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  1. DragonFear added a topic in General   

    Natch Potes?

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  2. DragonFear added a post in a topic The Dark Knight Joins Black Desert Online March 1st   

    Not necessarily. Especially when its worded like this:

    Notice the words in BOLD ? "ALL BDO PLAYERS"?

    If this means ONLY BDO players that logged in at a specific timeframe, then it should be specified as such. (it wasn't)
    Additionally there are many reasons why a person/player might not be able to login to the game at a specific date/timeframe. (medical, military, business, etc)
    While yes, you may (or may not) be able to check the BDO forums from afar on your android/iphone, it's unlikely you would also have access to your gaming PC to claim free items.
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  3. DragonFear added a post in a topic Servers?   

    Same problem here.

    Did that say Kakao or Geico?
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  4. DragonFear added a post in a topic An AI companion system.   

    If it was something like NEVERWINTERS companion system, I could go for that. You can slot multiple companions, but have only 1 active at a time. The stats still stack for all slotted companions. Interesting system. Another money sink, but fun nonetheless.
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  5. DragonFear added a post in a topic Black Friday - Boost Discount   

    Boost started working for me too. Inv exp + 8 bought @‌ 4.80
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  6. DragonFear added a post in a topic Black Friday - Boost Discount   

    it was off for me on the last 2 items. Now that I want the inv exp + 8, it stopped working, lol. Bad RNG?
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  7. DragonFear added a post in a topic Black Friday - Boost Discount   

    Mine was enabled earlier today, and I was saving them for something special. Now mine's greyed out too. It happened in the last rotation. I mean after the last hourly update, my button turned grey.
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  8. DragonFear added a post in a topic Stop killing my horse!   

    So why doesn't Kakao just add an immortality buff to the Training suit that only activates whenever your player switches to AFK mode. That way the buff could never be abused outside of training, and AFK players could finally take all those dang horses and wagons outside of the cities. 

    Less rubber banding wagons/horses in the city = better FPS for all the other active players in the city

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  9. DragonFear added a post in a topic How many failstacks for boss armor?   

    If you guys weren't so dang good at failstacks, I wouldn't have to upgrade my gear!
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  10. DragonFear added a post in a topic Happy Red Nose Day 2.0 Everyone!   

    Giath's Helmet!  Yay!
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  11. DragonFear added a post in a topic bug in horse gender spawn???   

    For the last 2 weeks, I've been getting mostly female horses too. I'm actually having to buy males in the horse market for breeding. Prior to that I was getting them in the normal 5 to 1 M/F ratio.
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  12. DragonFear added a post in a topic Storage Maids what can they do?   

    The info is correct for non-marketplace items, but for some reason pearl items appear very quickly in the marketplace. I would guess somewhere between 30-60 seconds after I get the notification popup. You can use the pre-order option on non-pearl marketplace items, and have a pretty good chance of getting the item in 1-4 tries. If you don't win the pre-order 1st time, keep raising your bid price until you win.
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  13. DragonFear added a post in a topic Storage Maids what can they do?   

    It depends on the items you want to get. If you are trying to snipe marketplace items, you only have a few seconds to login to the marketplace before the "B"idding stage begins.
    The marketplace items also cant be pre-ordered, so she definitely helped me to snipe my last 2 pets. For normal items, yeah, you don't really need one, its just a convenience factor.
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  14. DragonFear added a post in a topic Can you please fire...   

    The RNG is definitely a bit weird. I'm mining the same spot for days, and sometimes I get 3 candies in 1 hour. Sometimes I get 0 candies in 3 hours. Same mobs, same gear, same times.

    My runs last about 1 hour before my inventory is full and my weight is at 140%-150%. I've usually got about 2000 stacked items to sell, from 800-1000 kills. In the end I cant complain though, because I'm netting about 12-22 million silver for each 3 hour grind session, depending what my reward value was, or if I even got a reward. For reference, my level is 50, and I'm wearing my luck level +5 gear to maximize grinding drops.
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  15. DragonFear added a post in a topic Storage Maids what can they do?   

    I don't have a storage maid, but I can tell you the transaction maid (marketplace maid) doesn't snipe things for you, at least not that I can see. It just gives you access to the marketplace from anywhere in the world. So for example, if you have several marketplace notifications set up, you can gain instant access to the market and try to snipe the items yourself, as soon as you get the notification popup. So basically you never have to camp the marketplace again, you can feel free to move about, anywhere in the world. It's probably the best pearl shop purchase I've made so far.
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