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  1. PyreX added a post in a topic Sovereign PvP Guild EU   

    Gg Rampage, you killed best guild EU
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  2. PyreX added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 1st   

    RIP the game, now watch the number of players going down slowly before valencia...
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  3. PyreX added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Dev's tell us where to find PHW_00_Head_0003_Eyeline0006.pac
    Hi, for god sake tell us where to find PHW_00_Head_0003_Eyeline0006.pac, what PAZ file is it? so someone would upload it for us and we stop those stupid freezes, i'm feeling like i'm gonna quit the game just because of it....
    @CM_Jouska @CM_Tytyes Please need your help here.
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  4. PyreX added a post in a topic Random Freeze   

    Freezes noticed after the Mediah patch, please fix quickly i've lost huge experience because of it...i have the same problem with the same file in my log files, and it freezes my game for like 1 minute.
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  5. PyreX added a post in a topic Extract crystals/stones   

    You can buy the black spirit essence from the cash shop using loyality points, it must be at the end. For stone you don't need anything, just go to a blacksmith, put the weapon or the armor and him extract.
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  6. PyreX added a post in a topic Negative Karma (PKers) Anonymous   

    All you can do is grind, and if people assult you run as fast as you can, that's the only solution available for now..
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  7. PyreX added a post in a topic Going negative karma (red) is like your worst nightmare   

    Right sir, it's so f*cking ironic. Moreover, people killing criminals are considered "normal" people, pretty -----ing ironic right?
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  8. PyreX added a post in a topic Going negative karma (red) is like your worst nightmare   

    This is why i do agree with all the penalities of negative karma, even if they seem exagerated, they are deserved, what ever the cause.
    What i don't agree with is the fact that you should flag On to attack back someone attacking you, it's like the system is pushing you to lose more and more karma, like if it's says to you:"Once your are a criminal, there is no way back". You may tell me well no really, you just need to run! OK sir i can do that, but that's what i do for 3 days now (because i play 4 hours per day) while i'm grinding my karma back, just imagine ever f*cking minute there is someone passing by, he sees a negative karma, and start attacking you just like that, he may follow me for like 5 minute, sometimes ever more!! who the psychopath now ?
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  9. PyreX added a post in a topic Going negative karma (red) is like your worst nightmare   

    Sorry because i keep my word, i can't respond to retarded comments.
    Dude you're so evil, and i like it :D, i must make a new caracter for that once i'm super borred at this game >.<
    Update: even if someone flagged ON is attacking you, you can't attack him back unless you flag ON too!! WTF
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  10. PyreX added a post in a topic PK system is not as explained by CM   

    Well i was in Trent and the high rated guy lvl 53 couldn't attack me in, i asked him to go out to try if he can, once out he was able to attack
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  11. PyreX added a post in a topic Do you call it a fail stack or luck stack?   

    I didn't here any official word, but i've found this long time ago: https://blackdesertfoundry.wordpress.com/2015/05/19/enchanting-sockets/#4
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  12. PyreX added a post in a topic Do you call it a fail stack or luck stack?   

    How much i guess is a chance drop title, for now the one i use id Ellion's blessed i guess, can't give you the other i'm not at home
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  13. PyreX added a post in a topic PK system is not as explained by CM   

    Well i'm at the same situation, but in my case i'm a wizard so i don't need potions, but you can buy potions from other vendors located outside of capitales.
    I figured out that once you have like -400k or more(means -390k etc cause talking about negation here), you will be fine in safe zones, players will no be able to attack you but guards will, so if you go to some safe zones like Trent, you'll have access to stable, storage etc..
    I discovered also that the max karma you get from killing mob of your level is 64, if you add the 3% Karma gem on helmet it will make 65, maybe a second gem should make it 66 or 67, so you get 65 000k karma from killing 1000 mobs.
    And the last thing you must know, since you are all the time flagged on even if you are disabling it, people will attack you but you'll not be able to attack them back, so what ever anger you have inside, DON'T FLAG ON and attack them, you'll just lose more Karma, unless you want to stay a negative karma of course.
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  14. PyreX added a post in a topic Be Honest, the Karma System is Fine   

    +1 Can't say more
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  15. PyreX added a post in a topic Going negative karma (red) is like your worst nightmare   

    it's not implemented, because i should be at -352k karma now and my i'm still always flagged, i still can be attacked but now only outside of safe zones, but gardes still attacking me, while -352k i should be considered as a rogue, and as i can see a rogue is not always flagged
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