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  1. Excidium added a topic in European Guild   

    "Guild" for Solo Players - MCCCXXXVII
    MCCCXXXVII (yes, that's Roman numbers for "1337") invites solo players, who only want a few guild bonuses without joining an actual guild.
    no guild eventsno guild activitiesno voice chatno text chatno forumno helpno obligationsno socializingno nothingYou have been warned. It's not a guild. It's added bonuses for solo players (with priority on combat stats: currently residing at +4 ACC and +3 AP).
    The only requirement to join is that you should not be offline for more than 90 consecutive days. To level the guild up easier, it has to remain a "small guild" (<15 members).
    Other than that, It doesn't matter what level, gear or playstyle you have. If you want to afk fish 24/7 that's perfectly fine.
    I will occasionally and randomly start guild quests to solo level up the guild. If you want to help out with these: fine. If not: fine.
    I am online 24/7/365 but a lot of the time afk and therefore hard to catch, so persistence beats resistance.
    You can try to whisper or mail me ingame (family name: PvP) or send me a forum PM.
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  2. Excidium added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 1st - extended   

    Servers are up!
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  3. Excidium added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 1st - extended   

    Guess I could have stayed in the office without leaving early.
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  4. Excidium added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 22th   

    I am sure you will be thoroughly missed.
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  5. Excidium added a post in a topic {POLL} What class do you main?   

    AFK Fisher until DK.
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  6. Excidium added a post in a topic [Official] Dark Knight 'COMING SOON' after Margoria + Awakening info + lore   

    I haven't played in a while, but is the answer ever NOT "Boss Armor" for any class?
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  7. Excidium added a post in a topic Weapon Exchange Coupons   

    Should definitely be released together with Dark Knight...
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  8. Excidium added a topic in Suggestions   

    Can we please have a Dark Knight forum?
    To get the hype train rolling.
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  9. Excidium added a post in a topic Dark Knight must be soon, it's already on the site   

    MMORPG.com: On that note, what all can we expect from BDO in the year ahead?
    On January 25th, the Margoria expansion will launch and I am pretty excited for this. It adds an immense ocean and new territory to the game, while introducing new quests and gameplay features such as naval warfare, sea monster hunting and naval trading. It will feature the new port Ratt that connects to the Kingdom of Haso and you can setup lucrative trade routes between this area and the main landmass. Unique to the MMO landscape is Margoria’s beautiful underwater world that is filled with gorgeous flora and fauna that can be explored by players who are willing to get their feet wet. Everything is rounded off with improved life skills. There are new fish to be caught, ingredients to be harvested and recipes to cook.
    Furthermore, we will soon welcome the Dark Knight class that combines powerful two-handed swordplay with fast magic attacks, and early this year we will launch the Kamasylvia expansion which will take you to a new area south of Calpheon that is inhabited by elves.
    Yesterday's interview on mmorpg.com:
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  10. Excidium added a post in a topic Let us mix & match costume pieces (no 10% xp set bonus)   

    I have been away for 6 months and this is still not implemented?
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  11. Excidium added a post in a topic Does The New Marketplace System Work?   

    Maybe they all tried to bid for Bheg gloves
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  12. Excidium added a post in a topic Please remove non-Kzarka world bosses (another one of these threads)   

    Please don't. I already left the game because the gem/exp-breaker field bosses stopped all my progression.
    I would hate to get lured back into BDO.
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  13. Excidium added a post in a topic Are you happy with BDO? If not, why?   

    The exp and crystal loss at field bosses (mandatory for BIS armor pieces) locking me out of the grind game (that I actually like) killed the game for me.
    Never hated the game for it, never announced my retirement, no nothing. I just stopped logging in, because coming home from work, waiting around doing NOTHING for hours in hope for some field boss spawns was not a fun experience. So I just stopped logging into BDO for good.
    No hard feelings.
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  14. Excidium added a post in a topic A thread for Fond Farewells   

    Also the highest percentage of edgy toughguy teens with manga avatars.
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