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  1. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Return of experience   

    I want to see that 5 percent per hour too lol
    good killing speed as a valk. Im a ranger at 228 ap. Im killing faster, fast enough that im done before anything can respawn and i dont get near 2 percent there per hour even with 200% buff
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  2. Ayvaza added a post in a topic kamasilva for 0.1 % of players?   

    Not everyone is going with the group thingy. Best part of bdo was always that you can do almost everything solo, i need the independence. Not going to look for countless hours for a grind farm or whatever party..
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  3. Ayvaza added a post in a topic kamasilva for 0.1 % of players?   

    Bj godna a youtuber is doing fine aith 200 ap and around 300 dp as a blader.  Yeah the mobs hit hard,  but they give good trash items in return, up too 20k per piece
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  4. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Desert Debuffs (Disabled)   

    Lets make the game more enjoyable. We need stuff like hunger, need to take a dump, cold during nights, warm during day time, thirsty etc... Every whiteknights dream.. Maybe pay 70 percent of your daily income for rent..and some pearl items to lessen the penalties
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  5. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Afk activitiy w. Turned off pc   

    ive spent a lot of effort into bdo. 228 ap, lvl59, 3 master skills 4 artisans. Not going to quit bdo anytime soon
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  6. Ayvaza added a post in a topic What kind of gaming mouse do use to play this game?   

    One with 6 sidebuttons. Perfect for using pots and some quickslot skills
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  7. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Instead of Combat Exp Events we want some Life Skill Exp Events.   

    There was a lifeskill exp buff a few months ago... All i did was fishing at velia coast, a few steps away from all the hotspots... Fishing fishbones and seaweed all day long took me to professional fishing
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  8. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Desert Debuffs (Disabled)   

    ++++ cant see a real reason behind all the desert debuff, the only reason would be to sell more pearlshop items. Im curious about the whiteknights arguments here.
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  9. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Afk activitiy w. Turned off pc   

    desperate? Not rly. Ive been afking a lot. Enough to reach master 15 at fishing. I just dont see any exchange in letting your pc run, minimized running on tray or just turning your pc off... Its almost the same thing... Lemme see the extra cash i have to pay this year for the energy cost.
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  10. Ayvaza added a topic in General   

    Afk activitiy w. Turned off pc
    I dont know how to tag cms gma here... But i would suggest that we get afking without having the computer on.. Even with 10-20% slower processing or fishing speed it would be a big win for everyone...limited to a few hours per day... Making 1 bil per year afk would cost us several hundred euroes in real, nit sure if thats intended
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  11. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Afk activitiy w. Turned off pc   

    not sure if any of us go to internet cafes for bdo
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  12. Ayvaza added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 4th   

    Add the pearlshop kamasilve and combat book pls, make it available for the pearlshop with higher purchase limit.
    Aaand make the limit for trade ins per vendor higher for imp. Crafting and fishing or lower the reset time.
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  13. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Quality of life complaints   

    travelers map, and the escape button .. many ppl are using these ... didnt destroy the game till now. dont know how fast travel will ruin this game. hours of traveling, not sure how anyone can ejoy that shit. i didnt buy bdo for his "not having any fast travel" , it was just the graphics, nothing else, not sure if anyone bought that game for that bs
    short edit, using travelers map isnt any kind of teleportation for me... one time use only , hours of cooldown and worst part is you go to the next town nearby.. that will not help you when youre grinding somewhere in valencia.
    good amount of the players are over 18 in bdo. some of them are working, some of them have stuff to deal with or a family etc... and still want to play a good mmo, youre not forced to use any kind of fast travel, just get a t1 donkey, ride the whole -----ing way from trent to valencia, and enjoy the scenery
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  14. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Quality of life complaints   

    not always afk riding.. So how is that my problem. If u play active for 5 hours you will spend 2 riding on your mount or just going from one spot to other..  How can anyone enjoy this? If that destroys your gqming experience of open world, you could just not use the porter lol... I hope we get one very soon
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  15. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Quality of life complaints   

    Can you add this: teleporter for towns, its tiring for me to ride from velia to velanecian grindspots and back again, its a real killer for everyone with less active playtime. 100k in silver or some loyalty points in exchange for porting... A normal day is like this, come back from work, go sell the afk fish, go back to velia store the money, prepare for grinding, ride afk to grindspot, get tired/sleepy without even grinding,  go back to velia, repair fishing rods, go back to afk fishing... I know some of us like to ride all the way several hours per day, but not mr and im sure there are others with less playtime per day who want toenjoy the game without doing senseless stuff for 50% of the time.
    Yeah i have a t8 with double insta accel 
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  16. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 28th   

    Can we get the pearlshop kamasilve buffs and combat book buffs pls
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  17. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Would you guys want a Mediah/Valencia inspired character in Black Desert?   

    a lot of editing done here, tthe title is different, the post got changed. Even some comments got deleted, it was just a group bashing, naming and shaming..
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  18. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Is Black Desert having problems in Europe?   

    nope, are you even playing the game? im having trouble to find a empty grindspot in valencia, or a imp. merchant who isnt full
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  19. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Upgrading an Alchemy stone   

    Put 70mil (special strawberries) into my 6mil alchemy stone, so many fails, had one success, tried another growth attempt after that and it turned back
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  20. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Would you guys want a Mediah/Valencia inspired character in Black Desert?   

    Yeah bad post, trying to lure in racists to start an argument? Some gm cm mod please close this thread
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  21. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Kamasilve buff   

    Yes pls, we need a multi-day kamasilve buff. Should be purchaseable thru the pearlshop and marketplace + a new limit to function pearl items
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  22. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Scroll boss kills horse   

    Its actually a good thing, i think you can pull up more mobs with your horse, depending on the situation your mount can also be a life saver
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  23. Ayvaza added a post in a topic What if there was no RNG on Enchanting your Gear?   

    used over 80 witches for 1 tri earring, i have now 2 tri witches
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  24. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Kamasylve region trailer   

    Looks like we get chocobos and elemental weapons and maybe a forest debuff like poison, cant wait to buy the new debuff decrease pets and costumes
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  25. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Anyone excited about weapon change coupon on Wednesday?   

    I hope we get the two week kamasilve and the two weeks combat book items for the pearl shop. They werea part of the pearlshop items in kr if im not mistaken
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