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  1. Predator92 added a post in a topic Sleet steps   

    Lol. Tiger Blade with Carver cancel perfect for scouting/fast moving because that chase dont eat your stamina just spam wp pots...
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  2. Predator92 added a post in a topic Pure AP earring VS Red Coral Earrings   

    Opponent dependent, more and more ppl using evasion offhand in pvp, and you need a lot of accuracy to get through of it. Get 2 tri red corals if you can in case you run into evasion offhand users. Other cases 1 pure AP and 1 Red coral enough. Ofc with Bheg and Kzarka.
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  3. Predator92 added a post in a topic Musa skill bugged   

    Thank you!  I'll look forward to it and test it if its really works as it intended.
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  4. Predator92 added a post in a topic Musa/Maehwa offhands - Just made a TET BHWB, was it a stupid choice?   

    Got my old BHWB to TET too when fs-ing (25 fs...), used to get fs again, gladly it broke back to TRI. I was rather selling on the market, after one week someone bought it. Only two sold TRI BHWB on the market, so i guess i was lucky to get money back from it.
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  5. Predator92 added a post in a topic Maehwa broken with last patch   

    I'm largely gathering and afk cooking/fishing and scrolling since patch... tried pvp yesterday in arena, but my playstyle was heavily relied on the anicancel chase + FBT from that, so my own clanmates rekted me (1-2 exception where was fair fight), who we had fair fights before patch. Ofc i rekted some ppl in arena... turned out they were lower lvl and lower gear than me...
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  6. Predator92 added a post in a topic Chase nerfed?   

    Thanks for the info, this is why i can't use that cancel (have Chase II). I only have one skill reset that i'm keeping for awakening, so i wont be chase canceling until the fix.
    Btw i'm feeling right that blocking takes longer time to proc after chase? Found myself more vulnerable in chase -> block -> chase after patch.
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  7. Predator92 added a post in a topic Maehwa/Musa Bug   

    Yeah, i assume that too, just upsets me the fact this bug is not worth a hotfix or something like that, we have to wait at least the next upcoming regular patch. But I will be glad if this fixed with sooner with an unscheduled (hotfix, whatever type of) patch.
    Soloing effectively is harder with this bug and keeping the spots, so party farming is a more viable method right now im afraid until the fix.
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  8. Predator92 added a post in a topic Chase nerfed?   

    Is this have skill requiements also like only works with Chase I, or anything else? Tried this method but didn't worked for me
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  9. Predator92 added a post in a topic Maehwa/Musa Bug   

    @GM_Dew So we have to wait minimum 1 week for a fix for these problems? Because this makes the class (specifically Maehwa) way less enjoyable/playable for me and make me dont want to play with this game... also the farming speed is lower, cant take the 100% XP bonus fully effective with the reduced speed. Not to mention the huge disadvantage in PvP/GvG/Node Wars.
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  10. Predator92 added a post in a topic Maehwa (Lethal Skill) Black Desert PvP (1v1) @1440p   

    Great video! You cc-ed those warriors a lot.
    Can you post what gems you are using?
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