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  1. DoloStar added a post in a topic Pvp Damage after 2/27 patch   

    There is no difference, when your crit state is 5, your crit rate is enough
    now you can use the gems to increase the accuracy on the gloves
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  2. DoloStar added a post in a topic Character not have voice   

    oh,thankyou,i will try it
    I think this is a bug,maybe will fix it in next update
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  3. DoloStar added a post in a topic Character not have voice   

    I found that will change after I close the game, so i need change it every time when i want to launch the game
    Is there any way?
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  4. DoloStar added a topic in General   

    Character not have voice
    anyone can help me?
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  5. DoloStar added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    Anyone know?
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  6. DoloStar added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    "Added graphics card low power mode toggle, which can be disabled to improve performance but may consume more energy."
    Its mean if dsabled it will increase the number of frames,but it requires more graphics card occupancy and temperature?
    If enabled will the same as before the update?
    sry for my english......
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  7. DoloStar added a topic in Suggestions   

    Black Spirit's Rage Skill Lock
    Hope to add a skill lock can be in 100% black spirit's rage will not use out of spirit skills.
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  8. DoloStar added a topic in Suggestions   

    Add Ninja Outfits Chungho pls
    when will add this outfits?
    please add this
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  9. DoloStar added a topic in Suggestions   

    Optimization mode improve
    Please subtract the skill effect (smoke) of the optimization mode
    Because the optimization mode has no light or shadow,this makes the smoke become very noticeable, blocking the line of sight
    And simplify the skills of other players(attack range) if the skills of other players are shown
    Dynamic Plant,i think in the optimization mode, no one will go to see the shaking tree or grass, so can let them stand still(I think this will reduce memory usage or other)
    Please take care of low-profile computer players
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  10. DoloStar added a topic in Suggestions   

    Optimization mode
    About the optimization mode, I would like to know why not remove the useless grass or directly add a new option to control how many plants?
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  11. DoloStar added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Knight Combat Rations Bug
    I'm not sure whether you have such a situation
    Seems to be starting from the last update or earlier update
    After eating the Knight Combat Rations(not sure other senior food also has this problem)
    Skill convergence, attack speed(Perhaps not very obvious) and even pet pick up speed(very obvious) has become slow
    After the end of the buff, everything will become a lot smoother
    After testing,in sausan,have 600+kg
    If have buff need 22m to cleanup backpack
    If not have buff only need 12m to cleanup backpack
    I am sure the problem is not a computer configuration
    Because I used to be very smooth,is the most recent start
    (sry for my english)
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  12. DoloStar added a post in a topic EPIC Change: Kuno's eyes will blink now in combat stance!!!   

    Shadowstomp the original damage is 700 + x7, now becomes 700 + x4
    Other skills did not see significant enhancements
    Stupid patch D:
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  13. DoloStar added a topic in Suggestions   

    Streamline player models
    Maybe can add a option to hidden players or control the maximum number of visible players or all player uniform models?
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  14. DoloStar added a post in a topic Kunoichi awakening   

    I agree, can be a chain blade
    Unfortunately, it has been determined will not change
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  15. DoloStar added a topic in Suggestions   

    Maybe can add a options to reducing skill effects?
    The main reduce smoke
    Because my computer is not good, so the line of sight can't be set too high, this will lead to a lot of  smoke when fighting, I feel blocking the line of sight, I can't see the monster action
    Maybe this is my problem  X D
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