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  1. Lynkx added a post in a topic LOOK DARK ELF!   

    Ah got iim!
    This class just seems uninteresting as a concept. Like an awakened ranger with a larger sword
    I do hope that they at least add a male counterpart, not that I would ever play one unless the class looks fun to play upon release. But I would still enjoy being facestomped by a larger variety of classes
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  2. Lynkx added a post in a topic Pls make LBP no CD again   

    Thanks so I found that flash gives back some good mana. I might not have the skill points for it as I am thinking of leveling roaring because If I max that and get more ap I can actually farm some areas faster than with regular skills. Plus I don't have enough to max whiplash yet either ;P so I don't need it yet. Is flash good for anything else?
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  3. Lynkx added a post in a topic [Updated][Maintenance] Maintenance November 30th   

    I'm gonna play FFXV!!!!! 
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  4. Lynkx added a post in a topic Pls make LBP no CD again   

    He mentioned that Heilang Dance (S + LMB) doesn't regen enough mana. I also agree.
    When solo farming you can go at your own pace and take the time to regen mana with simple LMB attacks, but it is much faster when using mana pots. When farming in a group, our farm speed is very slow compared to other classes w/o pots. Any players with 200+ ap probably won't notice because they deal so much damage anyways, but if you're not as geared then mana pots are a must.
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  5. Lynkx added a post in a topic Questions   

    ok turtle dance is bound yeah. I use bolt/jolt too much then. However, right now I can't really adjust my playstyle until I get to Valencia or Pirates, atm i've had bad luck upgrading my gear. So I'm stuck at Sausans and similar areas with huge mob density and low health. Tamers in this situation have it worse than other classes because of a few reasons:
    1. Mobs don't aggro automatically when you get close when you are at or above the mob's level. So you have to manually aggro them all (attack them)
    2. With huge camps of 20+ mobs like at sausans/elrics even with double pull limit you can't pull them all, and even the combo you mentioned is best only on dense, pulled groups of mobs or single target.
    3. The area you farm changes alot, the mob density, the type of mob density, how spaced apart, etc.
    This is what I was thinking. I know of Crescents and Pirates and those are good. So are Basilisks but I don't know if they give good exp/loot. Basically our pull potential can gather a bunch of scattered mobs that other classes would just skip over or take more time gathering. However, our aoes are small and not very spammable so on large groups like at sausans it takes longer to clear camps. It's true that we are better at large dense camps than small spaced out camps, but if the small camps are close enough together to aggro them into a big group then we can do that too, it just depends on the spot. Other classes will easily stop for smaller camps because of their better aoe and clear speed, as well as clear larger camps faster. It's not that we lack damage, it just doesn't come fast and easy (instant) or in large aoe like some other classes.
    If I'm wrong about any of these things please correct me, I really want to learn the class well.
    edit: i tried everything, afk relic scrolls are a no go 
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  6. Lynkx added a post in a topic Questions   

    I don't know how you do it. I can't get heilang to pull mobs to where I am, he just attacks a pack of mobs and they just attack back, where he is... It's very annoying because he actually messes up my mob pulling. But regardless, how many mobs you can pull should be irrelevant because you should just be killing the right camps and moving on, in such case tamer is not the best because her actual AOE is not as good as other classes. For me the most annoying thing about tamer pve is the knockback. Almost all of tamer's damaging skills knock all the mobs back and out of your already small aoe range. >: like wtf, im trying to kill mobs here, can I turn off knockback -> since it's useless in pvp it's not helpful at all??? The skills I'm talking about are Bolt/Jolt, LBD turtle, and 100%
    One thing I want to know other tamers' opinions on (even more than pve) is heilangs aggro, specifically (can you actually do afk relic bosses and how?)
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  7. Lynkx added a post in a topic Thanksgiving Events   

    Yeah my main is farming far away. I mean they won't go wasted on my witch once awakening comes out but for now I'm using another character. I wish they would make it family bound.
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  8. Lynkx added a post in a topic what trinket should i be using if i dont have bheg gloves?   

    This partially answers my question too. As for the second part, until I get boss armor, should I have full grunil or half taritas?
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  9. Lynkx added a post in a topic New areas with higher level enemies   

    Yeah, It's possible. Just not easily.
    A sick joke would be telling a lie just for kicks. This is simply stating a (possible) fact, there's no level cap, or perhaps it's level 100. Either way, no one is even level 63 yet, so it doesn't matter. The source of the "level cap: 100" is someone who dug into the games files to see that the game didn't have files for level 100+. No one said that "you can get level 100 someday".
    As for mindless grinding not being fun nor will it ever, if that's the case then why you do play Black Desert? It takes grinding to level up. Period. But there are rewards at everyone milestone to motivate you to grind more. On top of that, some people do enjoy grinding mindlessly. You can have fun grinding if you do it in a party, or listening to music, or with a good computer, high graphics, and using unconventional combos and a class that you like. Or even multitasking like listening to a podcast. Or you can sit there grinding mindlessly and thinking that it's a waste of your time and that you shouldn't be forced to do this just to compete with other high level players. Look, no one is forced to do the intensive, mindless grinding it takes to to get to 58, 60, etc. If there are people at that level, I honestly admire their dedication to achieving it. That's how it is for COD, CS, League, Overwatch, and other games which don't even have the same mechanics, but take a similar amount of time playing to get to higher skill levels. That's how it is for Olympic sports too. You don't see people saying "Michael Phelps spends way too much time swimming he has no life", well people do but it's in jest. Is it a sick joke to say that humans can run up to 44km/h? 
    Black Desert does not need to change it's level cap system, it's working fine. 
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  10. Lynkx added a post in a topic 0-190 AP in 60 seconds part 1. Assessories.   

    I see. Thanks for the information. Just wondering, would it be more cost effective to buy a liverto and upgrade it myself (assuming I use the right fail stacks) or to buy a duo upfront?
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  11. Lynkx added a post in a topic 0-190 AP in 60 seconds part 1. Assessories.   

    But accuracy helps in pve as well doesn't it. If someone follows your guide they can definitely scratch a cadry, but without enough accuracy it's not very effective. At least to my knowledge.
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  12. Lynkx added a post in a topic New areas with higher level enemies   

    Well I specifically meant Black Desert. Some mmorpgs have really engaging pve content and others are grind focused. All mmorpgs you look the same. And not getting a better weapon from a drop is a good thing, at least in Black Desert. It means your strength is not dependent on RNG, and is a result of your effort instead. In Diablo 3 getting stronger was dependent on RNG, which was fine, and getting that last set piece always felt good, but it was still RNG, so you would grind for hours with no clue on the ETA of a better weapon. In Black Desert getting stronger takes a lot more time, but there's consistency. 
    I consider enhancing weapons myself to be "forging" them. I don't really understand the last part. There are a bunch of weapon and armor sets, and it is harder to upgrade them the more rare they are.
    I do wish that there was an ideal mmorpg that everyone agreed fulfilled their wish to live in a fantasy universe, maybe not now but one day. Maybe if, in the distant future, if Bethesda makes a Skyrim special edition Co-op mode, and Arenanet makes a remastered version of the original Guild Wars, that would be the day I am satisfied with mmorpgs. Until then, I have Black Desert, and I have concept of a fantasy genre (that I will find another good book series on besides the Inheritance Saga, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, Percy Jackson, and a Song of Ice and Fire).
    edit: I also have Final Fantasy
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  13. Lynkx added a post in a topic 0-190 ap in 60 seconds Part 3. Blackstones   

    Yes, Saunils drop relics shards but Catfish and Hexe are better options because of mob density and chance at witches. However I have heard that Hexe sanctuary is also heavily contested. And given the fact that getting witches is heavily based on rng, Saunils might be better because it has turn ins.
    Sausans is good if you are scary strong and farm with 1 other person (who can also pk like a boss). 
    Also I just want to know the stats on Manshas. I've farmed there often and most of the time I'm the only one there, so I want to know if Manshas is as good catfish (because I already know a good route). And if Catfish is better in every aspect, then can you share a good route? Thanks
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  14. Lynkx added a post in a topic 0-190 AP in 60 seconds part 1. Assessories.   

    So no accuracy at all? ...?
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  15. Lynkx added a post in a topic New areas with higher level enemies   

    I see now, yeah. The only endgame pve content is grinding difficult Valencia mobs, and killing world/field bosses. That isn't that exciting. I would also like to see dungeons or raids of some sort. For the most part Black Desert is just slow progress and pvp. That's basically it. Even if they added a new expansion it probably wouldn't add anything unique, just new bosses, new mobs, higher gear, and higher soft cap. 
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