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  1. AngelofAwe added a post in a topic Ranger cannot kill a warrior or valk. How is this balance?   

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  2. AngelofAwe added a post in a topic Ranger cannot kill a warrior or valk. How is this balance?   

    They do actually.  Though you have to be a good witch for that and know the secrets of target locking, holding on to the CC "buff" and using the 90% heal at range since the ranger has no CC to stop it. 
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  3. AngelofAwe added a post in a topic Ranger cannot kill a warrior or valk. How is this balance?   

    No, like ever. I'm very well aware of what I'm doing against a warrior but there is no chance to win against one that is equally skilled. There's not supposed to be.
    A ranger that spams shotgun is absolute trash to begin with and will get wiped out by any half-decent player.
    Even if that would work though shotgun costs 150 mana and a lvl 55 ranger will have a maximum mana of about 700 with maxed health. That's 4 shotguns. That won't even break your shield and your shield recovers faster than mana pots. 
    But yes, defensive warrior is awful. AP and aggressive play against the ranger is the way to go. 

    Not entirely familiar with warrior gear builds but heve sounds pretty odd to me. Yellow grunil is what you want at the moment anyway.
    The damage redcuction makes a huge difference because it's per hit and shotgun for example is a combination of a "spray" of individual arrows. 
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  4. AngelofAwe added a post in a topic Ranger cannot kill a warrior or valk. How is this balance?   

    You've never met a good one. There's 0% chance to beat one on equal ground but I don't mind it. Rangers are just not supposed to excel at 1v1. 
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  5. AngelofAwe added a post in a topic Ranger cannot kill a warrior or valk. How is this balance?   

    I can't go through the shield and health of a 190 DP warrior and I have 148 AP so I don't think that's the case.
    You're probably wearing green gear anyway if you take that much damage. You need the damage reduction of blue and yellow pieces. 
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  6. AngelofAwe added a post in a topic Dealing with Sorceresses   

    That sorc is bad though. You're not going to land a stun on a good sorc when they learn to simply block and turn around every time you jump like Ahtia in my video.
    That sorc even got hit by a couple shotguns to the face while not stunned. Seriously. 
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  7. AngelofAwe added a post in a topic Dealing with Sorceresses   

    Mobs are no friends of rangers either. They block all our knockdowns making them unusable and absorb the damage of Q and shotgun.

    Oneup has the advantage but if he makes a mistake and gets knocked down once it can be over.
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  8. AngelofAwe added a post in a topic Dealing with Sorceresses   

    Making the sorc run out of stamina first is impossible. Ranger iframes use just as much stamina and has to be used against every CC and dark flame to avoid instant death. But not only that. Shotgun, Q cancel and WotW cancel which are the main 3 damage attacks ALSO consume stamina.
    And that's not mentioning the mana resources that are a pure joke on ranger and gone long before the stamina.

    In 1v1 with a good sorc there's basically 0 chance of victory. I did these duels with my guildie and won 3 fights out of about 10 when we first started and practiced until he learned what I was doing and simply started countering it. After that I went 0-12 and was never close, there's nothing I can do. 


    On topic for group fights, if the sorc comes for you all you can really do is call of sky his attacks and try to land stuns/dps on his team rather than the sorc itself.
    As long as the sorc doesn't hit you he's out of the fight chasing you while you can still deal some damage to his friends.
    When everybody else is dead you can deal with the sorc together or if he screws up and gets caught in some other CC while chasing you... burst. 
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  9. AngelofAwe added a post in a topic Nerf to Sorc on KR   

    That is one the the ranger strengths. Bursting a CC'd target down from range, especially a downed target since our main damage spells have down attack bonus.
    However our own knockdowns are so bad and unreliable that they practically never work 1v1 or against an equal level/gear opponent.

    P.S. For those picking on Ahtia here, he's one of the few sorcs that can dominate me like that. It's not a mindless spam as that would not work.
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  10. AngelofAwe added a post in a topic Call From Sky bug   

    That happens when you get a wizard buff yeah. Had that in arena 3v3s due to getting buffed. 
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  11. AngelofAwe added a post in a topic So is Boss armor BiS and we slowly but surely say byebye to Grunil (etc) ?   

    Yes it is but I don't think you realize how rare those pieces will be. Especially with no secret shop in the game.
    I don't expect I will have a single piece one month from now and I will try to snipe all of them from the market and have saved up my bundles.
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  12. AngelofAwe added a post in a topic Hasrah Dungeon   

    Abandoned monastery 2.0.
    There are golems there with the ground slam skills of the golems in helm post and ranged mobs with slow effects etc etc if i remember right.
    The real problem is that they hit extremely hard though. 
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  13. AngelofAwe added a post in a topic Hasrah Dungeon   

    Daum will cash in some tears when people explore Hasrah with +15 gear.
    Forum ones and cash shop ones. 
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  14. AngelofAwe added a post in a topic Pirate Island (Is it really for +16?)   

    Pirate island is one thing. Yes it's for +16 gear but you CAN kill them with some effort if you're maxed at +15.
    Hasrah dungeon on the other hand is a different story. You want 170/200 before farming that efficiently. Good luck. 
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  15. AngelofAwe added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 4th   

    That's bull.  +16 isn't even enough for Hasrah. 
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