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  1. Aldecia added a post in a topic How long does it take to get GS at least 450?   

    As it was me who replied: Yes, you want dande at that point if you can get it, not to get exactly 3 ap, but because when you're around that gear, it's starting to become a cost effective upgrade. All my comments were from that perspective: You should always aim for the most cost effective upgrade when gearing up, as in lowest amount of silver per gear increase (either by getting more ap or acc, depending on class and other gear). Is bheg's gloves for say a ranger or sorc the most cost effective gear upgrade to get exactly 450 artificial gear points? Hell no. Is it one of the best upgrades per silver spent for that character to become a better character? At a point, yes.
    But I guess this all boils down to what you think of when someone says they want 450gs+ for whatever. Personally, I think it means that character is at a level where it would start becoming useful in non-pleb pvp, since why else even speak about a 450gs limit? For pve you can kill most things this game throws at you after 2-3 weeks of playing, it's just a matter of efficiency.
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  2. Aldecia added a post in a topic How long does it take to get GS at least 450?   

    First, counting mh+dp instead of awak+dp is just misleading, since most classes spend most of their time in awak stance. So the gear you showed there amounts to 447 when comparing actual in-game performance. The most realistic way to up your awak ap starting from the gear you listed, would be a dande at tri+. Also, there's no point to waste money and precious shards (which will be a bottleneck) on a liverto if you get a kzarka, which will add more more $$$ to your calculations.
    Secondly, if you want to actually hit something in pvp (esp against people with muskans, i.e. most that do pvp), bhegs is going to be mandatory unless you're a witchzard with crazy +acc modifiers. Even more so at ~450 gs, when you dont have the raw AP to overcome the loss of missing a few hits.
    Thirdly, most classes at that gear score would also do well to get one/two tri RCE's, since it's most beneficial when you're up against full boss people.
    And lastly, I understand that you picked warrior as example since it's a class that dont even have a full ap offhand besides nouver. If we instead based the example on say a ranger, sorc, witchzard, musa/maehwa, you would use an offhand that at tri gives less total gearscore points (checking marketplace right now, tri jubre gives 35 gs instead of 38 (and 3 extra gs at those levels is a few extra 100's, on top of everything mentioned in the previous posts).
    But fine, if being 450 gs and not being able to hit anything is what we're going after, then by all means, your example is perfect. It wouldn't be a character I would accept into my pvp guild if I had a 450+ gs requirement (since that player obviously doesn't understand the game), but since we're just talking numbers, that doesn't matter, right?
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  3. Aldecia added a post in a topic How long does it take to get GS at least 450?   

    The people in this topic that says 1-2 months do not have a job/school or any kind of social life.
    For reference, my just over 450 GS character (only bheg and dande boss gear) would require an income of 85,9 million per day, if you were to buy everything in 30 days. In reality, few people manage to buy accs of marketplace since their true cost is much, much higher, which means high preorders, easily pushing the average daily income during those 30 days (with a fresh account = no node empire) to over 100 million a day.
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  4. Aldecia added a post in a topic Power level trade (help)   

    I think you forgot to write either start or end xp for each trade (in order to know the xp gain for each).
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  5. Aldecia added a post in a topic Trading - Magnate debuff removed from Velia/Finto Farm/Heidel/Alejandro Farm trade goods - Rolling to master 2 viable again   

    Noticed too that magnate was gone, or at least kicking in much later.
    However, the short distance nerf on trade xp is still very much there (as of yesterday), meaning it'll still take you ages longer using rolling, when compared to if you did the same thing last year.
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  6. Aldecia added a post in a topic Power level trade (help)   

    You are wrong and that GM is wrong.
    Anyone with a few minutes to spare can do the comparison: Selling a full, overloaded inventory from velia-finto yields roughly (depending on char weight limit) the similar xp as selling a full wagon in Heidel. In my case when I tested it now again, almost exactly 2 % on both. (I discovered this when I started levelling trading a few weeks ago, which made me happy since rolling is about as fun as repeatedly hitting your pinky toe on a table leg.) If you were correct, I should get at minimum 4 % for a finto run, since my char can carry more than twice the amount of items compared to a wagon.
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  7. Aldecia added a post in a topic Random Class Dandelions O_O   

    Ha ha. You got me opening shop to check.
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  8. Aldecia added a post in a topic Is Sorc. really the most difficult class to play, but also the most powerful?   

    Sorc isn't most powerful, but it's fun to play and the skill cieling to kill plebs isn't that high. Going from casuals to qualified opponents however requires knowing more than just spamming i-frames.
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  9. Aldecia added a post in a topic Anniversary Value Pack Merv's Pallet Doesn't Work   

    Same issue here. My alts look like grey/brown blobs instead of the flashy queens they are at heart.
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  10. Aldecia added a post in a topic Biggest SLAP in the face by Kashkao   

    Why does a game need a super big anniversary reward? Did I miss something about what a mmo is? Be happy with what you get, you entitled brats.
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  11. Aldecia added a post in a topic Do you try to 1% or filthy casual?   

    Super casual spotted. <facepalm.png>
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  12. Aldecia added a post in a topic Terrible End Game Level System   

    Because I like pictures.

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  13. Aldecia added a post in a topic Overall worth of BIS gear   

    And then multiply by a gazillion for the actual price of stuff if you were to get it yourself, and not what they're listed at @ the marketplace.
    I mean, I'm happy if I make 10 mil/h (including transports, karma bombers etc), so thats just 7500 active grinding hours. At 3 hours active grind a day, every day, all year round, it'll take me roughly 7 years (6.84 to be exact) to get anywhere close to BiS. Or 15+ years, if going by more realistic item values. That's a lot of grinding.
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  14. Aldecia added a post in a topic My slightly less capslock thoughts on enchanting   

    Nope, but if you're not bullshitting it's hinting that their random number generator is not working properly.
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  15. Aldecia added a post in a topic optimize your game   

    GTX 1070, i5-6600K at 4ghz. I put everything to low during rbf/node wars (everything at max during solo play) - full attack vs full defence situations still give sub 10 fps. I agree with OP.
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