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  1. Pedophiles confirmed.

    lol, was about to say that "more pedophiles in america than in europe " :P

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  2. I did't say YOU knew what the game features were. I kind of assumed by your previous posts that you weren't the type to actually have bothered to check what the game actually featured or if it suited your preferred playstyle.

    What I did say, was that it was common knowledge that there wasn't any fast travel.

    common knowledge? i dont watch playthroughts or walkthroughs, i saw some news and a few trailers , nothing more, and i dont live in korea, chill

  3. Point was you picked one that right from the outset and known before launch that did not have a key feature you wanted. And now want to change something alot of people prefer to suit your personal preference.

    nope, i didnt knew the game content, i only knew that it had a beautiful graphic, some nice looking combat gameplay and a lot of pve professions, and yeah i knew it was a huge open world without any zones

  4. If you mean compared to Dec/Jan, it's because those periods had the snowfall (which lowered the temp, but increased water) and I think more frequent rain in general. We're now back to normal weather since the start of Feb. Strawberries are quite a water-needy crop

    installed waterways, still getting the same amount strawberries... are you still farming? are you sure that this is the normal droprate?

  5. I don't have a lot of time...hmmm..let's see.....this MMO with no fast travel, emphasis on a lot of grind and generally slow pace for progress sounds like a good thing I should get into and try to get changed to suit me.  Sign me up!

    mmos are not about no lifing fyi

  6. ...and that's how an opinion becomes a rant.I'm sure that generally speaking, a lot of suggestions could hit the target if the casual user wouldn't go around cursing, deminishing and throwing ad personam everywhere, however nope. Better calling kid whoever has a different opinion to prove that he's in fact a kid rather than come up with a decent explanation or at least keep out these things, that's the mature way to spot kids in a game where there are so many mature peeps if you do not have time to waste on kid's suggestions.

    tbh i dont like to ride from olivia to altinova each time to trade my stuff in for imp cooking, or from velia to glish after that to splashing point just to realize everytime that i have to wait 10 min for imp traders to accept (not) my stuff and another 5 min for a channel swap, after dealing with all this stuff i still have to ride (afk... After 220 days ofplay time i dont enjoy the scenery) back to my hometown. Just casually making money with lifeskills takes 2-4 hours per day, it would be a huge help for everyone who is about to quit or cant afford to play the game active for a long time. You dont have to use any teleporter ( if there were any) its your personal opinion whats the best thing for you. But i cant stand it anymore, and im sure im not the only one here. Any porter even limited usages per day or one to any town please, we need them

  7. hi, did anyone else notice a big difference in the strawberry yield? i get like 80% of the time "if u dont maintain the proper water amount, your yield will decrease" .. the problem is this one, i had that once in a while, but after the maint. / patch from feb.1 things got worse. any cm gm here or farmers who can confirm this? ty

  8. Actually, there are already some "unique boss like mobs with a lot of HP for hunters". They are in Valencia, and they must be done in parties of 5 members because of how strong they are. It's not for solo hunters, but it's a start.

    im still a big fan of ffxi, it had a lot of notorious/named monsters. Each mob had a unique drop, that kind of boss was my suggestion.

    But im still going for the open world live events, would br awesome to grind near velia :)

  9. I had a few good ideas. Didnt see any of them till niw. Most of them were stuff like adding unique boss like mobs with a lot of hp for solo hunters with rare drops. Or some new weapons with special effects like elemental dmg haste double procs. Or live world events which would give good amount of exp and special seals to buy rare stuff like tet pen gear lifeskill clothes,  similar to fate events in ffxiv... 

  10. .....Ranger? Ranger Awakened = 2 daggers really fast and crits a ton? and what do you mean "no real ranged class? RANGE-r!!!! xD

    ranger does not feel like a ranged class tbh. No single shot big dmg dealing attacks or no real cc.. It just feels like a class with throwing knifes similar to diablos demonhunter (shotgun, will of wind).

    and the rogue class wth real damage dealing daggers, crits from behind oor crippling etc.. You know what im talking about

  11. Should i succeed with the t8 awakening, do i lose something? Skills lvl etc? Do i need for the unique skills 2x t9s? A natural born t9 or just the awakened one. Im pretty new into rhis stuff,  got with my first breeding a t7 and with the 4th one a t8

  12. This game is a scam. You basically buy into it and then find out you are never going to catch up to anyone. Your chances of getting to the point where you can be considered decent are incredibly slim. You have to bust your ass grinding day in and day out for even a chance for the gear you need. Even then, it's RNG. You can sit your ass down at a world boss for weeks and never see anything. Good luck getting your Dande/Nouver/Kzarka at the market place. It won't happen.

    You're going to watch everyone around you get insanely lucky, and then have your guild turn around and tell you how insanely easy the game is and that you just need to grind even more. They give you these stupidly inflated numbers for some kind of vague encouragement to keep going. There isn't even a reason to keep going, you are utterly useless to your guild. And they aren't going to go help you. They don't even do Sausans anymore. You get to solo grind. If you show up for nodewars you get put into the siege weapons so you can twiddle your thumbs. Then everybody pats you on the head and tells you what a good boy you were.

    Then when you solo grind, you get pushed out of your spot immediately because everybody else can one-shot you. Then you get to call your guild in so they can do PvP that you can't even include yourself in, because you have no gear. 

    And then you get to go to world-bosses, where the people who do the most damage get more loot. So enjoy the rich getting richer, goy. There is absolutely no point in playing this game, and everyone who defends it is already uber-geared. Give me one(1) reason why there is any point in trying to play the infinite game of catchup that is Black Desert. I assure you that by the time you do catch up, the goalpost will already have moved.

    saw some dude after the server merge, who started 11 days ago( at that time),  he was over 200ap, had good gear, and even the 1 bil alchemy stone. I think he was at lvl59. Its all about rng, you can catch up to anyone. I killed countless fieldboss bhegs, did daily bhegs, solo or in a group, didnt get the drop. Could buy them later from the mp

  13. And that's what a MMO should be indeed : multiplayer.

    That's one of the main issues and deep dichotomy with BDO by the way, and it got worse through time, morevover when the game went from CBT to OBT in Korea : the game wants to feed revolve around emergent multiplayer mechanics for endgame on one hand, but gives you everything to avoid that on the other.

    would you like to grind from 1-61 in a group? Look for a party, with ap dp requirements, lvl or class restriction? Thats a big issue in other mmoes. 

    i know im going to grind solo in kamasilve :) not going to share my loot with others

  14. Best for you.

    With your mindset, solo RPG seems to be better suited.

    yeah, ive played almost every (good) rpg game till now (for the last 15 years)...  Bdo is still supporting my mindset. If u dont like it, go play ffxi... That game was harsh, trying hours to find a grind group, lvling months just to reach the max lvl (which was a musthave for endgame).  Maybe bdo isnt your game?

  15. Biggest money sink item in the pearl shop.  I think that the whole f'd up enchant fail lose dura farm relics get fragments one by one is just harder because of the artisan memories. Who knows how the game would be like without some of the items from the pearlshop... I bought a lot of them. Just to repair my bossgear, to fail lose another enchantment just to start all over again..

  16. Your rotation is incomplete. Show us a 5-6min video please....i know that spot. And i clear the whole area and have to wait for the respawn and your rotation is muCh smaller than mine... So that makes stuff much slower

  17. I got the important casting speed as a ranger and a lot of special meal boxes.. Opened a few hidden paths and always rolled over 4. The best thing i got was1x conc. Weapon stone, everything else was somekind of buff or box