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  1. Gash added a post in a topic Dumb people sell shards, don't be dumb!   

    Ya when I read Shard, I immediately thought of Hard Black Crystal Shards and associated those things since everyone always says how dumb it is to sell those and to continue to play the fail enchanting RNG game which I refuse to do as it's not fun to me.
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  2. Gash added a topic in General   

    Someone buy my stuff
    I don't have any plans to use these things so should I just vendor them, I have the max items listed that I can.

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  3. Gash added a post in a topic Player Trading Solution   

    Most NA MMO's allow for player trading as a way for guilds to build a community.
    Currently in BDO if you're not into PVP the only option for your guild is to RP and do the Grind quests, but you can't help boost each other with gear, like say your Valk gets an item that'd be good for your Witch friend who is leveling with you and she gets an item that your Valk could use, you can't trade with each other and help, instead you have to put them on the marketplace where you'll never buy them from each other.
    In addition most NA MMO players don't like to train all tradeskills in games, most are acustomed to focusing on one or two tradeskills they like, such as mining or fishing, but in BDO it expects each person to be invested in all the crafting instead of having someone who enjoys farming give potatoes to someone who enjoys lumbering and that person giving wood to someone who enjoys building ships, etc.
    I know a lot of NA MMO's have been focused on making their games more of a MSO (Massive Singleplayer Online game) but this game goes a bit too far on the single player side.
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  4. Gash added a post in a topic Market bidding confusing   

    Ya all this is completely foreign to what auction house systems work like in NA games.
    Player A puts up item on Marketplace for X price with no buyout (price to instantly buy item) and a set amount of time (12-48 hours before bid closes and sells to highest bidder)Player B bids X+1 amount on itemPlayer C bids X+2 amount on itemPlayer D bids X+3 amount on itemTime passes and Player A really wants the item so they bid X+4 just before the bidding is about to closeBid closesItem is sold to Player A because they bid the most before the bidding period closedBuyout:
    Player A puts up item on Marketplace for X price with a buyout of YPlayer B likes item and bids X+1Player C wants the item and doesn't mind paying a premium for it, so he "buys out" the item at Y priceThis logic is how every NA MMO game's marketplace works with exception of BDO. This is why the marketplace is always confusing to new players and with no documentation or guide on the game's website it makes it so that a lot of questions are asked or a lot of folks complain about the market.
    Not saying BDO should be like everyone else, but some things should be explained better in game and/or their phrasing in game changed to make sense to NA MMO players.
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  5. Gash added a post in a topic Dumb people sell shards, don't be dumb!   

    I sell shards all the time. My play time looks like this:
    Log in during the morning, collect rewards on bank alt.Put up all black stones and/or collect silver.Setup Autofish or Run or Carrying Backpack on main.Go to work.Come home, buy whatever gear is an upgrade to mine on main up to duo only.Do the 30 min Grind bonus xp.Talk to folks in chat, rp with my friends.Log off and go to sleep.I have no desire to own boss gear or a PEN piece of gear as it doesn't seem to be needed for me to kill things and make the silver to pay for my horse and pet feed or wagons or boats.
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  6. Gash added a topic in General   

    Marketplace Notifications and Pre-Order Bug or Failing?
    I have notifications for Pri: Ultimate Grunil Armor as well as the pets Desert Fox and Macaw, however whenever I see these notices appear I switch to my City/Bank alt but the items are not on the market. I've also waited 30 minutes on the alt as well continually checking and still nothing. I also have been in town at the market, gotten the notification and still see nothing on the market. So what is going on here?
    I have a pre-order for Pri: Ultimate Grunil Helm and I've seen the notification, but I've never had the purchase go through yet - any idea why?
    it would be really great if we could have some player trading so folks could sell these items directly to users for whatever price they wanted too sell it for rather than whatever is going on with this broken marketplace feature.
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  7. Gash added a post in a topic Rosevan island Node manager cannot be unlocked   

    Same issue. Talked to node managers, ran around islands. Gained knowledge, but my map is not showing these places or the node icon so I connect things.
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  8. Gash added a post in a topic Vendor Trashing Crafting Mats   

    Yes. I click item. Click minimum. And then hit ok. The only things that seem to sell are the black stones, relic pieces, forgotten books, and of course equipment on Edan in NA.
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  9. Gash added a topic in General   

    Vendor Trashing Crafting Mats
    I'm not a crafter or interested in that.
    Somehow on my way to level 55 I have somehow collected a TON of crafting mats filling up 30 slots between a few towns. I tried to list them at the lowest price available on the market but after a couple weeks now none have sold (ie: wolf blood, powder of darkness, ruby, etc).
    Is there a way to donate them to my guild or do I just vendor trash them?
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  10. Gash added a post in a topic Seasons / Snow fall   

    Awesome! Looking forward to it
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  11. Gash added a post in a topic Windows 10 Shutdown on Summon Black Spirit   

    Thanks this was helpful. And the issue is fixed now.
    I'm on Windows 10 and after reviewing some of the Event Viewer logs I ended up installing Speccy to check on my CPU temp. I noticed that when I ran BDO my i7 would sky rocket to 95 degrees Celsius. While it was never that high with any other game, it was around 70 degrees with Vindictus.
    So long story short I added some Formula 7 grease to my CPU/Liquid Cooler connection and installed an Antec Cyclone and now the CPU is back in it's normal range ~30 degrees while idle, though it still gets as hot as 58 degrees with BDO. It's rarely over 50 with Vindictus.
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  12. Gash added a topic in Suggestions   

    Pearl Shop Items / Loyalties on Website
    Would be great if I could purchase the in game items via the store on the website sort of like how Blizzard does with their online store.
    Often times I'm in game and I see things I want, but then when I am out of game and remember to buy Daum I am not able to remember how much they cost in Pearls / Daum conversion so I forget and then I end up not buying anything. It'd be great if I could be at work and during my break took a look at the items on the website, purchase the Daum/Pearls I need and then when I get home and in game purchase the items, or ideally just buy them direct from an online store and see them available in game when I next log in. 
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  13. Gash added a topic in Suggestions   

    Seasons / Snow fall
    I like the rain that often happens in the game, would like to see snow as well and maybe seasons similar to how games like Gloria Victis have talked about their seasons. Also it'd be interesting to have the weather more involved in the world, ie: tornadoes that can damage crops or cause unforeseen consequences in a battle, such as fighitng a pack of mobs on a cliff top during a storm and a strong wind picks up that makes it difficult for all to stay on the edge without falling off.
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  14. Gash added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Windows 10 Shutdown on Summon Black Spirit
    I've been playing the game for a while now but these past few days when I first click "," to summon the black spirit my system immediately powers off.
    At first I thought I was having an issue with my system, however after running several diagnostics, playing other games and running different software trying to reproduce the issue any other way I am stumped as to what could be causing this. Nothing else I run will do this and even BDO runs fine without issue, it's ONLY when I summon the black spirit.
    I did make sure I have the latest video card drives as well as drivers for my MB and other devices. Latest Windows 10 updates (like I have a choice). Attached is a readout of my system from DXDiag.
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  15. Gash added a post in a topic Third Valkyrie training/skill quest?   

    I never got this quest for Righteous Charge. I'm lvl 36 now and have traveled up and down the nodes from Olvia to Velia to Heidel and no quest is available. Spent a couple hours talking to so many random NPCs and the trainer's. Is this skill called something else in NA maybe?
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