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  1. Xenostar added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Strange Stuttering Issue
    Hey guys. I've been trying to get into BDO for awhile but I'm experiencing a strange stutter issue. I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing something like this, and if so, if you have any solutions.
    My issue is that my game will run at 60 FPS, but about once every 1-3 minutes the FPS counter in-game will momentarily drop to 53-55 FPS.
    While it's only a 5-7 FPS loss, the way this affects gameplay is a momentary stutter/freeze. It really ruins the smooth flow of combat and honestly completely ruins my immersion. It's like all I can notice is this stutter.
    Even if I'm in a field with no monsters or players with the camera faced towards the ground, I experience the stutter every 1-3 minutes. I've tried every combination of in-game settings / nvidia cpanel settings and I just can't seem to ever remove this.
    Is this just something that people who are playing live with? I've noticed on streams and videos that other people seem to experience the same thing. I just want a smooth experience so I can get immersed in the game and truly enjoy it. Any solutions would be extremely appreciated. I'm very curious if this happens to other players as well, you may not have noticed it but I have a feeling it is.
    Things I have tried:
    Full screen / full-screen windowed modeAll in-game options unchecked / lowest setting seems to make NO difference, the stutter is always there.Vsync on/off & Gsync on/offMy specs:
    980ti / 3930k CPU / 16 Gigs Ramgame installed on SSD (I've tried multiple SSD/HDD even and it still has this stutter).
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  2. Xenostar added a post in a topic What happened to the godlike optimization from the CBT1 client?   

    Bump. Looking to get more discussion going here. What happened to the CBT1 optimization? It's more than just "more players". The game just isn't running as well at all. Why do we have a worse performing version when we had a client running 2x better? I'd love to hear Daum's response to this.
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  3. Xenostar added a post in a topic What happened to the godlike optimization from the CBT1 client?   

    Out of curiosity, do you run the game above/at 60 fps, and do you run a 60hz monitor? I'm wondering if this issue is only really apparent to those who were running the game on higher refresh rate monitors.
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  4. Xenostar added a topic in General   

    What happened to the godlike optimization from the CBT1 client?
    For those who were not aware, after the CBT1 test in December, we were required to download a new game client for CBT2. This is the same client we're using in the live version of the game right now. Ever since we had to download the new client, the game's optimization took a huge hit. I'm talking in the range of 2x worse than what it was for the CBT1 client. Here are some examples of what I personally noticed:
    Specs: 780ti, 3930k, 16g ram, SSD
    CBT1 client: I was able to run the game on high settings (no high-end mode) at 120 fps locked (not in towns) while streaming at 60fps. The game was perfectly buttery smooth at all times, except for in towns where your FPS will obviously drop and not be able to maintain Vsync.
    CBT2 and beyond: After the client re-download, game performance has never been the same. Where previously I could run 120 fps on high settings, I now struggle to push the 70-80 range consistently with the SAME settings. I now have to run the game at 60 fps on my 60hz monitor using lower settings to get a "consistent" framerate. It's just such a huge drop off from the previous CBT1 client.
    In addition to worse optimization and performance, the game has periodic stutters during gameplay. To test this and verify for yourself, try standing in an area where zero new rendering is taking place, out in a field or in a building. Stare at a wall or the ground. Monitor your FPS for a good 60 seconds or so using the in-game settings window. You'll notice your framerate will drop from 60 to something like 55-57 periodically once every 30-60 seconds. While this "is only 2-5 fps" it actually feels like a freeze or stutter when actually playing the game. The game literally is impossible to run smoothly 100% of the time due to this. This also did not exist in the CBT1 client.
    To be honest I was kind of surprised no one else seemed to notice how much more vastly optimized the CBT1 client was. I figured maybe some of the following patches after the game launched would bring the optimization back to the level of the CBT1 client, but that doesn't appear to be the case so far. I realize Daum have more pressing issues to fix, but we deserve the optimization and performance that existed in the CBT1 client. Everyone would have such a better experience and it would be better for this game long term. Imagine playing this game with the smoothness you expect in games like CSGO or LoL. That actually existed, and we could have that again the developers were made aware that we want it.
    What are your thoughts? Did you notice this as well?
    @CM_Jouska @CM_Oli @CM_Praballo @CM_Tytyes
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  5. Xenostar added a post in a topic HP per Level seems to be random!   

    I don't like this mechanic at all. It really just feels awful, like I've wasted my time without getting max lucky rolls. I hope this is removed. I see no place for something like this in a competitive PvP game.
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  6. Xenostar added a topic in US Guild   

    Group of Friends LF Active Guild on Edan
    Our group of friends has been running our own private guild since launch. We have decided it is time to search for a larger and more active group of players to game with. Most of us are very active and are level 50+ - those who do not have a focus on life skills.
    We consist of 10 players, 8 of which are over 50.
    Huntsman - 55
    Xenostar - 53
    Balsagna - 53
    Ender - 51
    Turboflush - 50
    Getrow - 50
    Aurilyr - 50
    Whyyte - 50
    Nogard - 41
    Marthix - 34
    We are looking for a guild which participates in world bosses, guild bosses, guild quests, guild pvp, and other end-game activities.
    We’re a pretty vulgar bunch and we love to attack each other in comms, but it’s always in good fun.
    One of our members has a strong French Canadian accent (sorry in advanced); he learned English by playing video games. He is fluent and we understand 99% of what he says (He hates people who butt). (omelette du fromage - http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Omelette+du+fromage).
    We like dank memes and will generate dank memes for your viewing pleasure.

    Contact us (Family name) - Xenostar, Getrow, or Balsagna in game or reply here and we will contact you. You can also contact Xenostar#7222 on discord if we're offline/afk.
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  7. Xenostar added a post in a topic Auto-Path Looping   

    I've wanted it the entire time. It should have always been here. It helps horse breeders A LOT. Add it please.
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  8. Xenostar added a post in a topic Stuttering fps on a high end pc build   

    I've also been having this issue. The game has random stutters and freezes and just isn't smooth all the time. I don't remember it being this way during CBT1, but after we re-downloaded the client in CBT2 the optimization of the game became worse and included these little hitches that occurred when moving around in the game.
    I'm not sure what's going on but I wish there was some communication about these issues. The client very clearly just isn't running as well after CBT1.
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  9. Xenostar added a post in a topic 4H FARMING +5 LUCK 0 DROP WITCH EARRINGS   

    Four hours? What is this the baby gamers club? Come back and cry to me when you've been gaming for real son.
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  10. Xenostar added a post in a topic The Ghillie suit   

    This outfit is the source of a HUGE amount of drama surrounding this game. It's what people talk about on gaming and fansites.
    Just stamp out the problem and change it so the name isn't hidden. It does more harm than good.
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  11. Xenostar added a post in a topic "Show Attacked" option doesn't work   

    I wish there was a method to just disable it entirely. It's very distracting and gives me a headache unfortunately.
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  12. Xenostar added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    "Show Attacked" option doesn't work
    My friends and I have noticed the "Show Attacked" option isn't working. Our screen flashes a light black color when attacking/back attacks/criticals, and it happens even if party members are attacking. "Show Attacked" is supposed to disable the "screen flash" effect but it doesn't do this at all. I hope this feature can be fixed soon as it gives me a headache seeing all the flashies on the screen.
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  13. Xenostar added a post in a topic [POLL] Can we get the auto-pathing feature re-added?   

    I don't really see your aversion to it. It doesn't break anything in the game, it doesn't hit people to max level. It helps people to rank their strength up, and it helps Horse Breeders with the dozens of hours they're going to have to spend manually walking around to breed high tier, high level horses with proper skills. Cutting this feature out severely impacts their ability to do anything meaningful in the game. There is no reason for a feature like this to be removed while auto fishing remains, which in fact provides much more advantage in this game than simply auto-looping.
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  14. Xenostar added a post in a topic [POLL] Can we get the auto-pathing feature re-added?   

    Thank you for the reply, it's good to get some clarification on this issue. Hopefully it isn't just "being looked into" and will be re-added since it's already developed and working 100% in other versions of the game.
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