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  1. Nargubyte added a post in a topic Ping Woes   

    Hm will do.
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  2. Nargubyte added a topic in General   

    Ping Woes
    [DISCLAIMER]: Yes I know people struggle with much higher pings; please do not use that argument in this thread.
    I have a weird problem which may or may not be ping related (seriously, your guess is as good as mine). There are times when I use an ability and the enemies simply do not react (i.e. they do not take damage or stagger like normal). Is this a known problem?
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  3. Nargubyte added a post in a topic NA server location   

    I honestly can't even believe this. There's no info about this anywhere, Daum keeps silent about it and ignores the people who do speak up, and the people who do talk about it seem to not even care. This is absurd. I can't even fathom why San Jose servers were even ever an option to begin with. Anytime a new thread about their shitty server locations is made, it's either ignored, or gets like one reply. What the hell. I'm so sick of this.
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  4. Nargubyte added a post in a topic Why do I feel like I've been ripped off yet again?   

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  5. Nargubyte added a post in a topic The cooldown UI is really annoying.   

    +1 I love being able to change the location of my cooldown bar. Makes me sad it's not a feature right now.
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  6. Nargubyte added a topic in Suggestions   

    Better Server Location
    Can we get a petition or something to move the NA servers to Chicago or Texas or somewhere NOT like 20 feet from the Pacific Ocean? Daum doesn't seem to have any plans to move them, and I don't really understand why they insist on keeping their servers rooted in San Jose when they could be centralizing them in a better location. There's always cost, sure; I'm willing to bet a server slot in Chicago ain't cheap, but from a selfish personal perspective I would rather have the servers in the middle of the country and not almost outside of it.
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  7. Nargubyte added a topic in General   

    Server Catagories?
    I've heard that Edan is full of more hardcore players due to a high concentration of serious KR/JP guilds hopping onto Edan when the game was first released. I've also heard that Orwen is the roleplay sever and that Uno has a larger portion of the casual player base.
    So which server is for which thing?
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  8. Nargubyte added a topic in General   

    So the servers are still in the same place? San Jose CA? Because I honestly haven't touched this game since it came out and realized I had awful latency issues. Can anyone confirm they're in the same place and that the Devs have no plans to move them?
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  9. Nargubyte added a post in a topic Server locations question and "suggestion"!   

    Nothing has changed as of now. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the servers never changed location. They probably got them cheap and didn't bother thinking of the consequences. It's also probably why they removed the IP ban from Oceana after they said they would most certainly be blocked. Seems fishy to me... 
    To answer your question more bluntly, yes, they are still in San Jose, CA.
    Also +1 to the notion of a centralized server location. You are absolutely right that it a server change would benefit everyone in the long run. West Coast players would hardly see a difference, yes, and it would also benefit the majority of the NA population instead of disregarding them entirely for whatever reason.
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  10. Nargubyte added a topic in General   

    Awakening Weapons?
    I don't think they are, but I'm double-checking anyway - are awakening weapons in the game yet? Or do those have yet to make it to us from the KR version. It was stated that we'd be half a year or so behind in terms of content, but occasionally things like awakening weapons get ported over early for various reasons (like how Tamer got their rebalanced movement ported over from the current KR build).
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  11. Nargubyte added a post in a topic NA Server Location - WTFast seems to think it's on the east coast   

    Where did you see Florida and Virginia? That would be slightly better news than servers in San Jose, but unfortunately, as far as I can tell their only servers are still situated in San Jose, California.
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  12. Nargubyte added a topic in Suggestions   

    Server Work?
    So at around 9-10am CST, I noticed that suddenly my ping went down from 60ms to 40. This is really good, and it hasn't gone away yet, so I'm hoping that it's here to stay. However, other people, at the same time I was experiencing much better ping and almost 0 latency, were apparently lagging a ton.
    I'm hoping this means that the servers are being worked on/being moved or something, because honestly, if I can get a ping of 40 consistently for the rest of my time in this game, I will be one happy camper.
    The suggestion part I guess basically is keep working with this. It seems like it might actually improve everyone's gameplay experience.
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  13. Nargubyte added a topic in General   

    Best Server/Channel for Ping In the Midwest/East Coast?
    I know in the CBT2 there was a specific channel that gave the best ping: Elion. Seeing as that channel is no longer here in the full release, I'm wondering if anyone else has found the new "best ping" channel, or if there's a specific server (Edan, Orwen, Uno) that gives a better ping than others.
    It sucks that the servers are on the West Coast (literally on the coast ffs), but there have to be servers/channels where ping is good and not 100+.
    I'm playing on Edan: Velia E1 at the moment, and am having less issues with latency than I did in CBT2 on Calpheon.
    Contributions to this topic are very helpful!
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  14. Nargubyte added a post in a topic EU to NA Ping discussion.   

    The worst part is, despite all this discussion involving the shitty server location, Daum is likely going to do jack-all about it unless they start losing money. It's a huge slap in the face to the OVERWHELMING majority of NA players.
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  15. Nargubyte added a post in a topic NA server location   

    The servers are positioned poorly regardless. Having the servers in San Jose means that only a third of the US, and slightly more in Mexico, have a ping of less than 80ms. For Canada the servers are in a bad place. For half of the US the servers are in a bad place (and to refer again to OP, the more populated half, mind you). For a little less than half of Mexico the servers are in a bad place. When this could have been easily solved by obtaining a better server location, are people really content with: "Oh, it could be worse"?
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