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  1. Swifty added a post in a topic PvP Class for Skill-less player   

    Bait thread, regardless of what OP says. It's not hard to do your own research and find the literal countless threads that state what you're trying to find out. Go away.
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  2. Swifty added a post in a topic Player Trading solutions ?   

    No player trading ffs.. It makes this game unique, go away, stop trying to change something that's working.
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  3. Swifty added a post in a topic Dark Knight with high ping.   

    I'm from Aus and I have never had problems with any class
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  4. Swifty added a post in a topic boss gear stuck at +10   

    Force it. What I eventually did, got stick of going to 30+ fs on my first boss item
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  5. Swifty added a post in a topic Game is growing ... time for adjustments.   

    A few months ago I never had problems with the server barring a few incidents where most of the server also was feeling massive lag. But now it's just constant. They need to do something to fix their servers, it's obvious the game has grown in population and everyone with half a brain can see that. Making a announcement about increasing server capacity or performance due to the population increase would not only make the game look good to people who don't have the game but appease people who do have the game and feel the stress of this lag. Really don't understand why they don't do it.
    I started playing this game since it came up and I really liked the devs and the game and has defended it multiple times, but recently it's been feeling like they don't listen and refuse to acknowledge glaring issues that affect 90% of the population.
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  6. Swifty added a post in a topic Items are gone...   

    You have to be a moron to trade things for pearls and this is common knowledge. If you were foolish enough to trade pearls for something in game, that's no ones elses fault but yours. Move on and stop trading things for pearls simple.
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  7. Swifty added a post in a topic Do Boss Alts actually work??   

    Doing more damage does give you a better chance at getting better loot. But at the same time, boss alts do work. The whole purpose of those specific accounts is just so you have a small chance of getting the item if your main account is elsewhere like pirates or valencia.  If you can make it to the boss on your main, go there. If you're too far away or lazy, boss alt. 
    tl;dr yes they work.
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  8. Swifty added a post in a topic Once again, RNG is too punishing   

    I don't like how people can say that RNG isn't bad. There are many ways people try say this, such as 'play the game for fun' or 'just buy the items' when it isn't as simple as that.
    I've said multiple times in so many places from in game to Youtube comments about the game that this RNG system needs to be redone. I'm sick myself of saying the same thing over and over giving compelling and logical reasons why this type of upgrading system is bad but it seems to fall on deaf ears on both the developers and the players. I could write a few paragraphs on why the system is shit, quote other people who say it's not bad and refute them, but for what? Nothing will change. Nobody will listen. I've hit a wall at TRI due to how much I play the game and how much money I make. To get any further, I risk going back so much that I just don't see the point in even trying and i'm sure many other players have hit a similiar wall. 
    If you agree that this games RNG is to harsh, just remember the people who will attempt to refute you with the same responses that you've probably heard a million times before and the fact that nothing will change on the developer's end unless the community does something massive to get their attention. 
    If you don't agree that this games RNG is too harsh, i'm not going to bother to comment on your kind because in my opinion you're too far gone and simply wrong
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  9. Swifty added a post in a topic Failstacking problem solving suggestion   

    I can understand why people are quitting because of the harsh RNG. I don't mind it but I have a few friends who don't play anymore and one of the reasons why is because they can't upgrade their gear. NA and EU don't like or aren't use to this type of harsh system so 'casuals' that make up the majority quit after a while once they realise they're not getting anywhere and 1 fail can set them back a in excess of a week.
    It needs to be reworked in such a way where it won't make the gear gap worse but even it out more. Right now it's more like if I get lucky I can either go from top tier or to average AND lose millions in the process. The accessory enchantment system especially needs to be reworked. 
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  10. Swifty added a post in a topic Anyone use vanilla Visa cards for pearls?   

    If it's a card where you buy it card itself then pay for a certain amount of money to be put on the card then yes. Here in Australia they're prepaid visa cards. I have used them both directly to buy pearls and linking the card to my paypal to use that as a method.
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  11. Swifty added a post in a topic Is there any support for this game still?   

    I have gotten all my tickets responded to in the past all within a few hours of posting them. There has been support. Just because you specifically didn't get a reply out of the possibly hundreds of people sending in tickets doesn't make it bad. I found it funny how you bring up a class action law suit against a game company because they didn't respond to a ticket. 
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  12. Swifty added a post in a topic Leveling in Mediah is overcrowded..   

    I started playing again after a bit and I come back to almost every channel being crowded. 
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  13. Swifty added a post in a topic Pirates VS Sausins (money making)?   

    You have way too little ap to make pirates efficient. Don't even think about going to pirates until you have at least 160+ ap. Sausans are even going to be difficult to make efficient. Node level doesn't really matter it's your ap that's the problem. You should be investing into sausans until you get 180+ to make pirates efficient or 160 if you're planning to go into a party (if people even let you). 
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  14. Swifty added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 1st   

    Just came here to look for people breaking the rule
    The user shall not post in all capital letters, use excessive punctuation, flamboyant fonts etc. to draw attention to its posts.Sick of seeing people constantly saying 'x when' all the time. 
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  15. Swifty added a post in a topic Please remove all pearl - > marketplace restrictions   

    I like your way of doing things.
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