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  1. Wonder Cat added a post in a topic 48/47/41/39/42/39/47/37/40/39/44 FS goin for DUO   

    Latest results : I reached the following failstacks trying to make my nouver Tri => 2 x 51 fs, 1x 49 fs, 2 x 46 fs, 1 x 47 fs, 1 x 44 fs, 1 x 42 fs 
    Starting FS  number was on average 27/28. 
    => Nouver still pri   
    => No more characters w/o failstacks.
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  2. Wonder Cat added a post in a topic 48/47/41/39/42/39/47/37/40/39/44 FS goin for DUO   

     Are you one of those randoms playing in grunil gear till lvl 59  that never in their life got a boss gear to actually regrade it and likes talking from the outside thinking  it won't happen to him in the case you would actually afford failing 10 times above +15? 
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  3. Wonder Cat added a post in a topic 48/47/41/39/42/39/47/37/40/39/44 FS goin for DUO   

    @Kymaera , i have failed my nouver from +15 trying to make it  +18 exactly 33 times.   I have failed to duo it about 20+times now => I got 51, 47,47,46,46 failstacks   At this point my cost to make it +15 is about 300 durability and about 330 after +15 ( I am excluding all the others costs cuz i'll probably get depressed  knowing how much i've spent on this) . My nouver is still pri.   i also tried to duo it  with 2 characters starting with  29 fs and i ended up reaching 45 -> still pri. I downgraded it about 8 times when trying to make it tri and the last fs i tried to make it tri with was 47 => this is how I got 51.
    Now, if someone wants to tell me how lucky i am or how lucky the op is, what if you just go and get a boss item and started making these failstacks yourselves ? Oh wait, this would actually require memory fragments that people rarely want to use in order to make FS for TRI/TET .. i see.. 
    Note that this is not an item I am trying to purposely failstack on, this is an item I need to be ready so I can start enchanting my dande.
    Tbh i feel like  not enchanting  this nouver anymore since it drained me of all my sharps  
    I guess i ll  just be gathering, do cartians, make money & try to buy more sharps... and probably do my dande this time.  
    Later edit: reached 51/51/49/47/46 trying to tri it 
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  4. Wonder Cat added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Hey guys, I started playing again since yesterday so I still had plenty of horses before I stopped playing. Having in mind I had still plenty of high tier horses I decided to go for a breed T7-T7 and got the pure breed T8C. Since I already got what I wanted I thought I could be trying to sell some of my horses. I believe all of us know that the value of horses is rather insignificant for the time spent and RNG that goes into the process.
    Having in mind the above, I thought I could sell some of my T6s and T7s in exchange for a costume gift or inventory weight ( I am planning to continue playing so these would be highly appreciated to have)
    Some few details about the T7s: the T7I aka Ponyta is female and has been bred(Level 30, reset available) , the T7E aka Volpe is male and has been bred (reset still available, level 30), the T7H aka Boom is level 30 (has not been bred), the T7D aka Hero is male and has been bred( his level is 30, reset available), the T7A aka Zelda is level 7 ( did not have time to level him up since I quitted the game, has not been bred yet),  the second T7H aka Dictionary is level 1 ( did not have time to level him up, not bred) , T7E aka Blacky level 30 female( has been bred, reset available), the T7H aka Polar from Keplan is level 1( has not been bred yet, did not have time to level him up either). 
    Regarding the T6s most of them as you can see are males with both breeds( reset available) and some few ones females that have already been bred ( reset available). Most of them are 28. 
    All horses from the screenshots except the T8 are available for sale. (Even though I have mentioned this above, all horses can be reset)
    In case someone is interested feel free to contact me( I am playing on the European servers).
    I hope my post will not disturb anyone from here, thank you for your time.
    Have a nice evening!

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  5. Wonder Cat added a post in a topic Forcing PvP Players to do "Gathering"   

    I assume since you consider yourself a pvp focused player you have grinded your way till now meaning you had plans with the money you were gonna spend for improving your gear. How come even though you knew that valencia would eventually come  never thought of stacking up on these shards before the patch? I mean that would have been the most logical way of achieving what you want in case you wanted to stay competitive.
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  6. Wonder Cat added a post in a topic What outfit is this?   

    Grunil chest but dyed
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  7. Wonder Cat added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    As I see it there is no actual point in breeding T7s right now. You can do very good with a T6 with drift,IA and quick stop.
     I got 2 T7s from about 60 breedings and I won't breed them now  They are waiting for the release of T8s.
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  8. Wonder Cat added a post in a topic Post pics of your Ranger   

  9. Wonder Cat added a post in a topic Number of fail stacks to upgrade a SIlver Embroidered outfit to +2?   

    When I was trying to go for +3 Trainer's made about 4 of them  +2 with 15,17,15,20. Then tried for +3 with 25(fail), 35(fail),36(fail) and kept a +2. But i am not lucky at enchanting
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  10. Wonder Cat added a post in a topic All about Alchemy Stones.   

    @Myssy ,
    This is not the first guide that uses that recipe and has as requirement *Experienced* which does not exist in NA/EU as profession rank. My point is if that experienced means professional add both recipes. And since there is a translation issue, I assume, how can I know what experienced refers to? I haven't played on KR and not too much on the Russian to actually craft stones so I don't know the actual recipe on different professions ranks.The recipe in this guide is misleading same as the ones from other guides since people do not know what *experienced* means having in mind that it is not a current profession rank we have. And about checking forums I did that, but whom are you gonna trust? 1 person from a forum that could easily use more materials for the sake of  not failing or guides that people actually consider good? 
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  11. Wonder Cat added a post in a topic All about Alchemy Stones.   

    Could you and the others  that made alchemy guides update them ? I was trying to get my own destruction stone and I obviously failed  after using the formula I found in your guide and others. And I did double check my materials and read on other sites as well but it seems you all use the same broken recipe. So could you please do a nice thing for the people that will look for a way of how to craft a stone and spare them from losing their materials like I did? I was skilled 10 when I failed twice with the recipe you have in your guide and I did not fail in the way that I got some trash item that can be sold for few silvers but more in the way "If the ratio is good you might get something".
    Thank you in advance.
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  12. Wonder Cat added a post in a topic Concerning about Bann Waves   

    @Jack Sparrow, I did find something now that I am able to read and it doesn't require an account.
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  13. Wonder Cat added a post in a topic Post pics of your Ranger   

  14. Wonder Cat added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    My latest breedings below

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  15. Wonder Cat added a post in a topic Attempts to get high failstacks   

    I had 5 characters with 20 failstacks only from horsegear which was at +9/+8/+7. Then I tried to make a bronze dagger +15 from +13 . I was trying to use my 20 failstacks i had on all characters available so i ended up with 30 failstacks on 3 of my characters and the rest  that I had went at 29&29 for 13,14. 
    I also had 38 failstacks from trying to make my chest 15.  Now i am currently sitting at 20 failstacks on 2 chars from enchanting bardings and stirrups that refuse to go +10 and are either +8 or +9. Look, personally I don't consider myself lucky at enchanting  and from my experience I can say horse gear enchanting brings failstacks,like many of them. But once again, it is my experience on this matter.  It seems that building failstacks won't represent an issue in the future at least for me.
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