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  1. Heartcarver added a post in a topic Critical Failure in Horse Market pricing   

    I hear you, I use Teamviewer from work to do that as well... one thing I have noticed is I run in that issue WAY more often with Chrome's background stuff running. It's not a CPU / Memory utilization issue, but closing Chrome and the background processes entirely seems to help quite a bit from what I've noticed.
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  2. Heartcarver added a post in a topic Critical Failure in Horse Market pricing   

    Lol, I just tabbed back over from CS:GO to check my horses level ;p
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  3. Heartcarver added a post in a topic PLEASE EXTEND THE ATTENDANCE REWARD EVENT!   

    I'm sure you can see how the first sentence contradicts itself. If they gave you rewards, that would be a paradox and would cause the end of all things... like the movie Dogma
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  4. Heartcarver added a post in a topic Critical Failure in Horse Market pricing   

    I'm primarily a horse breeder. My horses run in circles while I'm at work or sleeping. I've bred 2 T8's, a M and a F. I leveled them both to 30. Bred them twice. Received 2 T7 horses. Doing this "afk" as you describe takes roughly a week +/- a couple of days per horse. I kept the T8s, both of which even with Sprint / Drift / IA and a handful of other skills, are worth about 120-150m each. Id make under 100m for a T8 after getting wrecked on the taxes.
    My last level 30 male T7 with decent travel skills sold for 35m. That's a minimum 2 weeks running around for 2 horses to reach appropriate breeding levels.
    I dont get the hate for horse breeding. It completely baffles me that people think it's perfectly normal to make millions AFK fishing, but horse breeding being AFK means we should make very little compared to relative time. You can breed 2 tier 7s twice, and get 2 T6's... which has happened. The trainer life skill is mostly useless. On rare occasion when you get a horse to keep, you train those skills faster. That's it. Once every 10 horses I can train a handful of skills slightly faster? Yay...?!
    I don't want to get more money for my horses when I dump them on the market. I would like to see fishing income get nerfed to be on par hour for hour with horse breeding and see the explosion.
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  5. Heartcarver added a post in a topic How many Active Players dose BDO have?   

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  6. Heartcarver added a post in a topic The Average Player   

    I play casually:
    Ive got Tri Grunil armor across the board (Tri Bhegs), pri accesories for most part. Granted Im not pure AP specced cause got lots ancient guardian core/seal stuff from event.
    Duo Liverto / Tri awakening / Tri oJubre offhand
    Sitting just under 180 AP and 250ish DP
    Average is pretty subjective...
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  7. Heartcarver added a post in a topic Transgender Ranger   

    Thank you for making me burst out laughing at work
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  8. Heartcarver added a post in a topic Am I in the wrong for being salty about Artisan Memories?   

    Pay to win (although I find this game highly debatable on this topic) is bad because people who can invest more time in game should be better off and able to get better stuff.
    But.. I invest more time in work, for a higher paying job and can afford to spend more in the game to get stuff to make my game easier.
    How is one of those any more wrong than the other?
    I was a "hardcore" gamer when I was younger playing lineage II for thousands of hours. I was in college, and had a chill job. Now I'm an adult, with a family and a good job. I can't invest a bajillion  hours into the game like I used to, BUT i sure as hell can drop money on artisan frags to not need ot grind as much money to get my gear up there. I dont see how it matters, it means I spend less to upgrade my gear (of which it still sucks to farm stones for).
    To me, pay to win is dropping 100$ to get a piece of pre-made gear. Not an item that makes my repair cost cheaper even though RNG can still smile at me or bend me over and tell me to grab my ankles...
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  9. Heartcarver added a post in a topic What is the point of playing this game if you are even remotely behind?   

    I remember my first MMO
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  10. Heartcarver added a post in a topic Increased drop rate scroll in value pack.   

    I love these debates. Problem is there are people on each side of the fence, some people are on fences no one else can see...
    I dont see this game as Pay-to-Win. No I dont need to kill myself or quit the game over it. I've played other games, where it feels like it is legit Pay-to-WIn... IE Lineage II. Does a value pack make a decent difference... yep. The weight limit alone makes me happy.
    That's like what, 10-15$ a month? Most MMOs used to have a subscription that was on par with that if not more. I dont see an issue with it. If they put a Tri Ogre ring in the cash shop for a few hundred dollars, and something like that, I would consider this game pay to win.
    On a different note, who cares? Why do people get so up in arms over the concept of people who pay more get more. I have a good job, and if I want to drop a few hundred dollars a month on this game who cares? In life, people who make more money, can usually afford more toys. They can send their kids to better colleges, have more opportunity, and live a different lifestyle than poorer people.
    BDO is a game, and they need to make money too. Selling a game on sale with no fees for 5$ wont exactly pay for years worth of development. They make money by micro transactions, which is where most MMOs have headed in the lat few years. If they 15$ a month or whatever it is a value pack costs bothers you so much, Id rethink your life choices and why it is you cant afford it.
    Flame away!
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  11. Heartcarver added a post in a topic Anyone open a Shiny Box yet?   

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  12. Heartcarver added a post in a topic Payment wall sucks   

    Wouldn't the fact I have enough money to spend on the game make you the scrub, not those of us who have a real income?
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  13. Heartcarver added a post in a topic Solo play vs playing with a guild?   

    I've been solo pretty much all of my time so far. Not because I have an issue with people, but because although I play alot, I'm casual. I played Eve for years, running fleets spending most of my time with headphones on. At nights now, I leave them off so I can play and socialize with the family. I also don't bother setting specific times to play for node wars and the like.
    There are times it does kind of suck, but at same time, it is relaxing. I've been ganked a few times, and haven't really gotten into PvP yet because of it. I figure once I get my gear score up, I'm only 177/245 atm I will prob look for a guild and get into PvP. For now though, I'm enjoying afking my horse, occasionally grinding and running scrolls. Progress is slow, mostly because I haven't grinded as much as I should but... meh.
    I don't think this game "requires" a guild, but if you want into PvP / end game content I'd say join one. Otherwise, it's not a huge deal.
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  14. Heartcarver added a post in a topic Black Spirit Awakening 3/4 Broken? Can't Start Artificats of Naga   

    What level are you? It will show in there but cant be accepted / completed until you meet level requirement
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  15. Heartcarver added a post in a topic The winter theme is half-baked   

    Yep, you got me. I got confused between a video game developer and Gamestop.
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