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  1. rexipoo added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    I do know that, that's why i'm an ex-hardcore WoW player that quit due to boring content.
    100k for 1 month. (current price) 
    The game itself is a waste of time because Legion is just as boring as WOD.
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  2. rexipoo added a post in a topic Which 4 pets to buy?   

    First he needs a small loan of a million dollars before he does that.
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  3. rexipoo added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    I'm an ex-WoW hardcore player so listen to me. 
    The latest content on WoW is repetitive grinding. You will do the same thing for months and months until the new content which comes out yearly.
    Another thing that brings me down is WoW is $15 per month + $60 for new content yearly.
    BDO is just 10 dollars for perm if you start now. Used to be higher but the past doesn't matter anymore. 
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  4. rexipoo added a post in a topic How many Shakatu Seals can you get?   

    in KR it's 10 max per month.
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  5. rexipoo added a post in a topic Kakao plz fix Value pack bidding   

    It would be even more impossible because of the bot snipers.
    I think some people would prefer the bid more just for RNG.
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  6. rexipoo added a post in a topic What happened to Witchzards again ?   

    Isn't class balancing suppose to be KR's thing?
    Posting here would only tell NA team to just pass on the information.
    But good luck on convincing both NA and KR teams. 
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  7. rexipoo added a post in a topic What an Undergeared Striker is Capable of   

    Striker isn't OP.
    I seen other Striker pvp videos and they have been outclassed a few times.
    For a class to be OP they would need to beat every single class with minimal skill. 
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  8. rexipoo added a post in a topic Tired of server problems?   

    At these times i'm getting a lot of server lag for delay.
    It's probably because of the huge amount of population but it's still annoying.
    Servers are probably stressed due to it's capacity is my guess.
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  9. rexipoo added a post in a topic New Player - Trying to wrap my head around payments   

    I personally buy the Value Pack every month because it's just too useful to not have one.
    It's one of their ways of making lots of money.
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  10. rexipoo added a post in a topic Ive been kicked out of my spot   

    Karma Bombers should infact be scared
    There are some people who don't care about losing Karma and will make these bombers cry all the time ecks dee
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  11. rexipoo added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    Karma bombing is an issue because
    If you kill somebody for territory, you should own that territory is the way I look at it.
    Karma bombing is the exact opposite, if you die enough times, you actually win territory.
    It's so dumb and lot of people take advantage of it.
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  12. rexipoo added a post in a topic Ranger   

    I have a friend that mained a Ranger for a long time.
    I never seen him have any problems but i'll ask him today about this :>
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  13. rexipoo added a post in a topic Ending the level 10 node debate   

    Bless RNGesus
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  14. rexipoo added a post in a topic What's the reasoning behind not being able to put a horse on an Epheria Sailboat?   

    Am I?
    Or am I not?
    That is the question.
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  15. rexipoo added a post in a topic plz somone help i only have 7 days   

    No worries.
    The forums has a lot of keys.
    Not even joking.
    Ever since they have this 7 day free trial, I still have my 3 fking keys that was never given away.
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