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  1. Duckfell added a post in a topic As a proud SJW, I fixed my FPS micro-stuttering   

    Just tried running in XP service pack 2 and it runs like a charm, thanks for sharing!
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  2. Duckfell added a post in a topic [Solution] Game crashes after Kakao Games/Pearl Abyss logo screen   

    Okay, this might sound a bit weird. But it might have something to do with keyboard and mouse drivers, as whenever it manages to work the led lighting on my keyboard either turns off or buggs out between colours.
    I'm currently running a roccat isku fx keyboard and a roccat kone xtd mouse if that'll help the team.
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  3. Duckfell added a post in a topic [Solution] Game crashes after Kakao Games/Pearl Abyss logo screen   

    Odd, just tried another clean boot and after the latest patch my game works now.
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  4. Duckfell added a post in a topic [Solution] Game crashes after Kakao Games/Pearl Abyss logo screen   

    You can also try restarting windows under a clean boot if you cannot be bothered hunting for which process it is as a clean boot stops everything opening other than windows essentials and your anti virus on start up.
    This didn't work for me however, and whatever's causing my issue isn't related to background processes.
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  5. Duckfell added a post in a topic Constant disconnects   

    Huh, I didn't post that to this thread.
    Appears a mod/GM merged my topic into this thread.
    Thanks I guess... Not even the same issue but whatever 
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  6. Duckfell added a post in a topic Game closes at Kakao games screen   

    I left a long reply on another thread in regards to this issue, which it appears a lot of users are sharing.
    Take a read here: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/113465-stuck-on-kakao-games-screenfixed/&do=findComment&comment=1560298
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  7. Duckfell added a post in a topic Stuck on Kakao Games screen(FIXED)   

    Just spend the past week troubleshooting with support and they've found no solution to the problem;
    "I am sorry for any inconveniences caused by this issue, but at this moment we do not have a solution to your current problem."

    To me this appears to be an issue with the most recent patch, and fresh installs to do with the windows 10 anniversary update. Hopefully they can patch this soon as I literally just bought this game and am yet to even play it.
    I will list below the suggestions support gave me. although they didnt work for me hopefully they may help some of you;
    Start windows in a Clean BootDowngrade your drivers an older hotfix, for AMD I was recommended to use 16.2.1Boot with driver enforcement disabledRepair the game files using their awkward systemNow personally I have a few obvious suggestions that are worth trying too:
    Try running as admin, including all the other .exes associated with the gameLetting all associated programs have full firewall access, if not disabling anti virus all togetherRunning in compatibility mode Testing different graphics settings, as I've read in a few other threads that it's fixed some crash issues. If none of these work, I suggest we post our system specs to this thread, including versions of windows and graphics drivers to see if we can help the team find a pattern and solve the issue.

    My specs are as follows:
    Intel i7 6700Asus B150 Pro gaming/aura MOBOGigabyte AMD R9 290x16gb of Kingston DDR4 Software versions:
    Radeon Crimson version 16.9.2Windows 10, Build 14393.187
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