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  1. Pixii added a post in a topic How do I Trade Items that I've Gathered?   

    I'm sorry I took my anger out on you, but allow me to explain why your reasoning infuriates me

    I've been playing this game for 2 weeks. And every day in /Channel there is one person who asks a question (and this has even happened to me)
    AND THE ENTIRE CHANNEL calls that person a troll, or a carebear, or says "how can you not know that?", or any number of responses
    There are new players on videos games every day.
    This has literally been an every day thing, so this is why your response upset me so much.

    There are new players on League and even WoW. There is a person walking into Starbucks RIGHT NOW who has never ordered a Latte before.
    There are people who are experiencing things for the first time in their life, literally right now.
    And it it not ok to act like everyone should know what you know this very moment in your life.
    I don't presume that you have my knowledge and talents, do not presume that I have yours.

    If you're still reading, hopefully you'll understand that I have done research on this game. I have a folder on my Browser with Bookmarks to the BDO Database and Recipes, I've even started a Spreadsheet for Farming. BUT SOMETIMES, it's just EASIER TO ASK THE COMMUNITY A QUESTION.

    The one time I decided to ask the community instead of spending 15 minutes trying to find the answer
    I literally wrote this post, threw in a load of laundry and came back to the answer I needed
    Thus freeing me from being at the computer
    And I'm sorry, but the answer to ever question isn't "you should have googled it"
    That mentality is so wrong
    And people need to STOP treating each other like that
    And that is ALL I've seen from this Community

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  2. Pixii added a post in a topic How do I Trade Items that I've Gathered?   

    Yes, you're right. I have an attitude
    Because it's completely unnecessary to respond that way
    So I will respond in kind

    When someone asks me a question in RL at my job, I dont roll my eyes and say "you should know that. Why didn't you just find out yourself"
    I actually help them and then I tell them where they can find that information
    And I apply that same reasoning online, where 80% of the population is naturally trying to out-asshole each other
    But that's just me.

    I'm actually a nice person
    But I am a -----
    To people who's personalities I don't click with

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  3. Pixii added a post in a topic How do I Trade Items that I've Gathered?   

    So how do I prevent some random person from buying the item I want to trade?
    I mean, I'm 2 feet away from my fiance's chair and can put up the item on the Market for 1 silver
    and have him buy it for 1 silver
    But what's to prevent someone from just happening to be on the Marketplace at the right time and snatching up an item that's worth 5 million silver... except they get it for 1 silver and I'm out 5 million silver
    (Cause this has actually happened to me before. I mean, it's rare. But it happens)

    Is everyone just SOL when it comes to trading?
    Also, thank you for answering my question
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  4. Pixii added a post in a topic How do I Trade Items that I've Gathered?   

    Yeah... it never ends because
    Not everyone has been playing this game since release

    There are still new players
    With Questions
    About stuff that is pretty standard in every MMO and doesn't exist in the game

    Is there a reason why that is? Like something part of the Lore? Trading is a pretty basic MMO element, so I don't understand why it doesn't exist in this game
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  5. Pixii added a topic in General   

    How do I Trade Items that I've Gathered?
    I can't seem to find out how to do this, or WHAT THE POSSIBLE REASONING WOULD BE if the game doesn't allow me to do this.

    For Example:
    - I gather a Rough Stone and want to give it to my boyfriend
    - I hit Trade
    - He hits Trade
    - The Rough Stone is not available to Trade

    I cannot trade Silver?
    I cannot send items in the Mail?

    How do we trade between Friends, Family or Guild Members?

    Is there a reason why I can't trade (hand to hand) items that I've Gathered?

    (Please do not reply with: "A Rough Stone?! Just buy that shit on the Market". "Rough Stone" is an example, and I'm using it as a variable to describe any item I can gather)
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  6. Pixii added a post in a topic My ranger looks FAT it new outfit!   

    You're right. The average guy is most likely going to create their ideal female in their toon - just like I tend to make female characters with my body type but I give her cool hair or something. I get that

    I just don't agree that she is fat, with or without clothes on.
    And the idea that so many women are so ashamed of their bodies because some guy on the internet called a photo of another girl fat, when they're perfectly healthy women, just infuriates me.
    And the thing about that is that I've been petite all my life. I was a size DOUBLE ZERO in high school, and I've only recently started gaining weight and I'm still only a size 2.
    But we're damned as women if we're too skinny. We're damned if we're not skinny. We're damned if our bodies are perfect because one boob is bigger than the other.
    It's just... there are no words for how I feel overall about this thread and the things that have been said

    So I'm just gonna stop talking and ignore the rest of the replies.
    AND HOPE that in the future people realize what they say about other people's bodies (real or not - regardless if they're a model or a video game character), thinking that it's ok because it's the internet and that's just how things are. And this "if you don't like it, get off the internet" mentality is the problem.

    Because I DIDN'T WANT to get into this, but I just did. So I'm done.
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  7. Pixii added a post in a topic My ranger looks FAT it new outfit!   

    Marilyn Monroe went through many fluctuations in her weight, AND soooooooo many of her photos have been retouched over the years.
    If you look at a poster you can plaster on your wall, and compare it to the original photo, they're 2 completely different photos.
    Yea.. I hate saying "realisitically" in a video game, because some nit-picker will always point it out and try to contradict the definition of the word. (and even though this game has realistic elements, it's still a video game and you can't realistically dry 1 fish and magically get 2, unless you're Jesus)

    Regardless.... a naturally large bust USUALLY (but not always) means a naturally larger waist. Proportionately.
    A normal human woman (not EVERY human woman) that has Double D's will NOT Have a 24 inch waist. She will have arms, legs, thighs that are proportioned.
    A not every human woman has a proportioned body. Some women have a small bust and large hips. Some women have a huge bust and tiny hips.
    Not every human woman is the same. I'm not talking about every human woman. I'm talking about the proportion of THAT bust with THAT body frame.

    The OP gave her a giant bust line and proportionately gave her a body to match (sort of)
    So REALISTICALLY, he shouldn't be calling her fat
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  8. Pixii added a topic in General   

    Jarette's Accessories
    Since this is my first character, I just hit 50 on my Ranger. I really like the Jarette's accessories that I got as reward items, but I'm wondering if I should keep wearing them into Level 50?
    Or would my alt benefit from them instead? (I have started leveling the kunoichi, witch and sorc, just to try them out)

    I found this incredible Ranger guide, (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jQ0MuIafb9hAgEqHhkAUd4APxl3h9i_RVJtZjAUDBLI/edit#heading=h.2sn1k3yxwseb) but the author lists so many options - and I don't know enough about the game to know which items are situational, or if Jarette's is the best I'm gonna get.

    Lastly: are there similar amazing class specific guides floating around out there? Or is this one like made by some long lost twin who loves formatting and organization almost as much as I do?
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  9. Pixii added a post in a topic My ranger looks FAT it new outfit!   

    Doubles D's and an 18 inch waist only exist through lots of money or comic book drawings.
    So you actually made her body proportioned to her chest... and in reality, that body type still wouldn't exist unless she was constantly in the gym. Realistically, her waist would be a lot thicker with those giant hooters. Lastly... you essentially gave her a slimmer version of Marilyn Manroe's body and you think she's fat?!

    Edit: Deleted my last statement. Too controversial to take a stand on the internet
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  10. Pixii added a topic in General   

    What contributes to the Luck Enhancement Stat?
    Other than Fortuna Armor? I'm wearing 2 pieces of Fortuna (although I literally just hit 50 yesterday, so I'll be working on an end game gear, but I wanted the Luck to help me earn some extra silver while I'm still new to the game)

    Anyway 2 pieces of Fortuna gives me 2 bubbles in the Luck Enhancement, but I currently have 4 bubbles (Level 4), and I'm not sure how I got the other 2... (not that I'm complaining)
    I would like to know how to stay at 4 or even get 5 without wearing the 2 pieces of Fortuna
    EDIT: Nevermind, I realized I'm at Level 4 bc I enhanced the gear.
    But previous question remains: can I gain Luck (permanently) some other way? Without wearing Fortuna?
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  11. Pixii added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Multiple Disconnects from Server
    Wasn't sure if it was just me, so I thought I'd report it.

    I've been disconnected from the server at least 4 times today. I occasionally get disconnected, MAYBE once every.... few days, but I thought it was odd that it happened so frequently today.
    Each time on disconnect, I check my internet connection and everything is good, able to browse the internet, etc.

    PS: Is there a reason WHY, when you are disconnected, the client closes the game completely?
    Instead of sending you to the Start Screen and keeping you there? Not really sure why it's necessary to completely close out the client and have to continuously reboot from the Launcher.
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  12. Pixii added a post in a topic Why are some town icons Grey on the Map?   

    Oh I must have some contribution points in towns I didn't realize I had contribution points in ! lol thanks!
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  13. Pixii added a topic in General   

    Why are some town icons Grey on the Map?
    I just reached Calpheon (Green Castle icon) and I came across Calpheon Castle (Grey Fortress icon) which I can't enter.

    Olvia (Blue Town icon) is the first town you enter in the game, but the second town you reach when you first start the game is Western Guard Camp (Grey Town icon)

    Is there a reason why some town icons are blue and some are grey?
    And will the grey fort icons become blue? Do I need to unlock something? Or are they always grey?
    • 2 replies
  14. Pixii added a post in a topic Question - Weapon & Armor Reform Stones   

    Wonderful, thanks for the tips all!
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  15. Pixii added a topic in General   

    Question - Weapon & Armor Reform Stones
    I just upgraded an item from Green to Blue using a Blue Armor Reform Stone.

    I had a few questions about this process:
    Can the Reform stone fail?Can I upgrade from (White > Gold) or (Green > Gold)? Or do I have to go in order? (White > Green > Blue > Gold)Can I purchase the Reform stones on the Marketplace? Or do I always have to use my Refinery? I haven't seen them on the Marketplace, but it's hard to search for items since you have to also know they category to search in (which... I personally think is not a good idea)
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