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  1. Scapecootie added a post in a topic Is kyoukai dead?   

    kyuokucks p2w to victory
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  2. Scapecootie added a post in a topic best PVE dagger   

    n miss in pvp
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  3. Scapecootie added a post in a topic the truth and nothing but the truth ~ Manup   

    shit tier list   Real s tier Naga don't dodge.  Grav manup a tier at most. Real s tier don't pay 1/3 of castle income for a single guild merc
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  4. Scapecootie added a post in a topic Show your progress!   

    easy on dead/dodge server 
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  5. Scapecootie added a topic in US Guild   

    Is kyoukai dead?
    Wassup with kyoukai lately. Wishfairy farming pirates with his guild and all of a sudden puts on ghille when he sees a snake and a permared sorc. Is he that scared?  Afraid of a snake as a valk? ???????
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  6. Scapecootie added a post in a topic GS warrior beyond broken   

    it's balanced with the staggered release
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  7. Scapecootie added a post in a topic Psa tip on getting tet/pen easily   

    1 artisan on liverto=30 dura.  P2w hard easy tet/pen
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  8. Scapecootie added a post in a topic Psa tip on getting tet/pen easily   

    Tet with 200 ap 220dp smh. Not even muskan or tree armor. N duo coral. Cheapskate penny pinching. Lol
    u can get 200 ap in tri 
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  9. Scapecootie added a post in a topic Psa tip on getting tet/pen easily   

    or be a pleb n sit at tri all day. While the p2wer already half tet slots. Building stack is never a waste
    Enjoy your pri duo status cuz your broke irl and ingame  p2w ftw
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  10. Scapecootie added a post in a topic Psa tip on getting tet/pen easily   

    p2w. I can enchant without worrying about frags. P2w I can buy silver and with silver I buy frags. With frags I can non stop enchant. If I didn't p2w I would farms 395838485858 hours for relic n sit through 3857583 hour summoning relic bosses
    1 artisan on a liverto =30 dura 
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  11. Scapecootie added a post in a topic Psa tip on getting tet/pen easily   

    easy tet first try. Thank artisan memory for easy failstack. P2w boys. All done in 30 mins

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  12. Scapecootie added a post in a topic Nouver   

    delayed nouvet for stability since they just release kutum.  Wait I meant they staggered to milk you of artisan memory just like awakening 
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  13. Scapecootie added a topic in General   

    Psa tip on getting tet/pen easily
    Do you feel that you're not killing your enemies fast enough? Sick and tired of being bullied around? Just pay to win with artisan memory and just spam enchant. Get tet easy like never before. Want pen? Spam artisan memory. Enchant has never been so easy. 
    • 41 replies
  14. Scapecootie added a post in a topic @FML   

  15. Scapecootie added a post in a topic Kakau/PA why should I spend time and money on game before my awakening?   

    git gud or fight back with tet/pen gear p2w
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