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  1. Paislee added a post in a topic FPS issue possible fix for it - NVidia Only GPU's   

    Man. I went to bed, ya'll are still arguing?
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  2. Paislee added a post in a topic I think its the fact the game has no loading screens that is the cause for the fps   

    >Open World MMORPG 
    >People complain about FPS issues. 

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  3. Paislee added a post in a topic FPS issue possible fix for it - NVidia Only GPU's   

    I come for the comments and entertainment. That's about it. This is like the /r/BDO Subreddit. 
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  4. Paislee added a post in a topic Improving PVE gameplay and Monster AI   

    The amount of wholly ignorance here is amazing. I had someone tell me last night Crowfall is going to fail because of having stat acumen's and that it won't have the financial support to keep it a float over the coming months and it's going to just flop on it's face. Are people really going to pull a Nostradamus on this game and try to be the all knowing wisdom that forsee's BDO's future. Oh tell us sagacious one, what will become of our precious game in the coming winter months? 
    Putting my facetious behavior aside, I'm a new player and I like the game. I've played many MMO's that have mob grinding. Not sure why this is new to anyone it's not an "Asian" business model of any sort. It's an MMO model all around. You want something, you farm it, simple as that. I haven't reached end-game yet, but the amount of negative Nancy nay-sayers on this forum is amazing. It's one of the reasons why the NA region is frowned upon and a reason why I switched to EU (Better people, less negativity). Overall I am quite positive that the game will be fine. Rome wasn't built in a day. Not sure why people can't take a game at face value for what it is and not what is isn't. It's a PvE/PvP Sandbox game. Sure there are some AI issues, but I'm not gonna complain? Because why look a gift horse in the mouth. People here complain too much already that mob grinding is boring/a chore. Do you really want them to just crank up the overall difficulty and have you sit there churning mobs for hours with a much higher difficulty and a lower turnover rate on loot? 
    A lot of you also have a really bad crab mentality that you should get out of, since it seems to be a trending thing with most NA communities sadly. If you don't know what a crab mentality is, I suggest you use your Google-Fu. I don't give hand out's and I don't give out tl;dr's. Read once and awhile you lepton!  

    P.S - Aww yiss, 5 post count.
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  5. Paislee added a post in a topic Can't decide main class, for PVE   

    As a newbie I'd also like some guidance on a PvE Class. Ranger looks fun, but confusing as hell and honestly Sorceress looks worth it if I get that kick ass scythe.
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  6. Paislee added a post in a topic So what happened with this .....   

    Hello. I'm a lurking forum goer, this is my first time posting something. So here goes nothing. 
    I bought BDO yesterday and I am having fun with it, but the amount of negative attitudes about the game is just astounding. I think people are taking the whole "Free To Play" "Pay To Win" to a cry wolf level here. You guys are forgetting that BDO doesn't run off air, there are people who have lives and aren't just some person that's at your beck and call. I've looked at the Cash Shop and most of it is convenience at best. Extra Weight, that's cool. Experience boosting costumes, it's all about the journey and not the destination right? I mean if someone is getting 10% more experience, that's literally just 100 more experience. Not that big of a deal. You're both going to hit Level Cap, just some do it faster than others. Not sure why people feel the need to get jealous over someone else's progression then go cry wolf "Pay To Win. Pay To Win!" It's nonsense if you ask me. As a new player to BDO I enjoy the game at face value. Now if you're playing for a competitive PVP aspect, then you could be a bit ornery, but it's still all the same. You're buying a convenience.  Let's use Six Flags as an example. 

    John and Joe both go to Six Flags with their families. 

    John's family bought the Fast Pass. Which allows you to skip through the line to get on the ride quicker. 
    Joe's family didn't buy the Fast Pass. So they have to wait in line a bit longer.  
    Both parties are EVENTUALLY going to get on the ride, so therefore they both will enjoy it. It's just John's family will enjoy it a bit faster. 
    So I am not sure why people are up in arms over the cash shop. But eh, this is just my $0.02. Probably when I get into the game more, I can give a better understanding of this ongoing Cash Shop War. Back to lurking.
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