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  1. Kuu added a post in a topic Character transfer to Steam?   

    They would not, they want that precious money, instead giving steam a cut of the money on pearls.
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  2. Kuu added a post in a topic I like how everyone stays quiet about Heilang damage :)   

    mage pets does next to zero damage, but since it's consistent range, it adds up (for electric one). I would say it's like 10hp per if anything.
    Heilang is doing upwards of 50HP per, and skills do as much as 400+ which is almost if not more then your own skills. In fact the heilang swap does more damage then the vermilion at times >.>.
    It does not give tamers toolset to mass engage in big scale, but it effectively almost doubles the spread DPS give or take how you handle your pet.
    too bad the charge still resets heilang, which sucks, so you can't hide behind a corner with guard up.
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  3. Kuu added a post in a topic I like how everyone stays quiet about Heilang damage :)   

    Not normal, still buffed, kind of like a normal AA attack.
    I kinda suspect it might be the rank of the skill now, considering the short sword ones.
    FYI heilang ride mode also does damage, and has properties based on it base skills ( trample KD, surge KB, etc, roar slows etc).
    Heilang ride is still not practical due to it's lack of attack speed, but getting closer to the fabled beast mode combination!
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  4. Kuu added a post in a topic I like how everyone stays quiet about Heilang damage :)   

    Tamers damage was never nerfed. They've been increasing it for a while now.
    As I said, for all the balance changes from the devs, they expect us to brute force into seige at this rate.
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  5. Kuu added a post in a topic I like how everyone stays quiet about Heilang damage :)   

    To be fair the p2w horse costume hotfix messed up PvP DP somehow. Everything is messed up right now.
    ...but Tamers hitting hard nyo~
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  6. Kuu added a post in a topic I like how everyone stays quiet about Heilang damage :)   

    Nothing special.
    They just reverted the PvP DP buff, a-huh a-huh.
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  7. Kuu added a post in a topic Surging tide is broken   

    it's fixed, as in rebalanced.
    heilang won't combo unless your crosshair is red, which  means it's the same level as heilang attack. With some lag involved of course.
    basically it can't aim assist anymore.
    The old old surging, had aim assist that just target locks the nearest opponent.
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  8. Kuu added a post in a topic xentago joins equilibrium on his alt account and farms and reports himself   

    That crosses the line, and can be a breech of EULA. Thus you can contact a GM to ban.
    "Death Squads" is borderline ban, depending on how it's handled, much like shit talking can cross the line. There's only so far when it shifts from community gaming to online bullying.
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  9. Kuu added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    This is strictly mass pvp, there' a clear difference in combos, usage, and tactics.
    LBD is not good in mass pvp, when you're in army clash situation, nor  in a base  attack. Void used to be the goto skill for a base clash for instance, which is now replaced by VL+roar.
    There are a couple of reasons, 1: size of aoe, 2: CC opportunity and independent action.
    This is why tamer's are meme as bad at seiges. While it's not optimal there are still ways to approach it. I've honed my techniques and tactics in such scenarios when you need to all out clash on a "choke point".
    There is a lot of ways to use roar to fill in the CD of VL, and in fact roar is somewhat better after being nerfed on VL. You just know how to use it. Looking back i should have used roar more in the past even before the void nerf. For one thing, slow still applys in CD, making it a spam able. slow and CC. (and it also goes through objects)
    I seem to be hitting so much harder in these situations, due to the requirements for short burst, and the extra SA time isn't have bad either.
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  10. Kuu added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    I find tamers hit...hard now...like way too hard for their AP level.
    Though in mass fights, less void is actually a good thing, if not less effective. I found roar almost as good if not better, where you can void, since  the slow is really strong, and people don't dodge the heilang. (because they don't know what he's doing)
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  11. Kuu added a post in a topic Best non-boss tamer secondary weapon?   

    Needle is not very good, due to it's 1 gem, slot same with incense, if you are fighting between similar gear levels. Rosar is probably the best since 2 gem slots can do 2x BS or 2x crit gems.
    Though this begs the question of "realistic goals".
    If you are not in boss gear, don't expect to fight boss gear people, or spend like one.
    Insense to fight against evasion people would also mean you neither have bhegs+zaka, or any other standard boss set, you compensating to fight better geared people, but that begs the question. Do you expect to win against better geared people, just because you got accuracy? The answer is a straight up no.
    Same rosar in a way. If you're sticking 2xBS gems in there, can you afford 2xBS? If you did, why are you using a green off-hand?
    So the answer is a catch 22, whatever green offhand you pick is trying to compensate for something, but in return, even if you could compensate, it won't close the gap anyway.
    I can straight up tell you, even if you had an incense, you may hit higher then your gear rate, but your damage will still be too light, when they turn around and one shot you 3 ways to respawn.
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  12. Kuu added a post in a topic Benchmarks for gold-making, farming, etc.   

    Theres a difference between making money and playing the game. An average player might just log in, grind an hour, rbf an hour, poke around the arena, dump some energy somewhere, put on afk fishing and go-to sleep.
    That a who lot of no money. At most 10mil+auto funds which is like another 5 if any. Heck some players just mess around in the arena for a day and log out which is almost zero money.
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  13. Kuu added a post in a topic The psychology of RNG, and why it is doing more harm to the game than the devs realize..   

    Fail stacks, what is this you speak of, back in ye old days, we had a .001 and it stayed .001.
    Downgrade, psshaw, it broke, and broke good ya hear. Dem rich folks do like those protection thingies though, sold like candy, wonder why.
    Boss drops, what? We rotated 21hrs to get a camp, to get claim for a 1% drop after a 2hr battle split between 24people. And we didn't finish till all 23 got it...someone always dies along the way...
    What you spent a month trying to get that crap weapon upgraded? We spent 2 years.
    You had 10 per sever? That's a lot hey hey, we had 3 owners per entire game.
    You're not even in Communism, those were those bliz whatever wowf something people.
    You're in down right, hilton-ville rng.
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  14. Kuu added a post in a topic The psychology of RNG, and why it is doing more harm to the game than the devs realize..   

    Again BDO rng isn't even bad. It's consider new age, rather then the olden days of MMO. Now those were painful rng that made you face west in suspcion.
    So all you 'youngins' are just golden spoon fed pamper and don't know it.
    With that said, gambling can be pretty bad. Some people can control risk, some people can be pragmatic with risk, and some down right get drunk and rage like a drunkard on risk.
    Emotionally, it is correct gambling is no-no, but it won't get easier if they take out the gambling part.
    I remember those 200hrs quests, or 6months of work for a legendary, etc, etc.
    Downgrade and breakage are very emotionally unstable inciter of Russian roulette, but I guess it made for great twitch streams
    in KR developer have shown they are open to "smoothing out the curve" whether it's a catch up or a equalizer, so it's just a matter of getting to a bearable level.
    But gambling...if you lose in BDO...be very careful of real life, because they're no rage quit from life.
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  15. Kuu added a post in a topic tamers fair in general pvp(aka pretty good) due to PA's graph.   

    The chart is the entire lifespan of KR so, 1+years.
    Statistical anomalies are near impossible on this chart, to anyone who can actually read it.
    Favoritism, maybe, but it shows what it shows, some people can't get that.
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