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  1. Disharmony added a post in a topic Grats on the reroll guys   

    Yeah for sure it was some nice money iam practically backup to the gear i left just need zaka to give me one more aura. I'll probally regear the valk at some point though probally when i need high failstacks >.<
    Honestly i expected the lancia to take awhile to sell guess i wasn't expecting a valk with 1.4b to be sitting around.
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  2. Disharmony added a post in a topic Grats on the reroll guys   

    Left valk behind level 60, hurt losing ap i spent millions on but I already have a new dandy box and everything else replaced. 
    Was hard but at the end of the day i wasn't having fun anymore. New class is a blast

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  3. Disharmony added a post in a topic [Valkyrie] Sting Note - costume   

    for real though how could they release DK before costumes that have been out for months on KR.
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  4. Disharmony added a post in a topic Valkyrie class is not competitive - pls give us class change coupon   

    That's every class tho so...
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  5. Disharmony added a post in a topic Pvp and this game is a joke   

    ^ do you even play valk.. sorc ball is literally the easiest ult to deal with.
    shield chase, jump or super armor all work fine for dealing with it. 
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  6. Disharmony added a post in a topic Valk Guidance   

    Please explain how other classes can get 200ap easier when its the exact same gear across the board. 
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  7. Disharmony added a post in a topic [Valkyrie] Sting Note - costume   

    Tamers still dont have theirs I doubt were getting this anytime soon. But no of course they would release the winter outfits and shit
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  8. Disharmony added a post in a topic so what happened to the winter snow?   

    There was only a few days per season for the calendar event. But i assume we'll get snow again if there's an actual Christmas event?
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  9. Disharmony added a post in a topic How many high geared / level valk mains are considering rerolling?   

    Just going to ride it through for all intensive purposes a nerf to another class is a buff to valk and I think we'll see alot of balancing over the next few months. Quite happy sitting on something that's not fotm for the chance at changes in the future. 
    Having said that I'm going to be spending time non-pvp time on a warrior once i hit lvl 60 on my valk. 
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  10. Disharmony added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Maehwa and Musa   

    They will toss up a thread with winners names usually in 2-3 days so I assume manually. If you got it then the title will be a claimable thing on your account page. 
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  11. Disharmony added a post in a topic Winners: Awakening Event Series - Valkyrie   

    Unless you complete the quests within 30-35minutes of servers going up you don't even stand a chance anyway. Sucks that people make alts just for trying to obtain the title but I guess that what happens when you have an account wide title rather then a character based title. 
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  12. Disharmony added a post in a topic How many valkyries going for the first 100 lancia   

    I can see it now 5 days pass no results then everyone rerolls valk to get the title. 
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  13. Disharmony added a post in a topic How many valkyries going for the first 100 lancia   

    Already got the title on sorc so I'm glad I don't have to rush awakening I can do it when i get up in the morning. 1 Less valk fighting for it on Edan. 
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  14. Disharmony added a post in a topic Lance weapon skins   

    I mean the desert camo could be better but i think its passable

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  15. Disharmony added a post in a topic Lance weapon skins   

    That one ^ actually looks pretty good might roll the lance from that. 
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