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  1. Ninjuh added a post in a topic Daum needs to acknowledge the MAJOR issues with their servers   

    I actually do no have any lag or desync issues and haven't for some time. I played probably 20 hours this weekend and all is well.
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  2. Ninjuh added a post in a topic Login problem after patch   

    You aren't the only one having this issue. A friend of mine is also. Send a ticket in!
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  3. Ninjuh added a topic in General   

    "Error on 32bit environment"
    Hey guys. 
    has anyone ever gotten the error : "Error while reading files on 32 bit environment, could be memory issue"?
    I keep getting it directly after the pearl abyss screen in load. Looking for some help.
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  4. Ninjuh added a topic in General   

    RX480 vs. 1060
    Hey guys, so title basically says it all. 
    Tight budget, looking to pick up one of these two cards next week and was curious if any of you guys had them or have had them. 
    More interested in personal experiences more than anything else. So if you have a 480 or 1060 give me an idea of how your frames how up in towns and @boss fights! Would be much appreciated. Thanks
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  5. Ninjuh added a topic in Maehwa   

    Maehwa vs Warrior
    Hey, quick question. 
    I'm a 57 mae, and as the title says.. Against any warrior that isn't braindead, I feel completely useless. Like I'm hitting my head on a wall. 360 block that's nearly unbreakable and our lack of grapple proves a problem. 
    I'm sitting at 226ap/240dp.. Lvl57.
    Now I've asked a lot of people, high end maehwa and so on.. They all say it's the most tough matchup. 
    My question is, how much do the 58 and 59 flows really help in this battle? Or do they at all? 
    I don't wanna go on the 58 and 59 challenge unless its going to seriously benefit me in the fight. With half the server practically running warrior now days, its a class I want to fair a chance against. 
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  6. Ninjuh added a post in a topic Kutum or nouver?   

    I'm also curious of Nouver V. Kutum for maehwa. 
    I have had both and have a Nouver now(sold kutum previously when i got in a bind).
    So far, I can tell my dmg is significantly higher pvp and pve. I use bhegs + 1x red coral.
    With kutum, I honestly couldnt tell a huge difference in survivibility. I have 215AP and most of my opponents tend to also so whenever we cc each other, its usually one and done, regardless of kutum or nouver offhand equip. 
    I have around 275dp nouver and had 295dp kutum.
    Might test kutum more in the future, but unless their is something im missing.. seems nouver is the way to go for us imo.
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  7. Ninjuh added a post in a topic TET Liverto vs TRI Kzarka   

    Every test I've seen NA or KR shows more like a 2-3 accuracy difference. In sample size around 200 showing Liverto hitting 142 times and Zarka hitting 144 for example. 
    So 5 may even be a little generous from what I've gathered
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  8. Ninjuh added a post in a topic TET Liverto vs TRI Kzarka   

    so to confirm, you're saying the TET Liverto hits much harder compared to your TRI Kzarka?
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  9. Ninjuh added a topic in General   

    TET Liverto vs TRI Kzarka
    So I'm going to be gearing up a second class here shortly, will have a limited budget and I was curious on opinions and possible tests people have ran on said subject. 
    Would you purchase and use a TET Liverto or a TRI Kzarka and why? 
    TET Kzarka also is NOT an option for the forseeable future aswell in this case seeing as the rest of my money will go to other expenditures.
    I've searched the net for tests already and haven't found to much live tested data(other than pure theorycrafting) so please lead me to any if you have some. 
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  10. Ninjuh added a post in a topic My experience with BDO: Hyped up for 2 years, let down in 2 days.   

    Not even close to true. Either you don't know people with high end system, or you're doing it wrong. I have absolutely no issues running @60-100fps at all times.
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  11. Ninjuh added a post in a topic do i need to upgrade cpu or gpu or both?   

    If you're planning on buying a 1070(400-450), the 1060(200-250) is 200$ cheaper.. hence leaving room for the other upgrades
    You're likely going to minimal difference going higher than a 1060 anyways here unless higher resolution is your goal, like Impact said.
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  12. Ninjuh added a post in a topic do i need to upgrade cpu or gpu or both?   

    If I were you, grab a GTX1060+i5 6600k and sell your old stuff  
    Should come out about the same as buying a 1070 now.
    Unless ofcourse you have a large budget, then buy an i7 6700k+1070.
    If you get a 1070 with your current CPU, you're going to be bottlenecking fairly hard. 
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  13. Ninjuh added a post in a topic Karanda   

    So you think they did nerf the rates due to more channels? I kind of figured the same thing. Just curious is others from other channels have noticed aswell.
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  14. Ninjuh added a topic in General   

    Anyone else noticing the reduction in Karanda drops or is it just me and my guild?
    We scale nearly every Valencia channel doing 2-3 Karanda's almost daily and she does not drop even close to the amount of boxes she used to. As of lately its actually almost always been zero.
    If you remember, when she was first released she dropped 2, 3, even 4 boxes pretty much every single time she died. This is definetely not the case anymore for Valencia channels atleast.. 
    • 6 replies
  15. Ninjuh added a post in a topic When the game coming back up?   

     Top left hand corner of the time sheet indeed says the duration is 13hrs. Game should've been up two hours ago. 
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