, and others will farm for hours before they do.

    by compensation of RNG i got a nice 4 cron stone lol

  7. I have played the game for like 4-5 months until I found out that they were not gonna make awakenings available for all classes at once and I haven't been playing since. As a blader, I will have to wait another month or so to be able to get my awakening but I tried to get back to the game the other day after months of absence and realised that it was kinda impossible to play with 145ap/180dp because you are just a one shot materiel for good geared awakening classes.

    Around the same time last week a friend of mine asked me about the game and that he wanted to try and be a part of the community and I told him not to because if I can't even be compatible after couple months of absence how can a new player enjoy this game in this current situation. This is not a good business decision because without new comers, sooner or later current players will quit because there will not be a community to enjoy the game. What kind of a business decision is this? how can you force new players to get out into the world and grind while a group of high geared players threatening them not to come again on that specific area???

    There has to be some changes like giving options to turn pvp off for low geared players or making new areas in the game world where you will get pvp and get better gears and drops but you cannot force everybody to pvp out in the open without any gear whatsoever and I am telling you Pearl Abyss and Kakao, this is not good business..

    Man, maybe this is not the game for you, since the beggining of game you knew what the game was. some like some dont

  8. This quest for Lara is ridiculous. I've gone from level 40 to 44 grinding lizards for gathering (and gotten 3 sharp shards gathering off them ) and other enemies off and on, and have only gotten 1 candy.

    Your RNG events are absolute crap.

    The halloween hat is nice though, considering I didn't have to sift through RNG bullsh*t to get it.

    Edit: not even a minute after posting this I got my second candy. Clearly, I just need to voice how upset I am and candy will fall from the skies.

    bro i got 13 in a hour farming dont complain lol

  9. 1. Halloween Cookie for You

    • Start: October 20th - 00:00 UTC 

    • End: November 9th - 10:00 UTC (With maintenance)

    • Type: Daily Log In Reward

    Log in and play for a minimum of 2 hours (+- 3 min) to get one [Event] Halloween Cookie per day!


    - I have been online for 5 hours and have not gotten anything, where are we supposed to get this, the mail?

    Can you read where says starts 20 october, because today 19th

  10. Yeah the people who opened it already have to wait 12 more days, when they gave out the bugged Kamasilve Buff you also instantly got the fixed version.

    I liuke KAKAO but a mistake a box giving the worst item of all to all ppl? weird mistake, why not give all bheg gloves as mistake? it was not a mistake... 

  11. Pvp cap 45 is a non issue for you and still an issue for a TON of players, awakenings coming one by one is plainly stupid and getting another rigged box solves nothing, this is not about the boss gear IS ABOUT THE COMPANY SCAMMY TACTICS.
    Get a brain.

    Man, with artisan's i can get billions a week selling tri/tet livertos , well if i were stupid enough to pay real money for those pixels.

    Now the "no pay to win only 100 million a week" excuses are obsolete and ridiculous.

    All those games are crap in my opinion, and why the best of the crappiest thing should be a good thing? Lol, what a moron, what is best a shot in the head or being electrocuted? What do you prefer to eat human poop or dog's poop? Should i keep on showing you the stupidness of your comment?

    Added a feature for handicapped people and marked the important parts of the comment.

    People without arguments and intelligence always use bad words as a way to express, shameless, you must be a very sad person in your life^^

  12. Sorry but what is the difference between bikinipolarbear and Kakao, both are gold sellers.... What a joke of a post, the only difference is that one is managing the game and have power over the other guys, but both are doing exactly the same, sell silver.
    Also a cash shop in a B2P game with a subs going on... Sir my hat off to you, difficult to think less than what you just shown.

    You talk nonsense, are you really  a player?

    First yes you can get a few silver with Money, but lol cant you farm 30$ value on 2 hours or less? any good player in this game can, makes useless to invest on items from cash shop.

    And if you take your hat off for me? Why instead of just talking you bring a good argument on table, HOW? simple 

    GIVE ME THIS details of another mmorpg;

    You can use any of these as example; WOW, GW2, FIREFALL, LOTRO, SWOTR, B&S, REVELATION, BLESS(releasing by aeria lol), KRITIKA, AION, FFXIV

    Bring me any better cash shop system than this ones and also, better economy control then BDO, if you can


    Game \\ how it  works \\ cash shop \\anti gold sellers \\ gold sold by company\\

  13. Revelation online incomming 25.10.2016 beta

    After playing it on KR, yes game is good but guess whos bringing it to US/EU lol already CASH SHOP INFLUENCE and didnt even came out

  14. they are koreans , what u expect? :/ nah i found an alternative hopefully ...and it's not korean i'm not racist but at this point korean start to be a category...


    Maybe you play mmorpgs for short time, i play since times of tibia and ultima, and believe when i say theres nothing better than korean mmorpgs, yes you can complain about BDO, but hey, the team that works is human not machines, mistakes can happen and they did reward us, theres many things you can do in the game, tons of professions to master, grind, gathering, trade, hunting, horse breeding, Merchant game play... you just dont get your self busy if you dont want to,,,

    People knew this was a korean mmo from the start and could expect p2w cash shop stuff, but we were explicitly told by a DAUM EU official in an interview that the game would be buy 2 play so that they wouldn't have to use p2w antics to make a profit, which made people have high hopes for this game and maybe finally something different, but it was proven after all that this is not the case and we were let down.

    You should learn the difference between p2w and pfc aka pay for convenience cash shop doesnt bring any p2w elements, yes talk about artisans memory(that you cant even sell to other players) or about the limit 5 pieces sales per week You can do way more money just grinding thn spending 150$ per week.

    The only dissapointed people are those who never player REAL p2w games

    WoW pretty much gained most of the subscribers back that they lost in WoD for now. Judging by the population you see ingame WoW is probably on one of it's peak times when it comes to ingame population. Why is it that everytime I come back to these forums I see someone who obviously never played or has a clue about WoW talking shit about it? Infiority complex much.

    Glad to see that this game is dying. With that shit management and a community full of whitwhiteknighting fanboys y'all earned it.


    You talk about WoW but did you know that game is originally a CLONE of ever quest? maybe im too old to bring this matter about, but at least i dont see BDO as another game clone, BTW WOW is AWESOME RIGHT? thats why thouands of players are rich with the GOLD SELLERS money lol get real, wow got -----ed up, and yes i did play it, very good game but ruined by GOLD SELLERS

  15. Hi Guys

    I start the game since launch. but still a newbie:P.

    I kept seeing negative feedback for this game. and some player say "the game are dying".

    Seriously. I love this game.  the previous MMORPG I played is GW2

    Compare these two: BDO is newer for sure graphic is better. However compare to similar age MMORPG BDO's graphic still the best.

    Also I like the game keep having new stuff. new class, awakened weapon, new area, ride, etc. lots to play.

    I don't know why people still complaint about.

    Compare to GW2, no new class, and skill for 3 years.  and the expansion is worst i ever since. 

    at this point the the BDO's developer more kind to players.

    Maybe i haven't  spent too much time on it everyday. i still feel like lots to play. i can't even catch up the update. xD 



    however BDO i do have few disappointing. 

    the game don't have dungeon.

    the gear system is not a fans of it. which still ok.

    maintenance too often.




    COME ON!!! since when you play since game launch.. your post prooves that is not true

    Number 1 

    your playing a SANDBOX game, how the hell you expect instances in this game? and game have lots of dungeouns like hasrah cave or helms cave, they called OPEN DUNGEOUNS....

    Number 2

    the gear system is not a fans of it. which still ok. Just because you dont like a gear system doesnt mean game is not good

    NUMBER 3 (ignorance)

    maintenance too often. REALLY!!!!!!! Im so happy they have maintenance so often, every best game in the world from MMORPGs to even FIFA have this, why? means there is a team working in this game every week, to bring the best experience for us, and i tell you this simple sentence GAMES WITH LESS MAINTENANCE ARE THE ONES NEAR DEATH, means no content, no fixing bugs, no events etc. etc...

    LAST POST dedicated to YOU and to all the NEGATIVE POSTS

    There is no better game in the world as mmorpg than BDO, controlled cash shop(yes go check other games and bring me a better cash shop system), NO GOLD SELLERS (what game have this, maybe WOW or GUILD WARS 2, JOKING OF COURSE) COMPLAIN ABOUT GAME DROP RATE? go play DUNGEOUN & DRAGONS ONLINE where you can be farming for years to get one drop and still not getting it....



  16. Dear GM's


    I do understand that maintenance is needed and think most players do understand that, but we should be rewarded fairly.

    The GM's boxes are not worth all the time we lost, for some players today was the best day to play, for some players the hours you got with maintenance was the best time to play during the week, some will loose the daily reward, daily quests or exp they could farm.

    I would like to ask for a fair reward for all players, a special event, something that will compensate all this time down maybe a 200% exp day event, or extra loot drop or special box with random prizes (not GM boxes that just drop a damm black stone) 


    You could always bring black spirit adventure again that will give some compensation to us..


    i leave people to give some ideas.


    Thanks for all your work for the BDO community.

  17. Fake....

    You are a fake.

    Competitve gaming scene got ruined over it, still here you are.

    GG PA/Kakao, you got your perfect customers here.

    If you complain so much why you don't just quit, your the saddest type of players of them all, you dont like yet you are here playing.

  18. Sorry but you're response makes no sense to me. 2-3hrs grinding is a lot of silver if u sell everything and know what areas to grind. You're clearly doing something wrong and i feel bad for u.  I never said anythig about grinding for 2-3 hrs a day for a week  either lmao. "people these days.." yea my thoughts exactly. 

    I agree total with you, bad players, with lack of knowledge take 1 or 2 weeks to do same amount of money, they just dont understand why lol

  19. Outside facotrs like making 125M pr week by selling costumes, try more for your TET stuff.

    Get on Jordine and see it.

    Try PvP then, and tell me you've had your best experience on a game.

    Blinded people to the point it hurts.

    Do the cash Shop bring you any item you can't have access? can't you farm it all, even if it takes more time then them?

    There is always complains in every game and everything in life, that's the world, in games and in RL

  20. Oh, how far this game would go if there was gear balance and not "Whoever has the best gear won't need skill to one shot a carebear". Saddening, so much potential destroyed by the everlasting greed of this god forsaken company. Even Nexon looks good in the face of this publisher. 

    Go play nexon Atlantica Online and spend 10k $ a month to be a average player... good example^^