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  1. Kalmah added a post in a topic Valkyrie SA and Skill Issues/bugs   

    Yea I'm very well aware that movement speed affects our w+f. The issue more so lies with the big patch stating "Cast Speed now affects Hastiludium" and thereafter my dash winds up sometimes and then theres times where I'm off like a goddamned greyhound chasing a rabbit the second the gate opens (The moment I press W+F).
    The backpeddle is a panic block and if youre block locked you can't Q into your proper block so you usually have to promptness into Q in order to retain your CC immunity.
    I think the main issue is the moving seems to negate the immunity but the other issue is that all the classes can stand in your face and attack with anything and end up getting back damage (because garbage hitboxing and design) forcing us to move pretty much making us eat a CC no matter what.
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  2. Kalmah added a topic in Valkyrie   

    Valkyrie SA and Skill Issues/bugs
    Constantly and consistently getting knocked out of SA / Block / Front Guard on my Valkyrie, hoping someone can shed some light on my situation because I'm almost convinced I'm the only one. Some things I can deduce to latency (More like s**t servers) but other things are just plain eye sores and some of our skills are just plain useless making them an outright abomination.

    Skills that need serious working on and need answering/justification

    Hastiludium (W+F)
    - Getting knocked out of SA MID dash (Not sure if this is related to my next point or not)
    - What the f***ing hell is going on with our W + F wind up? Sometimes its instant, sometimes it's like I'm winding up with -30% CS and MS?? <- Unrelated to move speed. Im talking Instant as in Wind-up animation doesn't even happen.
    - Does the Instant animation cause the game to think were still doing the windup during the dash therefore only have frontal guard?? Ridiculous.

    Terra Sancta (S + RMB) 
    - Why is my basic RMB taking priority over my S + RMB coming out of block? Is this server side issue? Game just not registering inputs?? Or just plain shotty design? This would be so bad if I could cancel out of the skill via Promptness...

    Verdict : Lancia Lustitae (Shift + RMB)
    - Using my F -> Shift + RMB constantly getting knocked out of beginning plunge animation (From wind up until first hit). 
    Lucem Fluxum (Flow RMB)
    - What kind of circus skill is this? No Super Armor? No retaining frontal block? More uncontrollable travelling for 4 hits? This is a joke. I keep mine locked anyone else? 

    Grab (E Non-Awaken)
    - If the last skill wasn't a joke this last one sure is. We're stuck with the worst grab in game. At least the ninja has 2 grabs to compensate for its equally terrible grab. Hell our counterpart gets -30% grab res and instant grab. Ive been grabbed by warriors while im grabbing them. Sounds ridiculous but desync is just as ridiculous.

    Noble Spirit (E)
    - "Super armor while using"... None whatsoever, i've been stunned stiffened knocked down knocked up glitched into push away push into whatever while sprinting. I'm not even sure the devs know what super armor is they just wanted to add flavour text to the siege buff it looks like.
    - Also glitches out with Death Line Chase if you force it. Fix this.

    Sanctitas de Enslar (F - 100%)
    - Would be nice if we could at least land before people get up from the CCs. But the main Issue I have right now is I've been getting knocked out of our wind-up and worst of all I've been killed while in the air so many times its unbelievable <- Either Change the wording "Invincible while in air" or make it happen because we have 2 different definitions of invincible it would seem. Or did the devs just copy pasta some google translate garbage and call it good?

    Lancia Training (LMB)
    - "Consumes 200 stamina per left/right moving attack" yet my mobility cancel relies on using LMB to cancel into Promptness and that takes 200 stamina on a basic stationary left click. Fix.

    Death Line Chase (Shift + W/S)
    - Sorc gets IFrames, Ninja Gets IFrames, Ranger gets IFrames, Zerker has a SA dash that works, Musa/Maehwa get IFrames, Witch/Wiz get IFrames, our warrior counter part is invincible while dashing. We get frontal block on 3s cooldown and the backwards death line chase has guard where we don't need it (the opposite way youre facing). What a Joke. 

    I've never been knocked out of promptness, so I'm truly convinced that our skills are broken. 
    QQ /endwhining - Edited forgot about our garbage grab and such. 
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  3. Kalmah added a post in a topic Compensation for down server   

    I was enhancing my tet ogre ring and the bar reached the end of the animation and nnow I cant receive either of them and their frozen in window! and I got kicked off and now theyre both gone! This is ridiculous I want my tet ogre back11111111!11
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  4. Kalmah added a post in a topic Valk ulti   

    Sounds like the initial 3 marking hits can target further but I guess well see, a targeted jump would be nice but shit game is shit and jumping in place is too stronk
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  5. Kalmah added a post in a topic Suggested Changes   

  6. Kalmah added a post in a topic How do Valkyries follow up Wave of Light in large-scale PvP?   

    Can do F > Space > Shift + RMB or Charging W+F > Space > RMB > Space > Shift + RMB
    Blitz stab is shit in large scale because no super armor or any sort of guard, its a half decent poke and works well for peeling your witches from a distance because the knockback. 
    If youre in small scale pvp your ult will take you out of the game for a too long to be really worth it against attentive players so you need to time it right so the charge > Terra sanctum tends to be safer and more effective.
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  7. Kalmah added a post in a topic Earrings?   

    Blue whales! 4 ap vs 200 hp, 200 hp goes a long way at 300+ dp.
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  8. Kalmah added a post in a topic Block Counter Needs Adjusting   

    Well I could only assume you're blocking hits from someone using a skill that has a cc so I'd personally never risk the shift lmb against someone, especially when they're more than likely SAd and can easily sidestep your windup on the bash.

    Real elephant in the room though is the S lmb losing priority to sacrum ferit, too many times have I pressed f and chained into a front block instead of super armor getting me killed in rbf D:
    Forces me to go sf>f>space>slmb which leaves 2 windows in between super armors for cc to happen.
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  9. Kalmah added a post in a topic A little too much or no?   

    Get your grunil to Pri. 
    Switch out your red coral earings for blue corals. (Cheaper and much more effective/efficient for pve)
    Get your awakening blue lancia to duo.
    For PVE i'd use Axion shield (once you get pri/duo grunil)
    Ditch the RoGDs and use Marks, you can snipe really cheap or effectively farm them in the well getting 5/6 every few hours.
    Accuracy doesn't have much of an impact after 56/57 on mobs considering youre not going to find much in the red even in the desert (Aside from laytenn / certain fogans / pila ku and big crescents) and even at that you'll still be able to hit them enough with your vangherts/ancient seal setup. 
    Also don't listen to recommended gearscore for mobs in valencia - They're WAY off on most of them i was efficiently farming fogans at 140/190 solo without any real issues.
    Seems like they're mostly there as a softgate to stop people from actually farming and gate them in to farming sausans forever 
     Good luck! 
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  10. Kalmah added a post in a topic Almost giving up   

    My CC's work pretty damn well, just our grapple is aids as far as CC goes
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  11. Kalmah added a post in a topic Beginner equipment questions   

    Gloves to Pri for sure - Consider using purification lancia before going to duo with your armor since youll have a respectable 240~ dp with pri gloves. The Green lancia is dead weight since most of you pve/pvp damage will be coming from it. I'd personally sell your crescent and basi belt once the market prices restabilize to fund your lancia.
    -> Pri Gloves 
    -> Duo Purification Lancia
    -> Upgrade your earings (Consider switching one to Red Coral this will help in actually landing hits) to Pri/Duo
    -> Lancia to Tri
    -> Boss gear purchasing time. (I sold my grunil to fund my rocaba / muskans / hebetate)
    -> Boss gear to Duo
    -> Kzarka Tri
    -> Pri Tree Spirit going into Ogre ring / Duo Manos Ruby Necklace
    -> Start slowly smashing or buying crescent rings to get those double digit APs
    -> Khutum offhand (I dont reckon you buy this earlier since vanghertz is pretty damn good and the accuracy will be needed until you have Tri redcoral / Bhegs / Kzarka etc.) 

    Good luck, keep up the progression!
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  12. Kalmah added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 28th   

    Reduced "MP" Cost on purificatione, I feel trolled by the devs. Oh good we can now cancel out of her lance rmb on second hit and run away because that's all us valks are good for. Sweet.
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  13. Kalmah added a post in a topic The State of the Valkryrie   

    WTB a block that is actually "Resistant" to adverse status effects.
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  14. Kalmah added a post in a topic Should +15 be the gear cap?   

    Best PvP = Dark souls 1
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  15. Kalmah added a post in a topic Death Penalty   

    I don't understand where you're coming from with your point?
    I haven't played any games that don't have some kind of penalty upon death. 
    It literally lengthens the game, you're at the point where you're complaining that you have to play the game more - I don't understand.
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