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  1. Ayvaza added a topic in Suggestions   

    Repairable cooking/alchemy utensils
    We could seriously need some repairable cooking/alchemy utensils. These could be around 1000 durability, should be repairable without bringinf them to the smith, just add another section with repair housing items.
    Add them to the pearl shop for 1000 pearls eaxh, limited to 5 purchases, lower durability ones for the loyalty shop for 3-4k loyalty maybe 2 purchases max.
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  2. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Forcing the EXP Combat Buffs is ruining and creating problems, i suggest other better methods!   

    They should give us combat exp books, with limited usage, i cant even grind on weekends because of the hardcore competition, the big guilds get the best spots
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  3. Ayvaza added a post in a topic How you make money?   

    Imperial crafting alchemy/cooking is a good income. Gathering stuff like trollblood, lizard hide is another good way, best way will always be grinding. Ive heard that gardening is another good way to get a lot of shards. You can also channel hop on elites, kill them.. Change to another channel.
    Farming grinding on rare drop spots is nice, helms, hasrah, pirates, ogre, a lot of valencia spots
    Imperial fishing is another good afk way toearn money, buy the crystals with your seals, 20 mil with that... 
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  4. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Suggestion for crybabies   

    Please, just rage quit and sell your +12 gear at the market. Or go and play the game
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  5. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Suggestion for crybabies   

    No irony here, it just annoying as hell, i want to read something about farming gathering crafting about gaming experience
    ...Bdos forum is rly rly sad. I hope they all quit soon
    no, im not, i would stop playing that game, not buy that item, or whatelse i could do, but not act like an 12 year old boy in cs go, hell please quit if ur one of them
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  6. Ayvaza added a topic in General   

    Suggestion for crybabies
    Please add another part to the forum, special for everyone who wants to complain or read similar stuff..  it feels like the tickets send to the customer support/service.. Bdos general chat shouldnt be all about whining and complaining
    Short edit: just took a look at the first page of the general chat, i saw maybe 2-3 threads which are not about whining
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  7. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Offline energy regen nerfed to 1 per hour instead of 2 per hour   

    Do you guys even play the game? Or do you just whine at the forums about everything. I was curious, what the reply of pa was,it is acceptable, i have 11 alts, bought them a month ago because of the nightvendor.. Please stop whining at the forum, go play the game, i bet the na/eu are horrible customers compared to the asians.
    If i were a cm gm or whatever, i would ban all the ppl who would dare to call me stupid ot whatelse you guys said
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  8. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Duo-> Tri Downgrade?   

    dont get it. I started a thread a few days ago, to compare croxus to the other servers, no one replied from jordine uno or whatever
    Have yo been on both servers? Guess not
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  9. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Pearl Shop Discussion Megathread   

    i hope we get kamasilve buff and exp book.. i would pay good money for it. and yeah, i dont mind spending money on that, i hope you guys who complaina bout everything can get the chance to buy it from the market
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  10. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Duo-> Tri Downgrade?   

    croxus is full of tet tri stuff. We have tet kzarka shortsword and tet kzarkalongsword atm in the marketplace
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  11. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Max Contribution points and Energy points.   

    Amitygame was another way to get energy right? So, there are blue and red ones on the amity score? Is one of the colors an already known knowledge? Or should i go for each color?
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  12. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Duo-> Tri Downgrade?   

    Good question, saw a lot of ppl failing 2-3 times on the same item, same enchantment lvl, and that in a few seconds... So not sure if there is a small chance of not degrading the item,... The items i saw were generelly tri to tet, dont think that anyone would pay that much for cronstones
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  13. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Max Contribution points and Energy points.   

    After kuit isles release,  i visited all the nodes and managers on the isles, got like 10 energy on that day. I bet there is an easier way to get fast max energy, something similar
     thats the reason why im asking, someone with experience pls
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  14. Ayvaza added a topic in General   

    Max Contribution points and Energy points.
    What are the easiest methods to gain more energy and cp? Is there any quick way to add a few more energy points? What did you do to achieve higher enrgy and cp points? Cooking all the different ingredients or crafting etc seems like an impossible task
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  15. Ayvaza added a post in a topic How many Cycles do you have at mini game??   

    11 here, had a lot of move to starts
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  16. Ayvaza added a post in a topic Der Aufruf. Wir haben genug   

    Ich verteidige niemanden hier, aber das spiel ist top. Die leute beschweren sich über alles, habe sogar leute gesehen, die sich über die geschenkten boss items beschweren.
    Meine persönliche meinung ist es,    den spielern in eu na kann man nix gerecht machen, meistens profitieren alle davon aber heulen rum, am anfang sagen alle p2w wegen pearl items im ah danach beschwrren die selben sich weil nicht genug items verkauft werden
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  17. Ayvaza added a topic in Suggestions   

    Relic or Artifact weapons
    Hi, my third suggestion for bdo is/are artifact/relic weapons. 
    These should be obtainable after lvl 56, the first step should be to accept a quest. The quests first part could be "defeat 10000x of xxx monster", second part could be "reach 300-400 titles", after showing your might to the artifact quest guy with killing tons of mobs and showing him your fame with your titles, he should give you the last part of the quest.
    The last part is another mob killing grinding thing, we would need new items for this,
    Fragments of wrath, fragments of greed. They should be buyable via marketplace or trading,  or through a special vendot who sells one for 1mil)14 bil if u want to buy it...etc. Let say the quest npc need seven different versions (7 deadly sins) and from each one 2000 pieces. Drops could be rare, maybe similar to blackstones, that would be similar to farming 14000 blackstones. These should be also rare drops on lifeskills and grinding.
    After giving him all the items, he should give you an artifact weapon,  20 ap above every other weapon, 3 ap speed 3 crit chance and 10 accuracy. The items should be non enchantable to not add rng into an item whivh was earned with a lot of effort. It should at max from the beginning. Each weapon cohld have an special skill which only that one weapon has.
    The artifact relic weapons could be a full set of main offhand and awakened or each one by himself.
    Some would complain about he quest beeing to hard but this one would reward the ones grand who put a lot of effort into it.
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  18. Ayvaza added a topic in Suggestions   

    Active world events
    Hi. This is my second suggestion. The World of bdo is absolute beautiful, but its empty as hell, some spots even have nothing besides of few trees. That world is still improvable, and the best thing would be active/live events. This is another idea out of different mmorpgs, the FATE events in ffxiv or nexus event in tera.
    So you could put a huge server wide event, with a huge war against countless monsters with a bossfight ending, but thr bad part is, bdo is laggy and the framerate crashes with many ppl on one spot, the other weak point of bdo is... Bosses are not forgiving, they oneshot you, and the exp loss or crystal loss would just make it worse, so any penalty around the event area could be removed pvp too. Eventsrewards could be 4-10 memory fragments and 10g gold for joining and fighting and some of the mvps could get a reward box with various items, including bossgear.
    The second live event would be small tasks,never ending always location changing live events, could be able to see it on map, like "kill 1000 sausans, fogans", even add stronger versions of the same mobs, the mobs should give good amount of exp, so it shouldbe grindable to get exp, the important part on kill events would be a higher mob density... Other tasks could be added,  gather this and that, defeat this boss....
    Rewards could be a new ingame currency, "token of???" ,  tokens are the other part of my suggestion, the tokens earned on events, maybe bossfights, guildbosses (but mainly on events) could be used to buy rare enchanted gear. Like 1 event gives 3 token for the mvp, everyone else could get 1 token. 
    Rewards could be like this: liverto weapon box 1000 tokens, kzarka tokens 10000 tokens, silverembr. "fishing..." lifeskill gear +5 4000 tokens...  i would farm the hell out of the events to get a skillsuit5...  I bet its not possible atm ingame to get the rare enchanted items. But a years daily farming of tokens should be worth to get a pen ogre ring.
    The good part about tokens... Which is good for you and some of us, you could add tokens to the pearlshop purchase. Not direct sale, but a costume of2900 pearls could give 58 tokens, for every 50pearl 1 token. Not direct purchase but as an extra, and make it possible that everyone who bought stuff from the pearlshop gets the tokens (even if the purvhase was a few months ago).
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  19. Ayvaza added a topic in Suggestions   

    Named monsters, mini bosses.
    Hi. This isnt something new, but i would suggest that adding a few named monsters would help the game to improove.
    This is similar to ffxi, on some spots of certain areas, put the mini boss, with a respawn timer 4-36 hours, different loot on each monster, char bound, or family bound. Make the one who gets the first attack gets the monster, everyone else shouldnt be able to attack the mob. Depending on what you want you could allow pvp in that area or not. The boss should have tons of hp, enough to take 5-10mins of pure fighting, and a high damage output.
    This would allow the ppl to visit different spots ingame, more group-play?, more variaty. The more named monsters, the better.
    Rewards could be like this
    1-100g gold.
    Kombat book of exp 1-5 days
    Kamasilve buff 1-7 days.
    Special bound boss item or sellable? Depends on you, but with different stats than everything else.
    That could be like an 3 ap earring with 2 acc and 50hp... Some ppl would only farm bosses with good different rewards. Bdo is boring atm, main weapons are liverto or kzarka. Subs are ap or acc offhand... So nothing big, almost everyone is geared the same
    bump, first and last bump on all of my three pages sry  do cms gms whatever even look at suggestions? 
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  20. Ayvaza added a post in a topic How empty is Croxus?   

    i would buy them myself if i could get any on croxus

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  21. Ayvaza added a post in a topic How empty is Croxus?   

     put them in, sry was trying to sell my fish before changing to velia
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  22. Ayvaza added a topic in General   

    How empty is Croxus?
    Hi everyone. 
    Everytime someone mentions Croxus, ppl make fun of it, call it empty, dead, a pve channel. I dont know if its true or not, but i can say it feels alive for me. Nonstop pking for grinding spots, even low income or exp spots are taken most of the time. So, i would love to see pictures of the other servers :
    Rankings on velia 1 channel.
    Goods placed on marketplace.
    Like: base armor (grunil), base weapons (yuria),  boss weapons (livertos) (kzarka), boss gear
    Maetrials for alchemy, cooking, crafting. Everything which can show us that your channel is alive, or not dead like croxus. I know i ask for alot, but i want it prooved that croxus is dead/alive. Tyvm
    If ur going to help, add the screenshots and add the name of your server. All na eu servers are welcome
    Edited: Few pictures added from the Marketplace

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  23. Ayvaza added a post in a topic How empty is Croxus?   

    pics pls, it was croweded for me, the more ppl quit, the better for me, to have less ppl on the channels
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  24. Ayvaza added a post in a topic How empty is Croxus?   

    did my part, you can compare it to your server and say the difference
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  25. Ayvaza added a post in a topic How empty is Croxus?   

    soon. Im @ work atm. Cant play bdo, so was looking into the forums, to gain more "knowledge" on the game. Ill do it in 3-4h, if no one else should post anything. 
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